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War Criminals Appearances/Protests - September 2012

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 04 September 2012

Check out whether U.S. war criminals are speaking and promoting themselves in your area this September.  Let us know how we may help with any demonstrations you might be organizing.Take a look at our website visual materials for your flyers. Send us photos and a story that we may put up on our Facebook page.


George Bush  9/11-12/12 - Beverly Hills CA,  9/26/12 - Grapevine TX

Colin Powell
9/20/12 - San Francisco CA
9/21/12 - Washington DC
9/29/12 - Alexandria VA

Condoleezza Rice
9/5/12 - Bozeman MT

Karl Rove
9/10/12 - San Rafael CA
9/11/12 - Oakland CA - PrGotest

9/12/12 - San Mateo CA
9/13/12 - San Rafael CA
9/17/12 - Buffalo NY
9/18/12 - Columbus OH
9/19/12 - Lansing MI
9/24/12 - Hershey PA

Donald Rumsfeld
9/5/12 - Washington DC

John Yoo
9/21/12 - Santa Barbara CA



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