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What Sustaining World Can't Wait Makes Possible

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 17 September 2011

Over the past week, in actions small and large, as many of you reading this were rightly disgusted by the 9/11 propaganda machine in overdrive, the work of World Can't Wait has centered around the idea that American lives are NOT worth more than other people's lives.

Protesting War CriminalsIn New York City, as war criminals make the rounds, still claiming 9/11 gives them license to murder and torture anyone they want, we were in the streets and at their forums, speaking the truth and denouncing their crimes, exposed to the whole world for years now.

 There were demostrations in New York againsts war criminals:  John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Mukasey, Ari Fleischer, and Michael Chertoff.

Stop the Crimes of Your GovernmentOver the weekend, Los Angeles artists came together at The Vortex Gallery in downtown LA this weekend to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 911 and to collectively speak out for an end to never ending war. World Can't Wait was there with a striking image in bold performance-art mode...wearing white masks and with signs hung on our necks "Our Grief Was Not a Cry for War" and "Stop the Crimes of Your Government." As we entered the gallery slowly, people would turn to look at the haunting image. Some gasped and touched their friends. Others just quietly contemplated the sight and then got their cell phone cameras out to take pictures.

9/11 No License for Torture and WarOn the morning of the 9-11 anniversary, about 200 people gathered at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge to hold a very different commemoration of the date.  People came together representing many anti-war, religious, and community groups for this event organized principally by Code Pink and World Can’t Wait, endorsed by many more.  Gathering at both ends of the bridge, after brief rallies we marched to meet at the middle of the bridge for a short but dramatic ceremonial action, joining hands and first silently facing our signs and selves to look to the east (facing the country) and then turning to face west (toward the ocean, out toward the rest of the world) shouting over and over: “These Are Not Our Wars! The People Declare Peace!” 

The Examiner quotes an Afghan-American woman at the rally:

She noted that this was a largely impoverished country with the world’s third-highest infant mortality rate and is so isolated that when the NATO invasion began, most Afghans didn’t even know the 9-11 attacks had occurred or why their country was suddenly under attack.

“The Afghan people had nothing to do with 9-11 yet they paid quite a heavy price for it, from kill teams collecting Afghan body parts to the death of Afghan civilians,” she said. “… I have to ask. Did these people really have to be punished like this? Why did they pay the price for something they had nothing to do with?"

Stephanie Tang, of the SF Chapter of World Can't Wait, spoke, saying:  "We live in a country that TALKS freedom and democracy but WALKS empire and occupation, and commits grave crimes against humanity everywhere its troops and power can go... We say: NOT IN OUR NAME and we say NO MORE, American lives are not more important than the lives of anyone else on the planet!  This is a basic and moral truth we have to work hard to spread throughout this whole society.
Our Grief was not a Cry for Endless WarWe who live here cannot allow the government (whether under Bush or Obama) to commit crimes against humanity behind the rotten-ass excuse that these wars and occupations and torture and imperial arrogance are about keeping Americans safe."

Activists in Seattle held a vigil with signs evoking the statement made by NY artists in the days right after September 11: Our grief was not a cry for endless war!

Global MemorialIn NYC on September 11th itself, just a few blocks from Bush and Obama's event, the World Can't Wait
Memorial to the Victims of the Global War on Terror was set up.

With art, poetry, creative dance, and much spirit, we commemorated those killed in our names, and re-dedicated ourselves to resisting these crimes with creativity, passion and resilience.

View artwork ,
  read poetry  & see photos  of the display of boots and shoes representing the voiceless victims of the past ten years. Watch Press TV's coverage All of this was seen by thousands of people walking by, attracted by the simple displays.  Probably 1000 people took photos; we gave out all the flyers we had, and signed people up to hear from World Can't Wait. 

Nancy van Ness, with American Creative Dance,
performed her piece "I Do Not Resign Myself" which you can watch in its entirety on Facebook

Will Americans Remember Them?

"Will Americans Remember Them?" By Jill McLaughlin

More on 9/11 from important perspectives:

Chris Hedges:
 A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe
Debra Sweet: 
What We Should Remember from 9/11
Jill McLaughlin: 
Towering Lies and Hypocrisy: The White House’s 9/11 Approach to “Remembering and Recovering”
Emma Kaplan:
The Bush Doctrine Is Not Over: War Crimes Continue
Sunsara Taylor: 
The Nation Institute Reflects On September 11th, A Tutorial in Liberal National Chauvinism
Revolution Newspaper:
The Juggernaut of Empire and the Need for a Whole New World ...
Revolution Newspaper:
10 BIG LIES in the U.S. “War on Terror”
Noam Chomsky: 
Looking Back on 9/11 a Decade Later
TIME Surprises with 9/11 Victims Not Usually Seen (video)
Margaret Kimberley: 
Freedom Rider: How to Remember 9/11

All this was made possible by people like you!

We are in the midst of a sustainer drive, in case you hadn't noticed. Won't you join us today, and sustain this movement?

Adela on Facebook writes:
And to think that while we and much of the world stood in shock as they watched the towers go down, that the Bush Regime was surmising how best they could use this to invade and carry out their global war of terror. They say 3000 died that day, what about all those that we have killed, tortured, maimed and raped in our name?
Stop the Crimes of Your Government - The World Can't Wait! - Join me in committing an important political act - Sustain World Can't Wait which is our collective conscience in action.

by Debra Sweet, National Director, The World Can't Wait



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