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Why Europe Did Not Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize

By davidswanson - Posted on 12 October 2012

Yes, indeed, it is a little-acknowledged feat of miraculous life-saving power that Europe has not gone to war with itself -- other than that whole Yugoslavia thing -- since World War II.  It's as clear a demonstration as anything that people can choose to stop fighting.  It's a testament to the pre-war peace efforts that criminalized war, the post-war prosecutions of the brand new crime of making war, the reconstruction of the Marshall Plan, and ... and something else a little less noble, and much less Nobel-worthy.

Alfred Nobel's will, written in 1895, left funding for a prize to be awarded to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Fredrik Heffermehl has been leading a valuable effort to compel the Nobel committee to abide by the will. Now they've outdone themselves in their movement in the other direction. 

Europe is not a person.  It has not during the past year -- which is the requirement -- or even during the past several decades done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations.  Ask Libya.  Ask Syria.  Check with Afghanistan.  See what Iraq thinks.  Far from doing the best work to abolish or reduce standing armies, Europe has joined with the United States in developing an armed global force aggressively imposing its will on the world. 

There were good nominees and potential nominees available, even great ones

Now the Nobelites have almost guaranteed themselves a second-ever pro-war peace-prize acceptance speech.  If you don't recall who gave the first one, I'll tell you after the U.S. election when you might be better able to hear me.

What a disgrace that the Nobel peace prize needs alternative awards that don't go to warmongers.  What a further shame that even those don't always go to people who measure up to Nobel's will.

Was Nobel asking so much really when he asked that a prize go to whoever did the best work toward abolishing war? 

The West is so in love with itself that many will imagine this award a success.  Surely Europe not going to war with itself is more important that Europe going to war with the rest of the world!  Imagine how many white people might have died if Europe had kept its warmaking to itself.  By directing the threat of war outward and engaging in humanitarian wars and philanthropic wars, Europe has taken us beyond naive war abolition and into an era of powerful possibilities. Oh, and some dark people died.  But we're looking at the Big Picture.

Does this not frighten anyone?





The West and its class/Empire system, Late Capitalism with its proto totalitarianism/fascism continues to do what milleniums of all class systems have done before, degenerate through class cycles, where class elites, class politicians devolve from sociopaths into warmongering psychopaths, through zero sum social negation, inversion, co option, corruption, substitution, false conflation of social principles for class/empire totalitarianism. Like the fake democracies, rigged, fake presidential debates, Biden tried to out warmonger Ryan on Iran, degrading himself into a proto fascist, adding fake Vice Presidential debates to Western Fascism.

The Nobel Peace Prize , too continues down the road of hypocrisy and corruption awarding Europe, not a person for a Peace Prize, like awarding Obama the War criminal and permanent war monger a Peace Prize. What is left out is that European class states and NATO participated in Bush's torture, rendition, c...
riminal foreign policies like their wars in Libya and Syria, while Poland is still investigating Bush as a War criminal, while Obama protects him. This corrupt political process holds true for all class systems including Western Late Capitalism degenerating into proto fascism:


Thoughts on VP Debate (Observations from a Reluctant Pundit)


"....(3) Biden's strutting about how the Obama administration has destroyed Iran's economy with "crippling" sanctions turned my stomach, but Ryan's critique was that they had not gone far enough (without ever specifying what more should be done), so they were equally repellent on that; and,

(4) Biden continuously attacked Ryan and the GOP for "voting for two wars paid for with a credit card"; that's all true, except that Biden did exactly the same thing, and that little unmentioned fact, for me, summarizes most of these matters on the substance...."
See More


So how does social power, peace get converted into wasted votes, fake peace awards or to put it another way, why does the public expect class systems, class politicians to birth social justice when their class hierarchies invert, co opt, corrupt, substitute, falsely conflate, zero sum negation of social power with totalitarian power. It is like expecting elephants to birth kittens, were every vote for class politicians is a throw away vote.

Case study: Democracy Now examines how the proto fascist political class of the West re-define peace with the fascist foreign policies of Nato and European elites, opposed by majorities in all nations. Europe appeased Obama and Bush's rendition, torture, and lies against IRAQ AND IRAN, making the West and Norway's peace awards a joke on the whole world, and part of the second Axis of Western Fascism:

Tariq Ali: European Union Awarded Nobel Peace Prize Despite Ties To NATO, Crippling Austerity Cuts (video)


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