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Warmongering on CNN By Erin Burnett


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Many have observed, from Cenk Uygar, Paul Craig Roberts, to Glenn Greenwald that many professional class elites have degenerated,

slipped into CREEPING FASCISM, "discretionary" totalitarianism or in this case discretionary, war mongering and lies.   Glenn Greenwald

pointed out that INTERNATIONAL CNN, much more critical than Amerikan CNN, that the Israeli offcial, Gorman justifies Fascist Zionism,

because like the new Fascist alliance and Axis of Western Fascism, namely NATO, ISRAEL AND THE U.S., it too uses the same

fascist totalitarianism:


"GORANI: So if there’s any evidence there against this man, Khader Annan, why isn’t it (a) being shared with his lawyer, why isn’t he being charged officially, and why isn’t this case being brought to trial? Why is this man being held without charge?

REGEV: First of all, there’s been a number of hearings already . . . . It’s clear that in Terrorist cases, often you rely on intelligence information – there are problems with sources and methods – and Israel, like other democracies, like the United States, like Great Britain, there is a certain amount of discretion you have.  But I think it’s important to say here, if I might, that this man is a self-professed leader in Islamic Jihad . . . .

Gorani asks several more times: if, as you claim, there is so much evidence proving he’s guilty, why can’t you put him on trial and show the evidence? It’s really worth watching the whole interview, both because it reveals how rare effective adversarial interviews are (it’s hard to imagine many establishment journalists grilling an American official this way, though it does sometimes happen), and because Regev immediately cites the fact that the U.S. imprisons people without due process as the excuse for why Israel can :....."

Both corporate and media elites have degenerated as corrupt professionals into warmongering and Fascism.  Paul Craig Roberts points

out that they routinely lie through half truths an ommission.  What is astonishing how clever and cynical these CLASS WHORES, EMPIRE

THUGS have become.   After stating that it is not a good idea for Israel to attack now, they then justify SANCTIONS, based on lies,

as opposed to aggression.   Why illegal sanctions based on lies??, why aggression based on lies??   BOTH ARE THE SAME:

US Running on Myths, Lies, Deceptions and Distractions


And this brings home the fact that creeping ideological corruption and totalitarianism has created a NEW AXIS OF FASCISM, under

Fascist Zionist Israel, Fascist U.S. Empire and Fascist Nato, hence the term:  WESTERN FASCISM, its second historical round:


President Obama Procrastinates As Israel Edges Ever Closer to Igniting a Middle East Firestorm


"Talk about procrastination, talk about vacillation; the Middle East could explode at any given time but all we see coming from this White House is more delay, indecision, together with contradictory and confusing statements. During a critical time when we should hear this president issuing warnings about the great dangers of an approaching massive confrontation between Israel and Iran, he repeats that "all options remain on the table." <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

It is absolutely amazing how Israel can completely dominate the world of news reporting to such an extent and for such an extended period of time. We hear a steady stream of reports indicating that Israel is getting closer and closer to an attack on Iran and its nuclear facilities. What we don't hear from this pathetic national media is factual information from U.S. intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), both of which have indicated that there is no concrete evidence of the development of a nuclear bomb. This media blindly and passively supported the fabricated agenda that illegally initiated the Iraq War and now it is doing the same thing all over again. This is a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

Without a doubt, the situation in Iran needs to be closely monitored by both U.S. intelligence agencies and the UN and Iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear device. That is what these agencies are set up to do. The way that this is being grossly mishandled by Israel, the U.S. and Iran, with threats and counter threats and no real attempts at mutual dialogue to diffuse the situation is totally counter-productive; it does nothing but fuel the tensions and distrust.

How can such a very small nation be the most powerful nation in the Middle East? Well, simply because it also happens to possess a nuclear arsenal that is estimated to be the sixth largest in the world. Israel has repeatedly refused to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In fact, it consistently refuses to acknowledge that it has nuclear weapons when the whole world knows that it does......"










I can't find the original article which made the argument that most people are aware of A SHADOW GOVERNMENT, that has corrupted,

co oped, their social control over all issues.   But it immediately made me realize Plato's argument and connection to SOCIAL REALITY.

What you have to realize, although Plato would enable his own corruption, much like the public voting for class parties and expecting

social results, HE DID COME UP WITH A METHODOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, how to determine social reality, an underlying reality in class

deformed civil societies.  


Plato offered two contradictory outcomes.   He offered a philisophical method, a reconstructive theory for determining social reality, which

always is subordinated, inverted, corrupted by class deformed civil society, which in his time was the emerging CLASS HISTORY AND

PATRIARCHAL class mechanism, historical mechanism that subverted, turned up side down social Matriarchy into the Patriarchal

class history.   In his utopian attempt to reclaim the social principle of CONTROL, which existed in the Matriarchy, he GRAFTED his

version of social Republic, within the Patriarchal class mechanism, reproducing class Republics, class empires, class city states,

which degenerated into class Empires and class tyrants, through the degenerating class cycle of all class forms of history.   These

class hierarchies and class deformed civil societies were the SHADOW GOVERNMENTS, which truly ruled over social agendas, through

class corruption, inversion, and deformed class language.


However, while he failed on a reformist, class accomodist, class appeasement, class compromises, he actually was one of the first

social philosophers to offer a way out of CLASS DEFORMED CIVIL SOCIETIES, DISTORTED, DEFORMED CLASS REGIMES.....reflecting

his theory of SHADOWS, FORMS, which were not reflecting the true nature of reality, in his SHADOW/CAVE analogy, where

INDEPENDENCE from these class forces, SHADOWS, i.e. eliminataing distortions in class deformed language, class ideologies,

required a RECONSTRUCTIVE, CUMMULATIVE SOCIAL PROCESS, outside the shadows of the cave, to see the world outside of

these corrupt, inverted, corrupted class shadows, his analogy inside/ outside the cave.


So we have the OBAMA administration glorifying the FASCIST SHADOWS OF THE CAVE, WAR, WAR CRIMINALS, and soldiers who

committed war crimes and were not prosecuted, along with BUSH/OBAMA officials, while prosecuting PLATO LIKE SOCIAL THINKERS,

ASSANGE AND MANNING, who exposed the WAR CRIMINALS, murderers of reality, both the racist scum below, individual soldiers, and

the class deformed, leaders, who are in control of these FASCIST SHADOWS, DISTORTIONS OF REALITY.    Obama and the Western 

world  have created A GLOBAL SHADOW FASCIST MATRIX, to hide their criminality, totalitarians, FASCISTS, from the prying eyes of

Plato's philosophical method of reconstructing social principles to expose their NAZISM, FASCISM.


Free Bradley Manning!



"As the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US president, I condemn the persecution of Bradley Manning and demand his immediate release.

Manning’s formal arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, where he will be charged with 22 counts, including that of “aiding the enemy.” If convicted, he faces a possible sentence of death, though military prosecutors have said that they will seek “only” life in prison.

Manning has been held for more than one and a half years, and was subject to months of solitary confinement, forced nakedness, sleep deprivation and other cruelties amounting to torture. His confinement far exceeds the mandate that court-martials be held within 120 days of arrest, and contravenes the constitutional right to a speedy trial.

The court martial proceedings are intended to prevent any real examination of the fundamental political issues involved, while destroying the life of this young man as an object lesson for anyone who seeks to reveal the crimes of the US military.

Manning is alleged to have provided WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of documents on US machinations abroad, as well as a video depicting a military helicopter massacring Iraqi civilians. Yet it is not the war criminals that Obama is prosecuting, but those who are alleged to have played a role in revealing these crimes.

If he is responsible for the leaks, Manning, only 24 years old, deserves not condemnation but support. His actions are an expression of revulsion, broadly felt in the population, against the Iraq war and American militarism.

While Manning faces a life in prison, just last month Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the leader of a military squad that admitted to the systematic slaughter of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha in 2005, reached a plea deal that will ensure that he faces no prison time. All of those involved in that massacre will now be free....."






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