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By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 12 December 2010

While only a tiny fraction of the U.S. diplomatic cables scheduled for publication by Wikileaks have thus far been made available, some conclusions can already be drawn. These cables and the Iraq and Afghan War Diaries provide an opportunity for Americans to see our government for what it is.

Our government is seen here as controlling a global military and espionage empire that impacts every region of the globe and deceives its own population. Secrecy, spying, and hostility have infected our entire government, turning the diplomatic corps into an arm of the CIA and the military, just as the civilian efforts in Afghanistan are described by Richard Holbrooke, who heads them up, as "support for the military." Secret war planning, secret wars, and lies about wars have become routine.



Secret war planning, secret wars, and lies about wars have become routine.

They became routine long ago; many decades ago.

Wikileaks, so far, hasn't revealed any evidence needed for ending these wars and the so-called "war on terrorism". We had all of the evidence that we needed for demanding an end to these wars when they were launched. The problem isn't that we have lacked evidence. The problem is widespread irresponsible citizenship, laziness, and lack of wit.

With that said, if any of the Afghanistan and Iraq War logs, as well as the diplomatic cables released through Wikileaks, provide additional evidence, then use it. We didn't need it for ending these wars though and they're not going to be of any more help in getting these wars ended than all of the evidence we already had did.

Some additional specific comments on the article:

The United States is secretly and illegally engaged in a war in Yemen and has persuaded that nation's government to lie about it. The United States has supported a coup in Honduras and lied about it.

Those diplomatic cables might potentially be usable in prosecutions, but we already knew that these crimes happened; long before Wikileaks began to release the cables on Nov. 28th, 2010.

It was worldwide obvious that Washington definitely knew that the coup in Honduras in June 2009 was illegal, against the constitution of the country, and so on. So it was worldwide obvious that Washington made itself complicit in this coup by supporting it and doing, saying nothing against it. That's for the least that the complicity could be. And Washington was complicit in supporting the coup. That was definitely obvious. However, the complicity may have been also worse than support.

As for Yemen, it wasn't reported in "msm" media, but there were very good and independent analysts who knew what was really going on and they wrote about it. There were several very good and excellent resource articles posted as feature articles at, f.e. And I'm not sure about this, but there were probably some useful articles posted at

The problem is that most of the "left" contributes to cover-ups by irresponsibly refusing to read from other sources.

... These leaks show Saudi Arabia to be the greatest sponsor of terrorism, and show that nation's dictator, King Abdullah, to be very close to our own government in its treatment of prisoners. He has urged the United States to implant microchips in prisoners released from Guantanamo. And he has urged the United States to illegally and aggressively attack Iran. ...

That's based on an elementary-level, literal reading of the related cable or cables; absenteeing the phase called analysis, which is [required] when reading any of the cables that came from American diplomats, who are employees of the imperialist government of the USA and who will, therefore, tend to produce diplomatic cables suited for the imperialist US.

The Saudi monarchy is the Saudi monarch because of the US and American OIL corporations, or certainly Mobil or Exxon/Mobil, whatever it's called; and, of course, financial elites of the US. Regarding the microchips being planted in detainees supposedly being suggested by the Saudis, it surely is much more likely that it's the US that wanted to possibly do this and the diplomats who wrote the cable wrote this under orders from Washington. Or maybe the diplomats overheard some Saudis talking about this, but only after they had been told about this by officials of the US while the diplomats who wrote the cable weren't aware of this.

Whatever the cables are based on, the cables may be authentically from US embassies, but this does not mean that they are accurate in terms of telling the truth. They can be fabrications and misintrepetations, or based on incomplete knowledge.

Anyone who pretends or thinks that the cables can responsibly be believed as telling the truth, only the truth, and the whole truth is NAIVE; [very].

But I do agree with the sentence that follows the last excerpted piece.

Congress should immediately block what would be the largest weapons sale in U.S. history, selling this country $60 billion in weapons.

The US shouldn't be selling weapons to any other governments, at all! Governments should disarm and stop making wars.

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