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War: The before, the during and the after

By George Ikners

In a book written by Alex Carey and titled "Taking the Risk out of Democracy" there are many magnificent insights about just how the elites guard against anyone other than themselves controlling the system, socially, economically and politically. On the topic of war Carey says (at p 137) that "..modern wars require the support of everyone; and so wartime propaganda idealizes the humane, egalitariandemocratic character of the home society in a way that no elite or business interest has any intention of allowing actually to come about. In consequence, at the end of major wars there is a public temper that expects reforms in the direction of the democratic and egalitarian ideals for which people have been told they sacrificed and suffered."

While he directs those comments at "major wars" the thoughts and logic he relies on really applies to all wars. Of course prior to firing the first shots what is needed is a causus belli, a reason or in fact anything that can be used to justify the war. Typically the best way of doing this is to point some presumed enemy or where there are none simply create them, or when necessary say that the creations are intent on or wish to attack some part, portion or the whole of the home society.

In this way we have often seen the spreading of lies and fears about others that relies on their difference to us, whether that be cultural, social or political. Strangers are always good fear targets. The people are simply fed a diet of lies and deceptions so that when the time comes it is a relatively easy task to equip, arm and get the mainly poorer and underprivileged members of the home society marching to the beat of the propaganda drum. However, a new dimension has been added to this sorry tale. The US in particular has in effect declared war on the rest of the planet on a permanent basis. Only those countries like NATOAustralia and the UK who so eagerly play their part as lapdogs are spared from the actual confrontation.

The wolf of course is already in their houses in the form of the multi national corporations, arms dealers and the military of the United States. So that while the homes empty through the front door there is a huge amount of stealing via the back door. And of course the politicians of each lapdog nation are there for the ride with the US. Recently we here in Australia have been visited by Obama and others who with their clarion chorus keep telling us that we are part of the "good fight" the crusade of good over evil.

After the conflict there is a time for further consolidation of power to the elites. All and any embers of democratic spirit or belief are simply extinguished and replaced with ruthless and virulent propaganda directed toward the defeated others or the emerging others who pose a threat to the elites. Carey puts this process very well in relation to the major wars when he says (at p137).." In every case a massive campaign of business propaganda went into action directed at arousing fear of a communist threat and in the process discrediting liberal and democratic critics of business and corporate interests. In every case there was a successful indoctrination of the community--successful in the sense of closing off widespread critical consciousness and by marginalization of liberal and democratic thought."

In this way and by these means returning soldiers were given short, if any, shrift and basically left to their own devices, save for the intervention of some charitable institutions. To that extent the words from a song are also to the point, "you may leave here, for four days in space, but when you return, it's the same old place." Back to the same domination of the home society by the elites and a future of more needless death and destruction. It is just a waiting game.

The people wait while the elite work out more efficient ways to steal from them and more efficient ways to convince them that it is people who must die to preserve what little they have, leaving out the galloping greed and avarice of the elites and their managers who treat money as if it were a god. As Carey also notes there was and still is a growth of propaganda sponsored by industry that has become an industry in itself. Those in that industry even speak a somewhat different language and deal in overwhelmingly nebulous concepts to the point that what they preach whil it may be to them effective is simply illiterate nonsense.

Perhaps as a few last words on the topic are in order from Chomsky. He was of the view that.."

  • If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.
  • On May 27, the New York Times published one of the most incredible sentences I’ve ever seen. They ran an article about the Nixon-Kissinger interchanges. Kissinger fought very hard through the courts to try to prevent it, but the courts permitted it. You read through it, and you see the following statement embedded in it. Nixon at one point informs Kissinger, his right-hand Eichmann, that he wanted bombing of Cambodia. And Kissinger loyally transmits the order to the Pentagon to carry out "a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia. Anything that flies on anything that moves." That is the most explicit call for what we call genocide when other people do it that I’ve ever seen in the historical record. Right at this moment there is a prosecution of Milošević going on in the international tribunal, and the prosecutors are kind of hampered because they can’t find direct orders, or a direct connection even, linking Miloševićto any atrocities on the ground. Suppose they found a statement like this. Suppose a document came out from Milošević saying, "Reduce Kosovo to rubble. Anything that flies on anything that moves." They would be overjoyed. The trial would be over. He would be sent away for multiple life sentences - if it was a U.S. trial, immediately the electric chair.


George Ikners





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