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War Criminals to Meet in Chicago, But Somehow Protest Will be the Danger?

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 09 May 2012

The NATO International Security Force, which we all know is actually led by the U.S. military, killed a woman and her 5 children in an airstrike in southwestern Afghanistan Sunday, and then yesterday expressed “regret” for what they call their “mistake.”

Military tribunals, the crowning achievement of a US system of indefinite detention and torture aided by all the NATO countries, and which defense attorneys assert are rigged by the U.S. to assure the execution of 5 men in Guantánamo, have begun, in the process of continuing the unending U.S. war on terror (Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald May 7:  9/11 defense attorneys call Guantánamo detention, trial rules ‘unjust’).

The U.S. drone strikes, halted briefly because of protest from the government of Pakistan (presumably a sovereign country) began again last week, killing 4 people in a school.  Of course these victims were called insurgents; everyone killed by U.S. drones is a militant, by definition.  NATO is now a major purchaser of U.S. drones, and has a vast role in aiding the covert U.S. strikes.

The most heavily armed empire in world history occupies and has destroyed whole countries, has a system of indefinite detention and torture in place, and is expanding secret military operations across the region.

But the biggest danger to peace is some hundreds or thousands of people protesting the Chicago meeting of the NATO military alliance next week? The people decrying the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are the ones to fear and lock up, while the war-makers and torturers are given even more power to war critics into criminals?

Despite the measures Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former White House enforcer, wanted in place against protest, a well-publicized battle was successful in getting a permit for the march on Sunday May 20 at Grant Park, and  likewise for a permitted march on Friday May 18 by National Nurses United and other unions.  The conferences, concerts, and community activities, next week are planned to politically challenge the whole direction of US/NATO policy, and teach their history of war crimes, reaching the general public.

No matter how they parse the words of the First Amendment, what the federal authorities (who are the ones running the show in Chicago) are doing is criminalizing protest in advance.  As they did at the RNC in St. Paul in 2008; at the G-20 in Pittsburgh in 2009; in response to the Occupy movement, they are putting measures in place that will sweep up people who are assembling and speaking based on the content of our protest message.  The message to the general public is that protest should be feared, not a system that perpetrates war crimes and mass denial of civil liberties.

We are stating clearly and publicly, in advance: It’s right to protest the crimes being carried out in our name, in public space, near the NATO meeting. We protesters are not the endangering the people; the danger to humanity is a system which uses police-state measures to back up war crimes.

Occupy Bridge Arrests

Last fall, hundreds of Occupy protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

The following measures are in place, or have been proposed:  evacuating the city because of “unrest;” closing airspace over the city; deploying the National Guard to quell protests; sending those arrested to a closed prison in Joliet; heavily armed federal teams sweeping through the central city; closing down the public transport system in the city:

* Sending arrested protesters to an old prison in Joliet.

The idea was then ditched, as the place is falling apart (To Joliet jail for NATO offenders? Sun-Times, Apr 28, 2012).

* The National Guard is deployed to Chicago for NATO Summit:

“Another contingent of guard troops will conduct a large-scale domestic response drill outside Cook County during the summit weekend, ready to provide support in the event of any problems in Chicago, said Maj. Troy Scott, deputy director of domestic operations for the Illinois National Guard.”

Video of military helicopters flying over the Loop.

* Milwaukee Red Cross to Prep for Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit:

“CBS News has obtained a copy of a Red Cross e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area. It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

According to a chapter spokesperson, the evacuation plan is not theirs alone. “Our direction has come from the City of Chicago and the Secret Service,” she said (accompanied by picture of demonstrators amidst flames, who knows where…).

* Vague Speculation about “Unrest” Concerns about NATO Summit Violence Leave Chicago Guessing CBS News reported on April 29:

“There also are reports that a heavily armed security team will start making a very public appearance around federal buildings in the Loop this week. Officials with the Chicago NATO host committee were completely in the dark. They had no reports of any such plans. A source told CBS 2 that security forces in full battle gear would not be seen this week.”

* Chicago airspace to be closed down:

“The FAA says private planes may be shot down if they fly within ten nautical miles of downtown Chicago during the summit. The only planes allowed will be commercial passenger and cargo carriers, and police and military aircraft.”

* Surgical strikes against anyone in protests who “crosses the line” beyond First Amendment activity… as defined by the Secret Service?

“Police will embrace “First Amendment activity,” she told the building managers, and will surgically deal with those who cross the line into vandalism. She was asked how many demonstrators could arrive in Chicago who aren’t now part of a permitted group.

“If I had that crystal ball, I’d be solid,” she said.

Many building managers said that overall they were relatively satisfied with the level of information they are getting and are willing to trust the police and federal authorities to keep things under control.

“I understand they haven’t got everything figured out yet,” said Wes Stoginski, assistant engineer at a building on 13th Street near the Illinois Central rail line. But Stoginski also said he knows where the variables are.

“You can’t legislate against lunatics,” he said.”

(This is the only somewhat oblique reference I could find to the CPD extraction technique of arresting the people they see as leaders, which they did at the mass March 20, 2003 arrests. The civil suit by NLG based on those arrests was just settled for $6.2 million to demonstrators. In the pre-trial discovery, that technique was documented.)

* Federal Patrols Set for Loop:

“In a memo titled Operation Red Zone, the protective service said the increased security will be extended throughout the South Loop area often referred to as the federal complex. It includes the Kluczynski Federal Building, the U.S. Dirksen Courthouse and the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Several buildings just east on State Street are also in the so-called red zone.

“The memo notes there have been no specific or credible threats at federal facilities ‘related to terrorism by international terrorist organizations’ but that the area around the complex will be ‘directly and indirectly’ affected by protests in the days before and after the summit.

By Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait



Having just finished reading Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds account with Amerikan Fascism, a window into the generic and cumulative corruption, class degeneration of Amerika' political class, first in the fascist FBI, then the Fascist Justice Department, also State Department, then within the Pentagon, and its military lobbies, finally to criminal class politicians, I find myself and my social theory against class hierarchies, linked to Patriarchal despotic mechanism in every nook and cranny of Sibels account with Western Fascism. In fact,  the Fascist Nato and Israeli Zionist connections are at the heart of Sibel Edmond's account of her nightmare with the Fascist Security State, its FBI Nazis, its corrupt Fascist Judicial Judges, who Glenn Greenwald has exposed as corrupt criminal agents, making a mockery of justice, where class laws, already corrupted by selective enforcement, degenerate into TOTALITARIAN, FASCIST THUGS, who sweep away the rule of laws, for FASCIST POLICE POWER

Sibel would understand this analysis, since it reflects her experiences in her book:


Sibel's account with every level of class power and its institutions boils down to a collective, FASCIST CONSPIRACY, with the the help and silence of the cheerleading fascist, corporate media to hide the despotism, totalitarianism, that has gripped western nations, with its fascist austerity, fascist capitalism, police NAZIS, and reprehensible corrupt class politicians in both class parties, democrats, republicans, liberals or conservatives, only in Name, where all class parties, in the world have embraced this global fascism.  Even the so called socialists, whether in Greece or France are seen as ENABLERS, COLLABORATORS, CLASS COMPROMISERS TOWARDS NATO FASCISM, fascist U.S. Empire, and Fascist Zionism in Israel.   Throughout Sibel's story as a whistleblower, what is being covered up by the corrupt, fascist FBI is not just simple corruption, but became a full blown instiutional cover up at the State department, Pentagon, where Judges, in both the Bush and Obama administration use the FASCIST LAWS, states secret privileged act, and Patriot(Fascist laws) to shut down investigations THAT SHOW CONGRESSMEN colluding in espionage, bribery and corruption, particularly CHRISTIAN FASCIST, NEOCONS AND ZIONIST JEWS, who have connections TO TURKISH, ISRAELI OPERATIVES, and should have gone to jail, imprisoned.

INSTEAD, many whistleblowers were smeared, lost their jobs, because WESTERN POLITICAL CLASSES AND FAILED CLASS STATES HAVE DEGENERATED, like previous class empires, class tyrants, into TYRANNY, DESPOTSM, today's GLOBAL FASCISM.   The corrupt FBI shilled for political thugs, class politicans, including its corrupt State Department , racked with Zionist Fascists, and Fascists , War criminals, that include Obama and Bush officials ALL DEGENERATING INTO NAZIS, FASCISTS, to protect Dennis Hastet, Dan Burton, Roy Blunt, Bob Livingston, Stephen Solarz and Tom Lantos, both notorious Zionists, for fascist Israel.    Top right wing Zionists Jews, fascists, helped the fascist Republicans protect DOUGLAS FEITH, PAUL WOLFOWITZ, AND MARC GROSSMAN who established special high level spy units, within all agencies to serve TURKISH, ISRAELI THUGS. THIS FASCIST DISEASE HAS SPREAD INTO NATO, who participated in torture, in rendition, in lies, in WAR CRIMES, in PERMANENT STATE TERRORISM, PERMANENT WAR, THAT HAS BECOME  GLOBAL WAR OF FASCISM AROUND THE WORLD.



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