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War In Afghanistan for at Least 12 More Years

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 04 May 2012

Tuesday's highly secretive, midnight meeting between US President Obama and Afghan President Karzai was spun by the administration as somehow being about the end of US occupation of Afghanistan. The furtive, hurried, vague agreement signed by a deeply unpopular puppet government isolated inside multi-billion dollar US protection makes both sides look only more desperate for legitimacy.

We've recounted since 2009 the story of the NATO/US "surge" of troops and cash which Obama threw at the people of Afghanistan, leading to a surge in civilian deaths, further assaults on women's rights, more night raids and anger among the people at the occupiers. This agreement extends all that until 2024!

Tuesday night's ridiculous propaganda at Bagram Airbase (where thousands of unnamed prisoners with no rights are being tortured in the US prison there) does not remotely reflect the reality reported by the US government itself in recent years, namely that al Queda hasn't been a factor in Afghanistan in years, that almost everyone there wants the US gone immediately, and that the U.S. military situation is, if anything,
worse than it was in 2001.

David Swanson
responded to the announcement quickly:

Obama is full of praise for U.S. troops, as if they've benefitted Afghanistan.  And he's full of concern for the suffering of U.S. troops and U.S. citizens.  When he mentions Afghans, at best he equates their suffering under U.S. bombs, drones, night raids, and prison cells, to the suffering of Americans scared by their television sets and forced to over-eat to relieve their stress.  "Neither Americans nor the Afghan people asked for this war," Obama said, forgetting that one of those two countries had invaded the other one and occupied it for over a decade.  "The reason America is safe is because of you," Obama told U.S. troops, forgetting that the war has made our nation more hated around the world.

This agreement is inexcusable.  It's also vague and preliminary.  A more detailed treaty will be worked out on May 20th when NATO meets in Chicago.  We need to
be there en masse in protest.

Yes! Help make the biggest, most visible showing against the Afghanistan war at the NATO meeting -- where the US and Karzai will try to further sell the agreement.

by Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait

Obama is full of praise for U.S. troops, as if they've benefitted Afghanistan.


Or, we could say, "as if they've benefitted Afghanistan, themselves, the USA, or anyone else"; "as if", in reference, say, to fantasies.


"The reason America is safe is because of you," Obama told U.S. troops, forgetting that the war has made our nation more hated around the world.


And also forgetting that the Taliban never attacked the USA, had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, and that GW Bush and Dick Cheney, when each questioned about Usama bin Laden in relation to the 9/11 attacks, eventually said that they had never claimed to have actual proof that UBL, aka OBL, was at all really responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  I don't know when the two interviews took place, but came across the videos maybe two months ago and we clearly hear the question as well as the answers.  I'm not sure which video it was with Bush, but the following is the one with Cheney.


"Dick Cheney Admits Osama Bin Laden Was Not Directly Involved In 9/11" (1 min.)
Uploaded by wearechangenj 11 May 2011


Obama also forgets that GW Bush was once asked about going after UBL, instead of not pursuing this "hunt" in a dedicated manner, and Bush replied by saying that he didn't care about UBL or where he was located.

Obama forgets a lot, and I have doubts about it being real forgetfulness.  He also "forgets" that while the White House claimed to have finally tracked down and killed UBL, after which they expediently disappeared the body into an ocean without providing the rest of the world with any real proof that this was UBL, well, we don't have this proof; and plenty of people began reporting as early as 2002 that UBL was dead.  One person who said this in 2002 argued that UBL couldn't have lived beyond 2001 due to needing dialysis treatment and surely not being able to get this once the US and NATO launched the war on Afghanistan.  Other people argued that he would have died by or in 2003; others said 2005.  None said later or more recently than this.  And we don't have any real proof that he lived beyond 2001; and definitely no proof that independent parties can verify.


We're supposed to believe Washington with our eyes and minds closed, so as if we're puppets that're easily manipulable.  Instead, Washington must be diligently drilled about everything or nearly everything it says.  There're things it doesn't need to be questioned about, for they're things that're obvious.  But, it might possibly better to add those questions, as well; to emphasize to Washington that it's being scrutinized very carefully in "full spectrum" manner.

This extension of US forces and surely also NATO forces in Afghanistan until 2024 is very bad news, even if it was expectable.  People wrote several years and more years ago that the US would expectably be in Afghanistan for the next 20 and 30 years.  Some US generals also spoke of of this, and if recalling correctly, then one or two high US military brass spoke of the whole century or 100 years, something like that.


Given what the war is really about, what the real purpose is and has been long known to be, though not by everyone, we had to expect a very long period of US forces in that country, for the war quickly became obvious in terms of not truly being about Usama bin Laden, or even the 9/11 attacks.  It's about natural resources, like oil and, now, possibly also natural gas, but very evidently also is for geostrategic, geopolitical build-up or expansion of power for Washington and its masters.


Former USMC Major General Smedley Butler wrote, "War is a Racket".  Over his 33-year career in the USMC, every time he served in US military actions abroad it was always for the Wall Street et al "boys"; their racket.


David Swanson has written, "War is a Lie".


I think the two books surely complement each other quite well.  After all, to commit wars for racket, Washington strategically must lie in order to fool the American population into providing their support.  And there'll of course be many lies.  And the "great" news media does its part in this, to deceive the general public.  And the US Constitution "is just a piece of paper", as GW Bush stated in early 2003 when he was speaking to a group of White House-invited journalists about making war on Iraq and one journalist asked a question like, "But what about the Constitution?".  It isn't only Bush who thinks the Constitution "is just a piece of paper"; clearly not only him.


Obama certainly knows  the  Constitution and, like Bush et al, thinks "it's just a piece of paper" that Washington can use and (mostly) ignore how ever Washington and its masters decide.  He graduated with a degree in law and taught Constitutional law, so he has to know it.  Or maybe he was a very lousy teacher who pretended being able to teach a subject he barely knew about.


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