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Who's arming Mexican cartels?

By jimstaro - Posted on 19 November 2010

Maybe your neighbor


19 November 2010 - When a former Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau agent, Frank Reyes, pleaded guilty not long ago to running guns, it opened a window on the way Mexican drug cartels fill their arsenals.

The Americans buying guns for Mexican gangsters as part of Reyes' ring are a gamut of college students, jobless men, gun show employees, city workers — in short, the guy next door.


The "iron river of guns," as the flow of assault rifles into Mexico has been called, is an irritant in U.S.-Mexican relations.

In Mexico, it's illegal to buy most types of weapons. Drug cartels, with their long tentacles into the United States, use their U.S. networks to snap up assault rifles and other weapons from gun shops and shows and bring them back over the border. {read rest}

The CIA, as well as DEA, are known for international drug trafficking and for being very responsible for the killing by Mexican drug traffickers, so while the CIA and DEA covertly profit from international drug trafficking, it surely is very possible that they or the CIA anyway are also providing guns to the violent Mexican drug traffickers.

The CIA and DEA don't need to be investigated in order to determine if they're responsible in international drug trafficking, for this has already been proven, but some investigation might possibly be needed in order to determine if either one of them also provides guns to violent traffickers from "the south".

And of course American arms manufacturers and dealers are have been found to be guilty of international arms trafficking.

To overlook or ignore this will produce incomplete reporting.

Re. being able to kill at over 1mi. distance, a .22 rifle can kill at 1mi, maybe even more, so these much higher-powered rifles and guns in the video, some of them anyway, can surely kill at much further than 1mi. Good hunting rifles for "big game" can kill at 4mi., if recalling correctly.


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