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Washington's Imperial Brinksmanship

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 17 June 2012

  Washington's Imperial Brinksmanship


by Stephen Lendman


Syrian violence rages. Washington bears direct responsibility. Regime change plans are longstanding. Military intervention is planned. Expect it. It's coming.


Pretexts are easy to create. Large scale insurgent massacres blamed on Assad may trigger war. False flags always work. So does intense propaganda. More on that below.


On June 14, CNN said:


"The U.S. military has completed its own planning for how American troops would conduct a variety of operations against Syria, or to assist neighboring countries in the event action was ordered...."


"In recent weeks, the Pentagon has finalized its assessment of what types of units would be needed, how many troops, and even the cost of certain potential operations...."


Pentagon officials spoke on condition of anonymity. Joint Chiefs head General Martin Dempsey said the Pentagon expedited plans to intervene militarily if asked.


Expect Britain, France, other NATO states, and regional involvement.


"US special forces are training and advising Jordanian troops on a range of specific military undertake if (Syrian) unrest....spills over into Jordan or poses a threat to that country...."


Replicating the Sebia/Kosovo/Iraq/Libya model looks likely. Senators John McCain (R. AR), Joe Lieberman (I. CT), Lindsey Graham (R. SC), and other congressional hawks urge direct intervention regardless of international and constitutional law.


Earlier this year, McCain said:


"NATO took military action to save Kosovo in 1999 without formal UN authorization."


"There is no reason why the Arab League, or NATO, or a leading coalition within the Friends of Syria contact group, or all of them speaking in unison, could not provide a similar international mandate for military measures to save Syria today."


NATO's Yugoslavia, Afghan, Iraq and Libya wars violated international and constitutional law. War crime charges are called for. 


Military intervention requires Security Council authorization. 


US wars need congressional approval. Extrajudicial attacks are lawless.


International law prohibits intervening in the internal affairs of other nations, except in self-defense. Attacking nonbelligerent states is absolutely forbidden. 


Syria threatens no one. Saying so is spurious misinformation. 


Advocating lawless intervention crosses the line. So do media and other propaganda reports promoting it. More on that below.


On June 15, DEBKAfile headlined "Big powers move in on Syria: Russian troops for Tartus. US forces ready to go," saying:


According to Pentagon officials, "Russian special forces" are heading for Tartus. They're "coming by ship." They include "naval marines." Their arrival is imminent.


Defense Department sources said America's military "completed its own planning for a variety of US operations against Syria...." 


Other regional countries are involved. They include "Turkey, Jordan and Israel." So are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf states.


Syria's conflict "is moving into a new phase...." It includes "major power military intervention."


Sending Russian troops "without UN Security Council approval," sets a precedent for US intervention.


Russia denies sending any troops or warships. More below.


Either way, no precedent whatever is set. Russia has a strategically important Tartus base. It'll do what it takes to defend it. It's Moscow's only Mediterranean one. Positioning forces on its own facility falls far short of intervention.


Nonetheless, expect EU and regional states to follow Washington's lead.


Pentagon sources said finalized plans include types and numbers of forces, no-fly zone protection, limited air strikes, and safeguarding chemical and biological sites.


Timeline information wasn't indicated. Intervention could come anytime.


Earlier reports said insurgents have Libya-supplied chemical weapons. Others falsely accused Assad of using them in Deraa, Hama and Idlib.


Spurious accusations give Washington greater pretext to intervene. Western chemical attacks could be blamed on him.


US naval forces are "maintaining a presence of three surface combatants and a submarine in the easter Mediterranean. They're conducting "electronic surveillance and reconnaissance...."


On June 15, The New York Times headlined "Russia Sending Missile Systems to Shield Syria," saying:


"Russia’s chief arms exporter said Friday that his company was shipping advanced defensive missile systems to Syria that could be used to shoot down airplanes or sink ships if the United States or other nations try to intervene to halt the country’s spiral of violence."


On Friday, Rosoboronexport general director Anatoly Isaykin said:


"I would like to say these mechanisms are really a good means of defense, a reliable defense against attacks from the air or sea."


"This is not a threat, but whoever is planning an attack should think about this."


Moscow military analyst Aleksander Golts said weapons shipments warn Western countries against intervening. 


"Russia uses these statements as a form of deterrence in Syria. They show other countries that they are more likely to suffer losses."


Weapons sent include:


  • Pantsyr-Si radar-guided missile and artillery systems able to hit high-altitude aircraft up to 12 miles away;


  • Buk-M2 antiaircraft missiles capable of higher altitude strikes up to 82,000 feet at longer ranges; and


  • land-based Bastion anti-ship missiles able to target vessels up to 180 miles offshore.


Whether or not Syria has S-300 missiles isn't clear. They're Russia's most advanced system. In April, Itar Tass said they won't be sent. Other reports indicate otherwise otherwise. 


On June 15, Itar Tass said Russia's General Staff said:


"The Mediterranean Sea is a zone of the Black Sea Fleet responsibility. Hence, warships may go there in the case it is necessary to protect the Russian logistics base in Tartous, Syria."


"Several warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, including large landing ships with marines aboard, are fully prepared to go on the voyage."


Moscow said NBC News claiming Russia sent warships and combat troops to Tartus is false.


Scoundrel Media Reports


Daniel Byman is a former 9/11 Commission staff member. He's currently a Brookings Saban Center for Middle East Policy research director and Georgetown University security studies professor.


On June 14, his Foreign Policy article headlined "No More Half Measures," saying:


"A compromise solution that removes Syria's Bashar al-Assad but replaces him with a crony is now fully off the table. It's time for Washington to back the opposition."


UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Herve Ladsous says violence escalated dramatically. Unexplained was who's responsible.


According to Bynam, Annan's peace plan is "stillborn." From inception, it's been sham cover for what's planned. Violence rages daily. Washington needs it to intervene.


Bynam spuriously claims "the Syrian regime is executing children and indiscriminately shelling civilians."


America "and its allies (should) back the Syrian opposition more aggressively."


"....Assad is trying to terrorize the Syrian people into submission through repeated demonstrations of brutal force."


Russia "intends to give Assad time to quell the rebellion by butchering his own people."


Regime change "is better than chasing a compromise solution that is likely to fail and, even if successful, would not advance U.S. interests."


Bynam and like-minded hawks want Assad replaced with puppet leaders supporting US interests. Body counts don't matter, just imperial goals.


Danielle Pletka is the right wing American Enterprise Institute's foreign and defense policy studies vice president.


On June 1, her Washington Post op-ed headlined "For Obama, intervening in Syria would be good policy and good politics," saying:


America's failure to intervene, "plays to Bashar al-Assad’s regime as tacit permission to continue killing thousands."


She quoted Washington's hawkish UN envoy Susan Rice, saying:


"(W)e’re just sitting here watching this movie in slow motion, and we all know what’s going to happen."


She spuriously accused Assad of massacring Houla civilians. Clear evidence exonerates him. Western death squads bear full responsibility.


Pletka supports more aggressive regime change policies. Benefits include isolating Iran, she says. She also claims it's morally imperative and makes political sense.


Unstated were America's imperial aims and rule of law issues. Intervention is prohibited. Doing so constitutes illegal aggression. Pletka supports power politics. Other issues don't matter.


Daily reports spuriously claim Syrian forces are killing civilians. Anti-government sources are cited. Some reside outside Syria. Others aren't named. Instead of pointing fingers the right way, Assad is falsely blamed for insurgent violence and deaths.


Spurious Human Rights Watch (HRW) Report


On June 15, HRW claimed Syrian forces use "sexual violence to torture men, women, and boys detained during the conflict."


Unnamed "witnesses" were cited. HRW interviewed 10 former detainees. Who detained them isn't clear. Earlier, HRW said insurgents committed targeted killings, summary executions, kidnappings for ransom, torture, hostage taking, and other violent crimes.


A March 29 Der Spiegel article headlined, "An Executioner for Syria's Rebels Tells His Story," saying:


Hussein was part of the "Homs burial brigade." He and comrades "kill in the name of the Syrian revolution. They leave torture (to) the so-called interrogation brigade...."


"They do the ugly work," he said. He believes in violence he explained. He "cut the throats of four men." With a heavy machine gun he "killed a lot more men...."


"The rebels in Homs began carrying out regular executions in August of last year." It continues daily, including prisoners killed in cold blood.


Amnesty International (AI) Points Fingers the Wrong Way


On June 14, AI spuriously blamed Assad for insurgent atrocities, saying:


"The shocking escalation in unlawful killings, torture, arbitrary detention and the wanton destruction of homes in Syria demonstrates just how urgent the need for decisive international action to stem the tide of increasingly widespread attacks on civilians by government forces and militias which act with utter impunity...."


"Soldiers and shabiha militias burned down homes and properties and fired indiscriminately into residential areas, killing and injuring civilian bystanders." 


"Those who were arrested, including the sick and elderly, were routinely tortured, sometimes to death. Many have been subjected to enforced disappearance; their fate remains unknown."


"The patterns of abuses committed in these areas are not isolated, and have been widely reported elsewhere in the country, including in the attack by Syrian forces on Houla on 25 May."


In 2011, HRW and AI reported false anti-Gaddafi accusations. The pattern repeats now against Assad. Doing so allies both organizations with imperial crimes. It also exposes their pro-Western agenda.


Separating Facts from Fiction


On June 7, the Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) published an article titled "Again massacres in Syria." It pointed fingers the right way. Anti-Assad elements were interviewed. They claimed responsibility.


On June 13, FAZ published a follow-up article titled "Eine Ausloschung (An Extinction or Extermination), saying:


"The Houla massacre was a turning point in the Syrian drama."


"World opinion almost unanimously blamed the regular Syrian army and the Syrian regime's Shabiha militia for the massacre."


"In the past week and based on reports from eyewitnesses the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung put this version into question. It reported that the civilians killed were Alawites and Shiites."


"They were deliberately killed by armed Sunnis in Taldou, a town in the plains of Houla, while fierce fighting between the regular army and Free Syrian Army was taking place at checkpoints around the village."


Western media rejected FAZ's report. Why are credible eye witnesses dismissed out of hand?


No one believes Syrian state media. Credible reports are dismissed.


Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya "have become key sources even as their owners, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are two states which are actively involved in the conflict."


"The militias that operate under the banner of the Free Syrian Army control wide parts of the provinces of Homs and Idlib and extend their dominion over other parts of the country." 


"The increasing lawlessness has led to a wave of criminal kidnappings and also facilitates the settling of old disputes."


Houla, Qubeir, and Taldou (a large Houla region/Homs District town) victims were pro-Assad loyalists. They were also called Hezbollah sympathizers. Anti-Assad residents were spared.


"FAZ was not the first to report on a new version of the massacre of Houla. Other reports could just not compete with the big key media." 


"The Russian journalist Marat Musin, who works for the small news agency Anna, was in Houla on May 25 and 26, in part became an eyewitness and also published the statements of other eyewitnesses."


"Additionally the Dutch Arabist and freelance journalist Martin Janssen, who lives in Damascus, contacted the Jacob Monastery in Qara, which has taken in many victims of the conflict with the nuns doing devote humanitarian work, after the massacre."


"Sunni rebels perpetrated 'liquidation' of all minorities. The nuns told him how on that May 25th more than 700 armed rebels, coming from Rastan, overran a roadside checkpoint of the army near Taldou, how these, after the massacre, piled up the corpses of the killed soldiers and civilians in front of the mosque and how they, on next day, told their version of the alleged massacre by the Syrian army in front of the cameras of rebel-friendly channels and to the UN observers."


Major media featured their reports. Others were dismissed out of hand.


Assad is falsely accused of insurgent crimes.


Quietly on his blog site, BBC world news editor Jon Williams now admits his earlier Houla massacre reports were false. No evidence whatever implicates Assad.


BBC sticks to its original version. FAZ's account was ignored. Big lies are featured. Media scoundrels spread them. Wars follow. Similar patterns repeat every time.


On June 11, Voltaire Network's Thierry Meyssan headlined "NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign," saying:


CIA-created videos will air on television. They'll blame Assad for recent massacres. They'll falsify anti-regime demonstrations. They'll claim ministers and army generals are resigning, "Assad fleeing, the rebels gathering in the big city centers, and a new government installing itself in the presidential palace."


US deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes is managing US disinformation. At issue is demoralizing Syrians and preparing for coup d'etat transition.


Plans are for "NATO, (and) discontent about the double veto of Russia and China" to remove Assad without direct intervention.


Arab League officials asked "satellite operators Arabsat and Nilesat to stop broadcasting Syrian media, either public or private (Syria TV, Al-Ekbariya, Ad-Dounia, Cham TV, etc."


Last year, Libyan TV was blocked. Meetings were held to discuss disinformation campaigns. Attending were "PSYOP officers, embedded in the satellite TV channels of Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Fox, France 24, Future TV and MTV."


CNN collaborates with US Army PSYOP activities. So do other Western media.


Reports are pre-scripted. Videos are fake. Major broadcasters and cable channels pretend they're real.  


"During the past weeks, studios in Saudi Arabia have been set up to build replicas of the two presidential palaces in Syria and the main squares of Damascus, Aleppo and Homs." 


"Studios of this type already exist in Doha (Qatar), but they are not sufficient."


Planning began months ago. At issue is flooding airwaves with fabricated information and images to enlist public support for intervention.


Fabricating information to facilitate war violates the letter and spirit of international law.


General Assembly Resolution 110 (November 1947) "(c)ondems all forms of propaganda, in whatsoever coutry conducted, which is either designed or likely to provoque or encourage any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression...."


GA Resolution 181 (November 1950) condemns propaganda "(i)ncitement to conflicts or acts of aggression, (and) (m)easures tending to isolate the peoples from any contact with the outside world, by preventing the Press, radio and other media of communication from reporting international events, and thus hindering mutual comprehension and understanding between peoples...."


GA Resolution 819 (December 1954) "condemn(s) all forms of propaganda, in whatsoever country conducted, which is either designed or likely to provoke or encourage any threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression."


What's ahead looks clear. Wars beget more of them. It's the American way. Syria's next in line. Bombs away could happen any time.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


In my response to Stephen Lendman's article, Europe in Crisis, I extrapolated the crisis of European/Western Capitalist crisis to a much larger historical problem that plagues all class systems, namely their parasitical, exclusive, totalitarian control over wealth and labor, i.e. the means of production and that there was another alternative History, social civil societies that once existed under the social Matriarchy, which can be reclaimed today, if we actually follow through the social agenda of the Enlightenment, and all of its social theorists, particular the socialist movements thereafter, to free Humanity from totalitarianism and War.

I also outlined how all class systems are only deformed, crippled outcomes of the Social Historical mechanism which once existed in the Matriarchy and have throughout class history, degenerated through class cycles into totalitarianism, class tyants, and permanent militarism linked to class Empires.   In the process I explored how class myths, class dogmas, both religious and secular, and the class deformed language associated with it, HIDES the potential social reality, alternative world and history in which we can live, free from class degeneration, totalitariansm, wars and Empires.   The ancient greeks were quite aware of this degenerating dialectical process, class degeneration, from crippled class republics, crippled class democracies to class tyrants and permanent war of class Empires.  Unlike today's class apologists, class ideologues, the ancient Greek thinkers could see the organic degeneration between partial, crippled, class democracies to full dictatorships, as one degenerating social, i.e. class degenerating process.

As part of this class degenerating process I examined the mercenary role that class hierarchies play to defend class systems, class tyrants, and class Empires which is the backbone of the Orwellian, inverted totalitarian class principle that holds true for all class systems.   It inverts reality, co opts social principles and conflates them into class, totalitarian outcomes, while falsely claiming social outcomes.  All Social theories, including Adam Smith's opposition to Mercantilism, monopoly class power, is converted, corrupted into support for (class deformed) Free markets, "job creators", completely false conflations to justify totalitarian classes and their rule.   Adam Smith opposed, MERCANTILISM,  the monopoly class power of the Feudal class state and its trading corporations for theories of social wealth, which assumed social control of wealth and labor as the source of OPTIMAL WEALTH CREATION. This same corrupt, monopolistic, alliances between the Capitalist class state and multinational corporations is called FASCISM.  The Western world has never acknowledged the failure of the social Enlightenment, its class degeneration producing Napoleon as the first capitalist tyrant degenerating like the British Puritan revolution into colonialism, and then Fascism.

The West has never acknowledged that Western Fascism, totalitarianism, Capitalist Empire building are intimately linked and that class deformed, degenerative condition held true for all class, capitalist states, even though, as a den of class thieves, they were forced to take on Nazi Germany, but only to defeat it militarily, not to end Fascism, totalitarianism, inherent in all class systems, including Late Capitalism.  For this reason, after World War II, the corrupt Liberal intelligentsia denied the connection between Fascism and Capitalism, in their class deformed UNIVERSITIES.  I can attest to that first hand, when I went to OHIO STATE, in the 1970's, when some of the best History teachers succumbed to this denial, in order to keep their tenured positions to serve CAPITALIST ideology, through class hierarchies, as its mercenaries, class apologists. Even Professor Klein, who taught Jewish History of the HOLOCAUST, found it hard to talk about the role of Capitalist Fascism in the genocide of Jews, socialists, and trade unionists.    It explains why the reconstruction, the Marshall Plan, under Capitalists conditions, class conditions, deteriorated over time, as all class system do, towards the dismantling of social reforms of FDR, class totalitarianism, and Empire thuggery after World War II.

Amerikan class elites degenerated into totalitarians, Empire thugs, and with its fascist austerity, Fascist Capitalism is now promoting Global Fascism and Fascist Nato militarism.   Nowhere do you see this class degeneration in the extreme than in its relations with Fascist Israel, and Fascist Zionism.  Obama, democrats share with Bolton, Bush's fascist U.N. Representative, that War crimes, War criminals, whether Israeli thugs, Amerikan Empire presidents, Bush and Obama, Truman to Reagan, have been at permanent war, a sure sign of totalitarianism, Empire militarism and Global Fascism.   The corporate media is corrupt, totalitarian, proto Fascist, even outright Fascist, as its propagandists, liars and ideological thugs.   Victoria Nuland, Hillary Clinton, Obama are all TROJAN HORSES, equal opportunity class whores, fascists, for its ruling classes routinely lying, committing War crimes.   As class thugs, Empire thugs they can only serve totalitarianism, fascist austerity, and Fascist Capitalism.  If we are all to survive these corrupt, dangerous class elites, the first thing is to realize that ALL CLASS PARTIES, EMPIRE PARTIES, TOTALITARIANS, serve ruling classes and cannot serve social classes and democracy.   They co opt social power, corrupt democracy, devolve it into permanent war and Empire.   We must reject all class parties, all class politicians , thereby ending their Fascism, totalitarian rule.

Like Class laws which are seletively enforced, or in times of class crisis devolve into wholesale REJECTION of the crippled, corrupt Rule of class laws for outright Fascism,  as the Supreme court did when it refused to hear torture, habeus corpus cases. OBAMA, DEMOCRATS/REPUBLICANS AND THE WEST ,particular the lying corporate press, selectively support some dictatorships over others, while claiming regime change in Libya, Syria, and (IRAN NEXT) are for humanitarian concerns.   THEY EMBRACE THE YEMENI, BAHRAIN, NOW EGYPTS MILITARY DICTATORSHIP, so long as it serves WESTERN FASCIST CAPITALISM, EMPIRE BASES, AND ITS FASCIST FOREIGN POLICY AGENDA!!  

THEY ARE ALL EMPIRE WHORES, THUGS, WAR CRIMINALS, and it won't be long before WIKI LEAKS will once again show that WESTERN FASCIST DIPLOMACY, COERCIVE AND CORRUPT, under the duplicitous, equal opportunity class shills, empire thugs, VICTORIA NULAND, HILLARY AND OBAMA are worse than the FASCIST BUSH.   They have said little about the SUNNI FASCIST ALLIANCE WITH THE U.S. and their support of Saudia Arabia invading Bahrain to prop up a dictatorship that just put doctors in prison for treating victims of the dictatorships which serves AMERIKAN BASES AND FASCIST MILITARY ALLIANCES.   Yemen is but another example where the fascist Obama calls the Yemeni dictator to arrest journalists for exposing his WAR CRIMES and lies, at the same time demanding loyalty to this dictatorship.   NEXT WILL BE EGYPT.....which will be supported by the FASCIST U.S. EMPIRE, because the democrats, Hillary embraced the EGYPTIAN DICTATOR, MUBARAK TO THE BITTER END, WHICH WILL MEAN YOU CAN BE SURE THEY ARE BEHIND THE NEW EGYPTIAN DICTATORSHIP, WITH THEIR FASCIST FOREIGN POLICIES:

The Egyptian 'Soft Coup' (VIDEO)

Jihan Hafiz reports thousands of Egyptians hit the streets rejecting the disbanding of Parliament, as the Egyptian military is moving towards full dictatorship




The First Casualty


 A PRO-Assad rally in Damascus, Syria, 3/29/11,

"The big lie concerning Syria is the most significant and outrageous myth that we are living under today.  As previous big lies fade into history, this particular crisis holds the most potential to flare up into a life-ending catastrophe across the planet.  Russia has now approved a shipment of attack helicopters to their ally Syria, and China remains highly skeptical of the western narrative regarding the massacre of women and children in Houla.  Iran has offered to come to the aid of Assad in fighting the various Sunni militias, which have opened up multiple fronts across rural parts of the country.

In Military-Industrial-Media-Speak the president of Syria, Bashar Assad, is a "butcher" who massacres his own people, defenseless "activists" and "protesters" who cry out for his ouster across Syria; if only the benevolent western democracies would send more weapons and money to destroy the Syrian army, on their behalf, the world would be right again.  This lie has been exposed numerous times, and yet persists as if previous revelations had never occurred.  This requires a gullible, amnesic public that refuses to dig beyond surface headlines and corporate perception management.

Armed foreign fighters have been perpetrating a coordinated military assault on Syria since March of 2011

Back in the middle of March, 2011, while the world's press was enraptured by the uprising in Egypt, clashes in Daraa, Syria led to violence.  Not covered by US news sources, but reported in Israel and Lebanon, are the following facts on the ground....

 Operation Syria Well Underway 

The voice of the empire, The Washington Post, with its curious Goebbels-approved masthead font, admits:....."

You would think with the loss of credibility, readership rejection of corporate news as propaganda, lies, corrupt journalism, the Judith Millers and David Sangers, class shills, Empire cheerleaders and liars would change their ways.   Even the corrupt NPR PUBLIC RADIO continues with its fascist propaganda, Zionist Fascism, and pretending that this can have no effect on them, as if people cannot learn from their BETRAYALS:

Beware the corporate media: indispensable midwife to imperial assaults


"The corporate media write lies on the American public's consciousness with impunity, as if it were a blank slate incapable of understanding or remembering anything.

The power of the corporate media to deceive the people is simply astonishing, but, mind you, it depends on an already distracted, ignorant, semi-passive multitude whose marching values have been carefully cultivated.

In 2003 we went into Iraq under scandalously false pretexts, guns blazing--bragging about our ability to deliver "shock and awe" with impunity (the mark of the bully)--and with one goal in mind: to rob and rape that country blind of its riches. The official excuse was that Iraq and Saddam were mortal threats that had to be neutralized.

Within a matter of weeks if not days, the official line--adopted without missing a beat by the entire punditocracy--was that we had gone in "to save Iraq", "make it a democracy," and all the rest of the self-serving claptrap we use over and over again to justify our uber-criminal behavior.  With a straight face the official voices declared that those who had the audacity to resist our criminal violence were ingrates. Don't believe it? You may be forgiven: it is rather unbelievable.

Not too long after that, another somersault in logic and truth took place. This time the contortion was of Olympian quality, as we saw the same pundits--a great many of them liberals--talking with a straight face (as did the man in the White House and other administration flacks) that if the Iraqis continued to "misbehave", continued attacking our troops, imagine that, "we'd leave"--yeah, that's right, their punishment would be that we, the self-annointed saviors, would leave!....

Reality quiz

What would you do if you were the victim of a brutal home invasion; if the home invaders raped your wife and daughter, killed your animals, beat the s**t out of you, and robbed you blind, to boot--oh, and reduced your house to rubble--and then they declared with a straight face that if you were not grateful for all that, if you didn't beg them to stay "they'd leave? How's that for the mother of all Orwellian nonsense? How's that for off-the-charts cynical audacity?

It's fairly obvious that if a country 1000 if not a million times more powerful and advanced than the US invaded this nation under false pretenses, reduced our infrastructure to rubble, subjected the population to the rigors of a harsh, often criminal occupation, plunged most of the inhabitants into the hell and uncertainties of constant warfare, privation, and unemployment, most of the population would be resentful if not mad enough to take the first weapon they could find to fight back. What's so darn difficult to understand? Gratitude? You gotta be kidding.

Yet such perversions of logic are common in the United States. For the utterly confused public is the perfect soil in which to plant such enormous lies.
Doubtless only under conditions of almost generalized brainwash can the revolting media creatures that pass for journalists and commentators in the US foist such a huge con on the public mind with nary an audible  protest....

Yeah, it's pathetic alright. And it carries tremendous historical consequences. More importantly, if we don't do something effective about it, something that goes well beyond mere whining, it will happen again. This time the countries marked to receive America's beatific generosity, again under all sorts of lies and pretexts, are Syria and Iran--and who knows which other hapless nation will be next...."





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