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Washington Backing Indonesian State Terror

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 16 November 2010

Washington Backing Indonesian State Terror - by Stephen Lendman

An earlier article said it was expected, accessed through the following link:

It discussed Indonesia's National Armed Forces (TNI), especially its thuggish Kopassus Special Forces Command, its red beret unit responsible for political killings, torture, rape, and massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in East Timor, Aceh, Papua, and elsewhere in the country.

TNI aid was restricted following a November 12, 1991 Santa Cruz cemetery massacre of over 270 demonstrators in Dili, East Timor. In July, it was restored, a July 22 East Timor Action Network (ETAN) press release "condemn(ing) the Obama administration's decision to resume engagement with Indonesia's notorious Kopassus special forces," ETAN's National Coordinator, John Miller, saying:

"Slipping back into bed with Kopassas is a betrayal of the brutal unit's many victims in Timor-Leste (East Timor), West Papua and throughout Indonesia. It will lead to more people (suffering) abuses. Working with Kopassus which remains unrepentant about its long history of terrorizing civilians, will undermine efforts to achieve justice and accountability for human rights in Indonesia and Timor-Leste."

"For years, the US military provided training and other assistance to (TNI and its infamous) Kopassus, and when the US was most involved, Kopassus crimes were at their worst. While this assistance improved (TNI's) deadly skills, it did nothing to improve its behavior."

Yet Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Washington "will begin a gradual, limited program of security cooperation activities," a veiled assurance of business as usual. It's no surprise as CIA armies, US Special Forces, and other military units replicate the worst of Kopassus manyfold.

Kopassus terrorizes Indonesia. America does it globally, a record no other country approaches.

A Snapshot of Kopassus Terror

Since formed in 1952, its record includes kidnappings, rape, torture, targeted killings, sweeping violence, mass murder, and other atrocities against anyone supporting independence or challenging state authority. A June 2009 Human Rights Watch (HRW) report reviewed Kopassus abuses titled, "What Did I Do Wrong? It discussed "frequent brutality against ordinary Papuans," including:

-- ordinary people arrested without legal authority;

-- in Kopassus barracks, they were beaten and otherwise mistreated, one former detainee saying:

"They stripped us down to just our underwear. They immediately beat us, without saying anything. They used a water hose. They beat us till we bled and had cuts....They kicked me in the chest with their boots, an officer shout(ing) 'You Papuans, one single Kopassus soldier can kill you like chickens.' "

Similar abuses are replicated across Indonesia, including in Jakarta, the capital, Kopassus operating with impunity. One detainee was savagely beaten after asking "What did I do wrong?" Another said he was kicked and beaten all night until morning. He asked the same question. So did others. HRW presented case studies of extreme abuse and mistreatment, against "rebels, "separatists," and "ordinary members of the population," some seized randomly. Others in detention never returned.

A November West Papua Report provides video evidence of Kopassus torturing Papuan civilians. In response, the Yudhoyono government said security forces will investigate themselves. Washington downplayed the evidence. ETAN explained that within days of the video's release, "a massive cyber attack took down many of the international NGO websites" that posted the footage. Clearly, a government agency was responsible.

Another incident showed Kopassus burning a Papuan village. The West Papuan Advocacy Team (WPAT) criticized Washington's "limp" response, including downplaying clear evidence of torture and resisting calls for accountability and ending appalling atrocities. This "demonstrates an even greater willingness than the Bush and Clinton administrations to provide diplomatic cover for human rights violations by" Kopassus.

For example, video evidence showed a burning ember applied to a man's genitals, then suffocating him, while a knife was held to his face and throat. Another man was stabbed to death, video showing his agonizing last minutes during which Kopassus taunted him before inflicting a death wound.

For many years, Indonesian security forces have tortured, robbed, and murdered Papuans, their homes, gardens, other property, and livestock then torched. Thousands fled to forests and died of starvation. Others were shot dead before they could escape.

ETAN expressed outrage that:

"The Obama Administration, rather than simply condemning the torture of Papuans by Indonesian security personnel....suggested a specious silver lining - prais(ing) Indonesia for its upfront approach," for acknowledging some abuses, but saying they "would not affect military ties, which form one component of a comprehensive partnership agreement President Obama (solidified) in Jakarta."

In late October, ahead of his arrival, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Bob Scher told the Singapore Straits Times that "The TNI has made great strides in addressing human rights issues and accountability." He also defended the administration's decision to resume close ties with Kopassus, including providing military aid.

In fact, Kopassus abuses never stopped, including in Papua against independence movement (OPM) separatists and others challenging government authority. Among them, ETAN lists the following outstanding cases:

(1) During pro-democracy activism leading up to President's Suharto's 1998 ouster, students were intimidated, beaten, disappeared, and never found.

(2) "Until September 1999, Kopassus routinely engaged in torture, rape and murder in East Timor," and trained its militia affiliates to conduct similar activities, including widespread murder.

(3) In 2001, Kopassus kidnapped and murdered Theys Eluay, Papua's most prominent leader. In 2004, four of its forces were convicted in a military court, got light 42 month sentences (likely shortened by early releases), and their superiors were absolved.

(4) In Aceh, Kopassus also engaged in torture, targeted killings, and other abuses up to and after the 2005 peace agreement between pro-independence forces (GAM) and the government.

The US State Department compiled its own Kopassus violation list, including:

-- ongoing Papua abuses;

-- targeting Pastor Johanes Djonga for speaking out against Papua human rights and political abuses; in August 2007, he was threatened with death and burial "in a 700-meter-deep gorge;"

-- on October 18, 2007, Kopassus beat Charles Tafor, head of Papua's Arso district;

-- in 2005, its forces killed two men and injured another in Bireuen, Aceh;

-- in July 2003, an unidentified Acehnese man was arrested, then tortured by beatings and electric shocks;

-- in July 2002, the West Papuan human rights group ELSHAM reported a series of logging-relating human rights abuses (including beatings) committed from February to June 2002;

-- in March 2002, Kopassus detained and tortured Koes Sofyan, a human rights activist, for nearly three months;

-- in June 2001, they kidnapped Hubertus Wresman, a Sunday school teacher, in the middle of the night from his home; his uncle, Gaspar Wespar was beaten when inquiring of his whereabouts, later disappeared, and neither man again surfaced; and

-- numerous Kopassus East Timor, Sumatra and Java abuses were listed, including torture and murder.

The State Department also documented human rights abuses committed by Brimob, Indonesia's National Police operations force unit, its mobile brigade, notorious for the same atrocities as Kopassus.

Secret Kopassus Files Revealed

On November 9, Allan Nairn headlined, "Breaking News: Secret Files Show Kopassus, Indonesia's Special Forces, Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians. Documents Leak from Notorious US-Backed Unit as Obama Lands in Indonesia." His full account can be accessed through the following link:

Materials "include a Kopassus enemies list headed by Papua's top Baptist minister and describe a covert network of surveillance, infiltration and disruption of Papuan institutions."

Classified "SECRET (RAHASIA)," detailed backgrounds on civilian targets are given. More releases are coming. Ones available are for Papua, where Kopassus murdered "tens of thousands of civilians."

A secret 25-page report calls civilian separatists and their top 15 leaders Kopassus' main enemy - separatists, GSP/P, including the head of Papua's Baptist Synod, evangelical ministers, activists, traditional leaders, legislators, students, intellectuals, the head of the Papua Muslim Youth organization, and others.

The report says Kopassus commits kidnappings and murders against people called the enemy. A "State of the enemy" discussion identifies two subversive activities:

-- "the holding of press conferences (that) always criticize the government and the work being done by the security forces;" and

-- private meetings for the same purposes.

The Obama administration's rationale for restoring aid was fighting terrorism. Documents, however, show that security forces commit state terrorism, mainly activist civilians and separatists wanting freedom and independence. Himself a target, Reverend Giay said Washington believes "it's OK to kill pastors and burn churches since the churches are separatist." He compared Papua TNI/Kopassus abuses to earlier ones in East Timor and the Malukus where "they created this conflict between Muslims and Christians" for more funding and power.

Documents also show "Kopassus indeed penetrates most every part of popular life," using undercover officers and "a small army of non-TNI 'agents' - real people with real lives and identities, who are bought, coerced or recruited into working covertly." They support the common view that "you rarely know who is Kopassus. So best watch what you say if you care for safety, especially if what you say is 'freedom.' "

On November 9, Democracy Now interviewed Nairn, commenting on Obama's Indonesia visit and released Kopassus documents on his web site. He called West Papua under "de facto occupation. It became part of Indonesia through a dirty deal among the UN, the Dutch and the US. It was basically absorbed against the will of the Papuans."

The released documents show opposition to occupation. Papuans want freedom, but those saying it become enemies, targeted for removal. Yet Obama said TNI/Kopassus were reforming, cleaning up their act. It's patently false. The same East Timor/Aceh abusers are there, now promoted.

"For example, the person who now runs the Indonesian Defense Ministry - the number two, but he really runs it - is an old Kopassus general, Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, who was indicted for war crimes in East Timor - according to witnesses, was personally involved in executions."

Indonesia's President Yudhoyono appointed him, another touted reformer. Yet Kopassus, TNI and other security forces routinely kidnap, torture and kill. They conduct military sweeps, making arrests, burn villages, and murder civilians.

Munir Thalib, a man Nairn called outspoken, tough, brilliant, a good friend, and fearless human rights activist was murdered. Others like him as well as ordinary people are targeted, Kopassus single-mindedly turning a blind eye to reform, but, nonetheless, got military aid restored showing Washington supports their abuses, the same ones it commits globally.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

This is clearly not about Indonesia at all, but is about a presently ongoing crisis that might not seem large to us, but which clearly is critical for Haitians, of whom 917 have already died from the cholera outbreak and over 14,000 Haitians medically treated for this disease that is evidently due to a UN "peacekeeping" base. The US is not the UN, but the US is in control and has the responsibility to make sure that the source of this spreading disease gets properly treated, that all Haitians affected by this disease get the necessary medical treatment, and that the river be decontaminated, if that's possible, which I think it probably is.

The US lead the Feb. 29th, 2009 act-of-war coup d'etat against the democratically [elected] government there and put thugs, violent criminals who had been justly imprisoned in charge of local and national "law" enforcement; and the US has done absolutely nothing to correct this, while Haitians badly struck because of last January's earthquake were promised financial aid that hasn't be received, "thanks" to the US, which remains responsible for the ongoing plight of the Haitians.

"Haiti cholera protest turns violent

Protesters clash with UN peacekeepers in second-largest city of Cap Haitien over epidemic that has killed more than 900"

by, Nov. 15, 2010

Clashes and gunfire have broken out between protesters and UN troops in Haiti, where a cholera epidemic has claimed over 900 lives in about three weeks.

Protesters, who hold Nepalese UN peacekeepers responsible for the cholera outbreak, threw stones and threatened to set fire to a base in the country's second-largest city of Cap Haitien on Monday, Haitian radio and eyewitnesses reported.

There are also unconfirmed reports that five protesters and one UN peacekeeper have been shot dead.

The UN disputes the claims against the Nepalese mission, but the suspicion persists.

Troubled relationship

Al Jazeera's Cath Turner, en route to Cap Haitien, said that the situation "has been brewing for a while" with "very tense relations" between the UN peacekeepers stationed there and the local community.

"Back in August, a 16-year-old boy was found dead - he was hanging from a tree. And the Haitians believed that he was killed by the troops up there," she said. But the troops claimed the boy had committed suicide, and there was never a formal investigation into the boy's death, she added.

"As you can see, this is really the next phase of this deadly cholera outbreak - this real frustration against the troops - and these people in this community also believe that the UN troops, particularly the Nepalese, are responsible for bringing cholera into this country."

There are Nepalese as well as Chilean troops in Cap Haitien.

This isn't the first protest in Haiti, where crowds have taken to the streets, expressing anger at the Haitian government and the UN for failing to contain the outbreak.

Spreading epidemic

There are now cholera cases in every part of Haiti and UN agencies expect a "significant increase" in the number of people affected, a top UN official said on Monday.

"We have cases in every department," Nigel Fisher, a UN humanitarian co-ordinator in Haiti, said.

The UN and Haiti government had started a review of the epidemic and Fisher said that officials "foresee a significant increase" in the number of cases. He also said it was not unusual for hundreds of thousands of people to be hit by cholera in such an epidemic but added that many would be mild cases.

The Haitian health ministry's latest figures put the number of dead at 917 with more than 14,600 people treated in hospitals.

I strongly doubt the Haitian boy hung himself. And the UN not investigating this death definitely is very suspect.

The above article provides a related link for the following video.

"UN investigates cholera spread in Haiti" (1:47)
AlJazeeraEnglish, Oct. 27th, 2010

The Nepalese UN mission in Haiti could be the source of the cholera deadly outbreak there. Al Jazeera's Sebastian Walker reports from Haiti.

In that short report we learn that there was a cholera outbreak in Nepal before the Nepalese soldiers were sent to Haiti, where the sewage of a UN "peacekeeper" base there apparently is not being treated and is dumping, flowing into a river. People downstream from this base are being affected by cholera, while people upstream apparently are not.

Might the location of the base coincide with the location of a central bird shitting ground? I don't think so. Maybe other animals congregate to all shit in the river at this location? No, I don't think that that fantastical possibility, or theory, would be the explanation, either.

The following article and video report are also important.

"Haitian anger over cholera response
Haitians accuse government, the UN and aid workers of failing to protect them as water-borne disease claims 700 lives."

by, Nov. 12th, 2010

Residents of the largest slum in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince have been demonstrating over the country's response to the cholera outbreak.

The protesters in Cite Soleil said the government and the UN have failed to protect them, as the number of people killed by the highly contagious water-borne disease soared to 724.

They also vented their anger at NGOs operating in the country, where a devastating earthquake on January 12 killed more than 250,000 people and destroyed homes, forcing more than one million people to seek shelter in cramped makeshift camps.

Cath Turner, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Port-au-Prince, said several hundred people joined the demonstration in Cite Soleil, where many cholera deaths have occurred.

"They live near a rubbish dump which is normally a site for household and industrial waste, but for the last year human waste has been added to that," our correspondent said.

"Of course, with the cholera outbreak, human faeces and water mixed together is a sure way to get the disease."

"We saw a truck that was carrying human waste to the dump, but it was forced to turn around and retreat because the people started throwing rocks at it."

Crisis deepens


The outbreak, Haiti's first in more than 50 years, erupted in the Artibonite river valley in mid-October and initially seemed contained to central and northern areas.

There have been roughly 1,000 new cases each day this week, and the death curve is getting steadily steeper - with 60 new fatalities on Wednesday and more than 80 on Thursday.


"If cholera cases continue to rise at this rate, we'll quickly be overwhelmed," warned Yves Lambert, head of infectious diseases at the main public hospital in central Port-au-Prince.

Most of the estimated 1.3 million internally displaced persons live in tent cities around the capital, and cholera could spread easily in filthy conditions where scarce water supplies are shared for cooking and washing.

Haitian authorities have been warned to expect an even larger scale of disaster if cholera continues to take hold in the capital, much of which was flattened by the earthquake.


Hurricane Tomas, which claimed more than 20 lives in Haiti at the weekend, aggravated the situation, triggering heavy rains that caused rivers, including the believed source of the cholera, the Artibonite, to flood.

The Pan American Health Organisation, the regional office of the UN's World Health Organisation, has warned Haiti to expect hundreds of thousands of cases now that the disease appears to have taken hold.

Although easily treated, cholera has a short incubation period and causes acute diarrhoea that can lead to severe dehydration and sometimes death in a matter of hours.

The following roughly 12-minute interview is very good and very important even it is weeks old.

"Partners in Health Physician on Haiti: "Cholera Will Not Go Away Until Underlying Situations that Make People Vulnerable Change""

Oct. 26th, 2010

The Haitian government says a cholera outbreak is slowing down, but experts are warning the disease could remain for many years. At least 259 people have died, and over 3,300 have been infected. We speak with Dr. Evan Lyon, a physician with the group Partners in Health who has spent years working in Haiti. In 2008, he helped lead a study on how the US undermined clean water projects in Haiti. [includes rush transcript]

Dr. Lyon says, among other things:

To describe the disease is pretty difficult. It’s a terrifying — it's a terrifying situation. The economic and social conditions in Haiti have left Haitians vulnerable to any manner of infectious diseases that are endemic there — typhoid, TB, malaria, HIV. But this is new. There hasn’t been cholera in Haiti for more than fifty years, so the population has little experience with it. It’s a very fast-moving disease. Often, from the first onset of symptoms, someone will die of dehydration, if they’re not given help within twenty-four hours. For the young, for the old, for vulnerable people, that’s often within twelve hours. So this is a very fast-moving disease. (my emphasis added) In a population where at least 70 percent of people have no access to improved water or sanitation, people cannot protect themselves. ... Their immune systems have no exposure, which will help the disease spread more rapidly. ... So it’s a terrifying situation, rooted, as you introduced, in the lack of infrastructure, lack of sanitation and clean water, which has been very clearly — very clearly slowed down and diminished by manipulation from the outside.

Dr. Lyon also speaks about a prison with 250 uncharged detainees and as of Oct. 26th, 30 of them already had contracted cholera from the water brought into the prison. These detainees are awaiting trials based on what evidently are unproven charges, so they're technically innocent and may very likely be innocent, but as Dr. Lyon says because of the lack of medical treatment for them, they've "now been handed a death sentence".

A Dem. Now! interview regarding financial pledges for Haiti (not viewed yet):

"France Urged to Pay $40 Billion to Haiti in Reparations for "Independence Debt""

Aug. 17th, 2010

According to the UN-sponsored Haiti Reconstruction Fund, only two countries — Brazil and Estonia — have fully paid the pledged amount. The United States, France, Canada and many others have failed to send their pledged aid. A recent review by CNN found that just two percent of total pledges have been delivered to Haiti. Calls are now growing for another form of payment to Haiti: reparations. This week, a group of prominent academics and activists published an open letter calling on France to repay an "independence debt" it imposed nearly 200 years ago after Haiti successfully won independence from France. Haiti was forced to pay France around 90 million gold francs up until World War II, which after interest and inflation is valued today at up to $40 billion. [includes rush transcript]

If France is ever made to pay that $40bn, then its leaders then will definitely regret not having paid the $20bn that President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was asking for for the same reason(s) not long before the act-of-war coup d'etat against him and Haitians' democratically elected government. The Haitians [never] owed France anything, so France definitely has the obligation to repay the Haitians and in today's equivalent amount, too.

France was unrighteously angry enough about the $20bn that it acted with the US and Canada, whatever hellish reason Canadian leadership had, against Haiti in Feb. 2004. So I doubt France would accept to pay the present value of what it owes to Haitians, $40bn.

"EXCLUSIVE: As Obama Arrives in Jakarta, Secret Docs Show U.S.-backed Indonesian Special Forces Unit Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians"

Nov. 9th, 2010

President Obama arrived in Indonesia today on the second stop of a ten-day trip to Asia. It’s Obama’s first state visit to Indonesia after having lived there for four years as a child. We go to Jakarta to speak with investigative journalist and activist Allan Nairn, who has just released secret documents from Kopassus — the feared Indonesian special forces — which has been responsible for human rights abuses since the 1950s. Earlier this year, the Obama administration lifted a 12-year funding ban for the training of Kopassus. While Obama talks about human rights, the documents indicate that Kopassus targets churches and civilians and includes a Kopassus enemies list topped by a local Baptist minister in West Papua. Nairn will continue to release documents on his website [includes rush transcript]


Allan Nairn, award-winning investigative journalist and activist. His articles are online at

John Miller, National Coordinator of East Timor and Indonesia Action Network.

Related stories

* East Timorese Journalist Marks 19th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre (Nov. 12th, 2010 - interview with Prezado Ximenez)

* Widow of Murdered Indonesian Human Rights Activist Munir Calls on Indonesia to Hold His Govt. Killers Responsible (Nov. 9th, 2010 - interview with the widow)

* As Gibbs Attacks Progressive Critics, ACLU Says Obama White House Enshrining Bush-Era Policies (Aug. 12th, 2010)

* EXCLUSIVE...Journalist Allan Nairn Facing Possible Arrest in Indonesia for Exposing US-Backed Forces Assassinated Civilians (March 24th, 2010)

* EXCLUSIVE...Indonesian Forces Tapped by Obama for Renewed US Aid Implicated in New Assassinations (March 19th, 2010 - interview with Allan Nairn)

I modified the above excerpt a little to add notes in parentheses for the links to the related stories.

ETAN is and Dem. Now! plays a clip at the start of the above interview of Obama speaking in Indonesia, where he again repeated the not looking to the past, behind, only looking to the future bullshit line of his. It's bullshit. What is there to fear if we look at the past? Politically, for him, and US elites, there's something bad about the past that they don't want to look at, so his words are a way of admitting this.

I just got the link for the following piece at and it's what the above Dem. Now! interview is about, but provides more.

"Breaking News: Secret Files Show Kopassus, Indonesia's Special Forces, Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians. Documents Leak from Notorious US-Backed Unit as Obama Lands in Indonesia"

by Allan Nairn, Jakarta, Nov. 9th, 2010

The above article provides a link for the above interview on DN!, plus a copy of the Kopassus document cited in the article and "supplementary field reports", as well as
links for other interviews and articles regarding the above piece by him. Those articles include several from Indonesian media; Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Koran Tempo, and

John Pilger on Indonesia:

"Cover-up: a film's travesty of omissions"
by John Pilger, Aug. 20th, 2009

In the excerpt, below, I copied the first paragraph from the copy of the piece at his Web site, but the rest of the excerpt is from the above copy because the one at his Web site has screwed-up apostrophes that I don't want to take the time to correct for the excerpt.

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger recalls his undercover reporting from East Timor and reveals that a major new movie, Balibo, perpetuates the cover-up of the role played western governments in the genocial invasion of East Timor by Indonesia and the Australian government's part in the murder of its own journalists.

On 30 August it will be a decade since the people of East Timor defied the genocidal occupiers of their country to take part in a United Nations referendum, voting for their freedom and independence. A "scorched earth" campaign by the Indonesian dictatorship followed, adding to a toll of carnage that had begun 24 years earlier when Indonesia invaded tiny East Timor with the secret support of Australia, Britain and the United States. According to a committee of the Australian parliament, "at least 200,000" died under the occupation, a third of the population.

Filming undercover in 1993, I found crosses almost everywhere: great black crosses etched against the sky, crosses on peaks, crosses in tiers on the hillsides, crosses beside the road. They littered the earth and crowded the eye. A holocaust happened in East Timor, telling us more about rapacious Western power, its propaganda and true aims, than even current colonial adventures. The historical record is unambiguous that the US, Britain and Australia conspired to accept such a scale of bloodshed as the price of securing Southeast Asia’s "greatest prize" with its "hoard of natural resources". Philip Liechty, the senior CIA operations officer in Jakarta at the time of the invasion, told me, "I saw the intelligence. There were people being herded into school buildings by Indonesian soldiers and the buildings set on fire. The place was a free fire zone … We sent them everything that you need to fight a major war against somebody who doesn’t have any guns. None of that got out … [The Indonesian dictator] Suharto was given the green light to do what he did."


People will definitely want to read the whole of the above article.

JP documentaries:

"Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy"

"The New Rulers Of The World" (53:54)

2001. An exploration the impact of globalisation in Indonesia, a country that the World Bank described as a 'model pupil' until its 'globalised' economy collapsed in 1998

The New Rulers of the World is a 2001 Carlton Television documentary film written and presented by John Pilger and directed by Alan Lowery. In the film, "John Pilger investigates the realities of globalisation by taking a close look at Indonesia."[1][2]


John Pilger explores the impact of globalisation, taking Indonesia as his prime example, a country that the World Bank described as a 'model pupil' until its 'globalised' economy collapsed in 1998. Under scrutiny are the increasingly powerful multinationals and the institutions that back them, notably the IMF and The World Bank.


The rest of the Wikipedia page includes the list of interviewees for the film.

Regarding crimes against Papuans due to mineral wealth and oil, this is learned in the John Pilger part further on in this post.

One thing is clear and it's that Obama merits to granted an honorary graduate degree in or for Master of Psychopathy or Psychopathic Conduct. It might be better to make it a Master of Arts, rather than an M.Sc., in Psychopathic Conduct, since real scientific doesn't seem to be fitting for Obama, for he's just another bought-and-paid-for politician, puppet. He's not the "brains" behind the crimes he's accepted to become guilty for, but he's guilty, as C-in-C. What a fool! He thinks there can be real reward from this for him and that takes a fool, a real sucker.

Quoting from Stephen Lendman's article:

(3) In 2001, Kopassus kidnapped and murdered Theys Eluay, Papua's most prominent leader. In 2004, four of its forces were convicted in a military court, got light 42 month sentences (likely shortened by early releases), and their superiors were absolved.

Can we be certain that they served any time at all in a real prison? They surely wouldn't have been placed in a civilian prison, which would permit us to have witnesses, if any civilians sentenced to prison in Indonesia are ever released anyway. If they were placed in military prison, then how can we be certain that they were?

It clearly is not a government that can be trusted about anything. And I'm not sure, but seem to vaguely recall having read an article over the past several years that said that some military criminals were officially sentenced to military prison, but, and secretly, they weren't and they were, instead, used for committing more violent crimes in covert ops. I don't recall what government that would've been about, but it's something that surely many governments could do.

See, my level of trust for most governments, most politicians, most military leaders, and most chiefs of large corporations and banks, is just so limited that there isn't any; it's NIL!

John Pilger:

Since the crimes that Stephen Lendman's article and those Allan Nairn and John Miller are presently about is for the Indonesian government's crimes against the Papuans and my above post, the second one, with John Pilger links regarding crimes of the Indonesian government, but not the crimes against the Papuans, I did some Web searching to see what would be found by him on the Papuan situation and found some links.

Stephen Lendman's article and what Allan Nairn in the Nov. 9th interview on Dem. Now! linked in my above post, f.e., tell us about the criminality of Kopassus and TNI, but they don't explain why these horrific crimes are committed, while John Pilger does. The crimes are committed to profit western corporations and the US, Australia and Britain evidently are primarily to blame for this.

"Let the bird of paradise go free

The theft of West Papua's mineral wealth must end. The province's courageous resistance movement deserves nothing less"

by John Pilger, Nov. 12th, 2009

When General Suharto, the west's man, seized power in Indonesia in the mid-1960s, he offered "a gleam of light in Asia", rejoiced Time magazine. That he had killed up to a million "communists" was of no account in the acquisition of what Richard Nixon called "the richest hoard of natural resources, the greatest prize in South-east Asia".

In November 1967, the booty was handed out at an extraordinary conference in a lakeside hotel in Geneva. The participants included the most powerful capitalists in the world, the likes of David Rockefeller, and senior executives of the major oil companies and banks, General Motors, British American Tobacco, Imperial Chemical Industries, American Express, Siemens, Goodyear, US Steel. The president of Time Incorporated, James Linen, opened the proceedings with this prophetic description of globalisation: "We are trying to create a new climate in which private enterprise and developing countries work together for the greater profit of the free world. The world of international enterprise is more than governments . . . It is a seamless web, which has been shaping the global environment at revolutionary speed."

Suharto had sent a team of mostly US-groomed economists, known as the "Berkeley Boys". On the first day, salutations were exchanged. On the second day, the Indonesian economy was carved up. This was done in a spectacular way: industry in one room, forests and fisheries in another, banking and finance in another. The ultimate prize was the mineral wealth of West Papua, almost half of a vast and remote island to the north of Australia. A US and European consortium was "awarded" the nickel and gold. The Freeport company of New Orleans got a mountain of copper. Forty-two years later, the gold and copper make more than a million dollars profit every day.

What a carve-up

For the Indonesian elite, enrichment was assured. From 1992 to 2004, Freeport provided $33bn in direct and indirect "benefits", much of it finding its way to the Indonesian military, the real power in the land, which "protects" foreign investments in the manner of a mafia. The reward for the people of West Papua has been a rate of impoverishment double that of the rest of Indonesia, says a World Bank report. At Bintuni Bay, where BP is exploiting natural gas, 56 per cent of the people live in abject poverty. "More than 90 per cent of villages in Papua do not have basic health facilities," the report noted. In 2005, famine swept the district of Yahukimo, where virgin forests and gas deposits deliver unerring profit. The suffering of West Papuans is seldom reported; the Indonesian government bans foreign journalists and human rights organisations from the hauntingly beautiful territory known by its indigenous people as "the forgotten bird of paradise".

When the carve-up of its natural wealth took place, West Papua was not part of but merely claimed by Indonesia, whose former colonial masters, the Dutch, recognised no historical or cultural ties to Jakarta and began to prepare the territory for independence. The Indonesians were having none of it; neither were the Americans, the British and the Australians, who invented a cold-war tale that the Russians were coming. In 1962, the Dutch handed the colony to the United Nations, which promptly gave it "on trust" to Indonesia on condition that the West Papuans would vote on their future.

In 1969, an "Act of Free Choice" took place. The Indonesians hand-picked 1,026 West Papuan men and ordered them to vote for integration with Jakarta. Guns were pointed at heads. When two West Papuans escaped in a light aircraft, hoping to reach New York and alert the UN general assembly, they were detained by the Australian government after landing at nearby Manus Island. West Papuan villages wanting a genuine "act of free choice" were bombed by Indonesia's US-equipped air force.

Independence day

West Papua would have slipped into oblivion had it not been for a resistance, the OPM, or Free Papua Movement, whose endurance has defied almost impossible odds. The Indonesians have been unsparing in their oppression, aided by British-made machine guns and Tactica water cannon vehicles. When Suharto was deposed in 1998, the people on the island of Biak celebrated by singing hymns of thanksgiving and raising West Papua's Morning Star flag. For this, 150 of them were murdered by the Indonesian military. In 2004, Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage were sentenced to 15 and ten years respectively for raising the flag, an immeasurable act of bravery in a territory effectively run by a Gestapo-style force known as Kopassus, which bears responsibility for much of the genocide in East Timor. The destruction of West Papuan society is also genocide.

The post-Suharto regime in Jakarta, which likes to regard itself as a respectable democracy, is vulnerable to pressure on West Papua. In Britain, the mining giant Rio Tinto, formerly a shareholder in Freeport, retains a joint-venture interest that has earned fortunes for the company. On the rare occasions that the Foreign Office is challenged about the behaviour of Jakarta in West Papua, officials drone about "respecting the territorial integrity of Indonesia", echoing decades of Foreign Office mendacious apologies for the slaughter in East Timor. And yet East Timor slipped Suharto's leash and is now free, thanks to the resilience of its people and an international network of support. The people of West Papua deserve nothing less. On 1 December, which West Papuans call their independence day, those exiled in Britain and their allies will assemble outside the Indonesian embassy in London to break the silence.

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"Secret war against defenceless West Papua"

by John Pilger, March 9th, 2006

A Web search doesn't turn up the link, but searching the New Statesman's archive of his articles turns up a link for the copy of this article there. The two copies are differently titled and his Web site's copy says the article was first published at the New Statesman, but the date for that copy is March 13th, which is odd (so, huh?).

"Ghosts of indonesia won't lie

East Timor's history is repeating itself as Jakarta colludes with the west to crush another resource-rich land: West Papua. The world is watching as Australia decides the fate of 43 West Papuans seeking asylum"

by John Pilger, March 13th, 2006

I'll quote from the latter and differently titled NS copy.

In 1993, I and four others travelled clandestinely across East Timor to gather evidence of the genocide committed by the Indonesian dictatorship. Such was the depth of silence about this tiny country that the only map I could find before I set out was one with blank spaces stamped "Relief Data Incomplete". Yet few places had been as defiled and abused by murderous forces. Not even Pol Pot had succeeded in despatching, proportionally, as many people as the Indonesian tyrant Suharto had done in collusion with the "international community".

In East Timor, I found a country littered with graves, their black crosses crowding the eye: crosses on peaks, crosses in tiers on the hillsides, crosses beside the road. They announced the murder of entire communities, from babies to the elderly. In 2000, when the East Timorese, displaying a collective act of courage with few historical parallels, finally won their freedom, the United Nations set up a truth commission; on 24 January, its 2,500 pages were published. I have never read anything like it. Using mostly official documents, it recounts in painful detail the entire disgrace of East Timor's blood sacrifice. ... If you want to see through the smokescreen currently around Iraq, and understand true terrorism, read this document.


And it is all happening again, wrapped in the same silence and with the "international community" playing the same part as backer and beneficiary of the crushing of a defenceless people. Indonesia's brutal occupation of West Papua, a vast, resource-rich province - stolen from its people, like East Timor - is one of the great secrets of our time. Recently, the Australian minister of "communications", Senator Helen Coonan, failed to place it on the map of her own region, as if it did not exist.

An estimated 100,000 Papuans, or 10 per cent of the population, have been killed by the Indonesian military. This is a fraction of the true figure, according to refugees. ...


When the Netherlands gave Indonesia its independence in 1949, it argued that West Papua was a separate geographic and ethnic entity with a distinctive national character. A report published last November by the Institute of Netherlands History in The Hague revealed that the Dutch had secretly recognised the "unmistakable beginning of the formation of a Papuan state", but were bullied by the administration of John F Kennedy to accept "temporary" Indonesian control over what a White House adviser called "a few thousand miles of cannibal land".


The silence of the "international community" is explained by the fabulous wealth of West Papua. In November 1967, soon after Suharto had consolidated his seizure of power, the Time-Life Corporation sponsored an extraordinary conference in Geneva. The participants included the most powerful capitalists in the world, led by the banker David Rockefeller. Sitting opposite them were Suharto's men, known as the "Berkeley mafia", as several had enjoyed US government scholarships to the University of California at Berkeley. Over three days, the Indonesian economy was carved up, sector by sector. Over three days, the Indonesian economy was carved up, sector by sector. An American and European consortium was handed West Papua's nickel; American, Japanese and French companies got its forests. However, the prize - the world's largest gold reserve and third-largest copper deposit, literally a mountain of copper and gold - went to the US mining giant Freeport-McMoran. On the board is Henry Kissinger, who, as US secretary of state, gave the "green light" to Suharto to invade East Timor, says the Dutch report.

Freeport is today probably the biggest single source of revenue for the Indonesian regime: the company is said to have handed Jakarta $33bn between 1992 and 2004. ...

The Freeport mines are guarded by Indonesia's special forces, who are among the world's most seasoned terrorists, as their documented crimes in East Timor demonstrate. Known as Kopassus, they have been armed by the British and trained by the Australians. Last December, the Howard government in Canberra announced that it would resume "co-operation" with Kopassus .... ... The files of human-rights organisations overflow with evidence of Kopassus's terrorism. ...

However, the Indonesian military has not been able to crush the popular Free Papua Movement (OPM). ...


And just as this covert killing for the West's corporations to steal rich natural resources is disgusting and unreported in the West, we have the same thing in the DR Congo/Zaire, a topic for which Keith Harmon Snow is among the very best there is for investigating and reporting, and (many URLs need "Template/" to be removed at the latter Web site, which is the older one). If people don't believe it about the Congo, then all they need to do is to read articles like the above ones by John Pilger on the great mineral wealth of Papua or West Papua; and if that doesn't help, then it's because people are either awfully stupid, or they're racists, bigotted.


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