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Video of Hahn and Bowen's Hilarious Excuses for Not Opposing War

UPDATE: Shorter video:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The stunning part of the following video is how Hahn and Bowen weasel out of signing a commitment to vote against more war funding for wars opposed by 2/3 of Americans. Hahn's argument is that when Congress cut off funding for Vietnam, the Pentagon found a way around that. So, not only will she not commit to voting No on more war funding, but there will be no point in her voting No when the time comes. The Pentagon funds itself, with no role for Congress to play. And yet she wants to be elected to Congress. Bowen, on the other hand, says she's 99.9% sure she wants to vote No on war money, but she "doesn't know what she doesn't know" -- although I guess we know she's been studying a little too much Donald Rumsfeld. Um, Debra, the Afghanistan War is the longest one we've had. How long does it take you to form an opinion? What a remarkable pair of weasels! --David Swanson

Winograd only major Democratic Party candidate to sign veteran peace pledge before packed Venice, CA forum
Winograd calls Hahn's alleged 'peace' plan a 'war' plan

VENICE, Ca. – Congressional candidate Marcy Winograd (CA-36) – at a packed CD-36 candidates' forum in Venice Monday night – emerged as the only leading Democratic Party candidate to pledge to vote against future Iraq and Afghanistan war funding. She received a rousing applause from the hundreds attending the forum.

Both Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen, two other Democratic Party candidates, refused to sign a pledge that would defund the wars.

Watch this video of Winograd signing and Hahn and Bowen refusing to sign to end war funding.

Prior to the forum, which featured 15 of the 16 candidates on the May 17 ballot, Winograd signed her name to the Veterans For Peace-LA declaration, which read:

“We, the under signed congressional candidates (CA 36), sign this declaration vowing to vote

against Iraq and Afghanistan supplemental war funding, except for funding to bring our troops home safely ... To fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and occupations is to continue to endanger our troops."

“That’s not peace. That’s war," said Winograd of Hahn's mailer, “Green Jobs and Peace,” which outlined a plan for keeping over 100,000 troops in Iraq until 2015.”

Winograd’s "Jobs, With Peace" platform calls for substantial reductions in the military budget to reinvest in education, health care, and infrastructure repair.

“Hahn’s plan is a war on working Americans because it robs them of their taxes better spent on our health clinics, schools, and ports," said Winograd.




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