You are herecontent / War Opponents to Protest Honoring of John Brennan, Principal US Advocate of Drone Killings, at Fordham University Commencement Saturday 5/19

War Opponents to Protest Honoring of John Brennan, Principal US Advocate of Drone Killings, at Fordham University Commencement Saturday 5/19

Fordham University’s commencement will attract advocates of justice this weekend, as Fordham awards an honorary doctorate to controversial commencement speaker, John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security.

Brennan, an alumnus of Fordham and former senior CIA official, recently defended the US program of “targeted killing” by drone as consistent with international law, despite repeated evidence that such strikes kill civilians and would-be rescuers.  Brennan "is widely know for his advocacy of kidnapping-for-torture (aka 'extraordinary rendition') and killing 'militants' (including US citizens) with 'Hellfire' missiles fired by 'Predator' and 'Reaper' drone aircraft," wrote former CIA agent Ray McGovern, also a Fordham graduate.

“Public figures who promote the spreading and secret use of drones to kill people with impunity should not be honored, much less by a university with a religious connection,” said Stephanie Rugoff, coordinator of the protest for World Can’t Wait.  The Know Drones tour will challenge the public to be at less distance from war being carried out in their names.

Nick Mottern, director of Know Drones and an organizer of the Fordham protests, said: "We are challenging the white-washing and willful disregard of US war atrocities at the highest levels of government, religion and academia."  

On campus, opposition to the selection of the commencement speaker has resulted in a petition calling for a repudiation of Brennan as antithetical to Jesuit values.  In addition, on a Facebook page concerned students have called on their fellow graduates to wear orange ribbons on their graduation gowns to symbolize opposition to the use of
torture and to stand up and turn their backs when Mr. Brennan begins to speak to
silently show their disagreement with his policies and what he stands for.

At three commencement-related occasions this weekend, the Know Drones tour, featuring large models of “Predator” drones, will witness to the carnage they cause abroad.

Friday, May 18 – 5:15 pm –
Main Gate of Fordham University, 2853 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY – Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishhop of New York, will be presiding at the Fordham Baccalaureate Mass for the Fordham University Commencement for the Class of 2012.  Organizers of the protest say they will “Urge the Cardinal to speak out against the drones controlled out of Hancock Air Base in Syracuse, NY, which is part of his ecclesiastical province”.

Saturday, May 19 – 9:15 am – Main Gate of Fordham University, 2853 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY – Fordham University will award an honorary degree to its Commencement Speaker John Brennan.

Sunday, May 20 – 3:15 pm - Radio City Music Hall, 1260 Sixth Avenue, Manhattan, NY – The Fordham Graduate School of School Service will award an honorary degree to Congressman Edolphus Towns, a member of the Congressional Unmanned Systems (Drone) Caucus, a lobbying arm of the drone industry within the Congress.  Opponents of the US use of drones say they will protest Town’s promotion of drones as “against the wishes and interests of people in his district.”


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Humanity's enslavement came about through corruption and cycles of increasing totalitarianism with the birth of the MATRIX.  No, the futuristic movie totalitarian Matrix did not begin with Late Captalism and Fascism.  The MATRIX origins arose through the corruption of social Matriarchy, usurping social control, social forces into dependent, totaliarian class hierarchies deforming the social Historical mechanism and its independent, indivisible, automatic social forces into the generic, Patriarchal, class mechanism.    Humanity lost its independent social control over the means of wealh and social labor, its social control over the means of production to parasitical classes who would control, negate social outcomes for enslaving property relations and class relations.  Human Nature was born with a deformed nature, once class history and Patriarchy deformed the Social Matriarchy and its social mechanism, thereby imposing on Humanity, through milleniums of enslaving relations, as Patriarchal property slaves, especially women, and all of humanity through class systems that enslaved us into serf relations under Feudalism, and wage slavery under Capitalism.

This enslaving Matrx of class hierarchies linked to the generic, historical class mechanism, Patriarchy produced endless degenerating class cycles where class republics would end as class tyranny, class tyrants, and class empires by inverting, subtracting, subordinating social power and wealth into class power and wealth. Each new historical round of corruption degenerating into totalitarianism becomes more concentrated in its tyranny which only has different names for this totalitarian outcome describing its historical form.  In all cases, historically, the outlines of Humanity's choices were always between totalitarianism or a reclamation of social power by establishing independent social forces by combining the negation of class hierarchies and it Patriarchal class mechanism, thereby reconstructing the social historical mechanism, that existed before the Matrix and class history began.  The agricutural class Empires and their absolutist tyranny had humanity always looking back to the Garden of Eden, before humanity became enslaved, the Garden of Eden reflecting a once existing social historical mechanism.

The Choice: Socialism or Fascism


"......Conditions for the rise of fascism in America have never been better. The ground was laid by decades of multimillion dollar programs, facilitated by technology, to suppress empathy and intellectual honesty.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Fascism cannot develop when people regard each other as equals, when people feel the pain of others, and when people help rather than take advantage of others' misfortunes. Well-financed think tanks, talk radio, and managed news reporting blames the victims and never discusses collective solutions. Even without the animus of those who believe that God despises those without money, digital production and distribution isolate people from the kind of contacts that develop empathy. Shared experience of the workplace revolves around computer programs. If you do not understand those algorithms, you are just not keeping up. Instead of sharing the effect of poor weather on crops, we share a war of all against all for money. If you cannot play that game, you are negligent. The kind of youth protests that made civil rights happen in the sixties have succumbed to self-interest and internet gossip. Facebook does not generate change.

The other shoe that is falling on America's greatness is the ever expanding grip of propaganda that technology makes possible, along with concentrations of power. In the search for truth, two diametrically opposed forces compete. One is curiosity that leads to strategies like the scientific method, an effort to determine facts and understand relationships. The other is the sanctity of agendas. What serves the agenda determines the facts and relationships, irregardless of observable incongruities. Science, ostensibly, avoids agendas. Tribalism lives by them.

Fascism cannot survive reality. It can only live on propaganda. Hence, the critical role of intellectual honesty. Without it, we have no means of unmasking propaganda or designing sustainable means of production and functioning institutions. Intellectual honesty requires that everyone and every program be judged on the same bases and employs objective means of verification. There is no truth absent a system of logic that can describe reality...."



Totalitarianism, back then was  hereditary, based on Patriarchal class families dominating through the divine right of  Kings, and later with the decline of Feudalism into a totalitarian alliance with commercial classes, included the Late Feudal form of totalitarianism, the alliance of the Feudal class state to colonial trading companies which Adam Smith railed against, its monopoly, parasitical outome, then called MERCANTILISM.   Today Late Capitalist forms or Late Capitalism has produced this very same degenerating class cycle and Totalitarian Matrix, similar totalitarian, monopoly, parasitic enlaving relations, today called Fascism, with its Fascist austerity, fascist Capitalism, and Fascist Empire.  This historical enslaving Matrix escalates enslavement, bloody wars, on a far larger scale, threatening the extinction of Humanity, unless we all realize that the choice throughou milleniums of history has been either between totalitarianism, today's form, Fascism, or reclaiming social power, by dismantling, dissolving all class hierarchies, thereby ending class history, the present form of the Fascist Matrix under OBAMA, its class parties around the world.  All class parties and its class politicians, including its institutions have degenerated into totalitarianism and Fascism.  A vote for Obama, any class politician, any class party IS  VOTE FOR FASCISM, AND FASCIST PRESIDENTS, BE THEY MITT ROMNEY OR OBAMA:

Sibel Edmonds, with her CLASSIFIED WOMAN has demonstrated that every institution, the FBI, STATE DEPT., JUSTICE DEPT, even the corrupt cour system with its JUDICIAL NAZIS, were involved in a massive conspiracy, cover upt to protect CONGRESSMEN, involved in espionage, coruption to Israel and Turkey.      WIKI LEAKS and Glen Greenwald, too, have exposed these rotten, corrupt class hierarchies, involved in bibery, threats, corruption, to promote their Fascist Empire, global Fascism, going so far as RETROCATIVELY redefining FELONIES, TERRORISM where whistleblowers are targeted by vague INDIRECT charges of "material support"  and serving prison sentences, while the DIRECT VIOLATIONAS OF CONGRESS in espionage, in corruption, in abetting DIRECTLY A TERRORIST GROUP, is retroactively redefined not as a crime, i.e. SELECTIVE FASCIST CLASS LAWS where the rule of laws are systematically violated FOR FASCISM AND NO RULE OF LAWS.  IN EFFEC THE FBI, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, STATE DEPARMENT, JUDICIAL JUDGES BECOME A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE FOR GLOBAL FASCISM:

FBI Crackdown on Antiwar Groups Targets Chicano, Brown Beret Activist Carlos Montes (VIDEO)


"...CARLOS MONTES: OK. They raided at 5:00 in the morning, busted the door down with automatic weapons drawn, right, I was totally asleep. The main reason is that they’re attacking me for my activism against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also because of my solidarity work with oppressed people throughout the world, whether they be in Palestine or Colombia or Mexico. I will be marching in NATO—against the NATO summit to denounce the warmongers, but also to express my solidarity with people who want freedom and democracy in their homeland.

AMY GOODMAN: But can you explain what happened yesterday in court?


AMY GOODMAN: Because the trial was supposed to start yesterday, but new information came out.


AMY GOODMAN: And we’re talking about a charge against you from 43 years ago.

CARLOS MONTES: Right, absolutely.

AMY GOODMAN: They are saying you committed a felony; you’re saying that’s not true. And there seems to be new information that has come out that has caused them to postpone the trial.

CARLOS MONTES: Absolutely. There’s new information we’re trying to seek that will show that I was framed in 1969 for being a student, a Chicano activist demanding women’s studies, black studies, Chicano studies. The sheriffs came on the East L.A. college campus and repressed the strike...."









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