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Video: Greg Muttitt on the Untold Story of the War on Iraq for Oil

By davidswanson - Posted on 25 July 2012

Greg Muttitt Speaks About His Book "Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq"
Charlottesville, VA
July 24, 2012
Random Row Books


It was the ancient Greek social theorist who introduced motion into formal categories.  It was called dialectics and the Social Enlightenment thinkers, specifically, Hegel and Marx improved on the concept thereafter.   The Greek social thinkers offered two elements which all social theorists still use today.   They looked for common denominators, social links, to formal categories when explaining their civil societies.  Their first major improvement in understanding reality was to note that their civil societies were all crippled, class deformed outcomes, hence their terminologies:  oligarchy, plutocracy, (class) "tyrants", and (class ) empires.  The second major improvement in social theory was to note that degenerating class cycles occurred when splicing partial social elements into class systems, in their time the Patriarchy.   Grafting democracy into class systems did not reclaim social control over civil society, reclaim the social historical mechanism and the Social Matriarchy that once existed before class history began the enslavement of Humanity, instead, produced another class form, another class outcome, added to oligarchy, plutocracy and class tyrants, namely the crippled class republics, class democracies.

The relationship between these formal class categories to motion was the realization that Plato's Republic, peoples state, experiments in democracy was only partial because all class democracies degenerated even further through deforming class cycles into generic class corruption and finally the creeping totalitarianism, with Wars and Empires producing endless militarism. Unlike today's class ideologues, perverting social theory, the connection between crippled class republics/democracies to imploding or defeated class Empires was seen as an organic, dialectical, yet degenerative class process.   Unlike today's ideological thugs who petrify formal categories, like class democracies, they degenerate even more by refusing  to recognize the linked, degenerating class cycles morphing into totalitarian, class and Empire policies.   Hiding these degenerative class cycles is a diabolical attempt to pretend, manipulate and disconnect the totalitarian process of Late Capitalism  to the first axis of Fascism and World War II, which started its proto fascist process  from class democracies and the class system of Capitalism. This ideological, social decay of past social theory is itself a reflection and degeneration, replay of class deformed cycles and class history, when Amerika put the Fascist Capitalist class system back on its feet, replaying,  kick starting the degenerating Weimar, proto fascist process after World War II. :


America's Descent Into Darkness

Slouching Towards Nuremberg?


"Strange things are happening in the United States these days, and every day seems to bring additional scary news.  The similarity to the erosion of civil liberties in Germany during the 1930s is a bit too close for comfort. Many will regard this statement as hyperbole, and, to some extent, it is. But let’s take a close look at what is going on before we dismiss the comparison out of hand.

In terms of the historical record for Germany, legal discrimination against Jews certainly existed before the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, and grew steadily over time. There was always a feeling in the Jewish community—most of whom regarded themselves as Germans, after all—that “OK, that’s the worst of it.” Hence, the decision to stay. Then came the next set of restrictions, and again the response: “This is as far as it will go.” It was like the classic experiment of turning up the heat on frogs placed in warm water. Gradually, they get boiled to death, because the increase of heat is incremental.  It was only toward the end of the thirties that the choice began to look like: jump or die. Finally, it became simply, die....


By way of comparison, one thing that makes me particularly nervous is what has been called the “conspiracy of silence.” Almost nobody spoke up in Germany as this process was unfolding, and the American public has been similarly silent about the events documented below. Indeed, I would venture to say that 98% of the American public (maybe more) is unaware of events such as these, or of the passage of repressive legislation, and that they wouldn’t care even if they did know about it. (“Hey, I ain’t no Ay-rab!”) The classic quote that has come down to us is from Martin Niemoeller, a German pastor and theologian who wound up in the Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps (he was liberated by the Allies in 1945). It goes something like this:

“First they came for the communists, but I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, but I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, but I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me, but by that time there was no one left to speak out.”

It is no accident that Chris Hedges entitled a recent article “First They Come for the Muslims” (see below, Item IV).  God forbid something like that might happen in the U.S., but the signs of a gradual slide towards Nuremberg, and concomitant citizen apathy, are very much present in the current political milieu. Let’s have a look at what has been going on in the decade since 9/11. I’m going to discuss the following topics:

I. The creation of a political climate in which the police are out of control, arbitrarily free to intimidate anyone for virtually anything

II. The persecution of whistleblowers, protesters, and dissenters

III. The dramatic expansion of the surveillance of American citizens on the part of the National Security Agency (NSA)

IV. The corruption of the judicial system by means of show trials of Muslim activists

V. The construction of political detention centers, also known as Communication Management Units (CMU’s)

VI. The shredding of the Bill of Rights by means of the National Defense Authorization Act

VII. Future scenarios: The “disappearing” of intellectual critics of the U.S. government?..."


The Social Enlightenment used formal categories and dialectical motion with a new improved approach to change and dialectics under Hegel and Marx, with the purpose to reclaim social power, reclaim the social historical mechanism, to end not just Feudal class tyranny, but all class tyranny.  They improved the social theories of the ancient Greeks by establishing an independent social agency for creating the NATURAL LAW of social power, social balance which inherently was universal and indivisible, namely the full development of middle classes, that would dissolve all partial, subordinated, deformed middle classes crippled within their class hierarchies.    However, the Social Enlightenment was co opted, corrupted, because it failed to establish an international, independent, social mechanism reproducing, instead, a new class system within the industrial revolution.  The revolutionary liberals, essentially socialist-libertarians explains why revolutionary liberals, libertarians and socialists all started from the same social, natural law and reasoning.  Embracing a new class system meant that class Liberals would reject their revolutionary social patriotism, for class nationalism, which produced the class ideology of Conservatism and small L, liberalism.   Having failed to end, to dissolve, the class hierarchies linked to the Patriarchal class mechanism, 

ALL RELATIVE class ideologies, automatically, conserved class centers, always center right positions, that  reject social centers for false social, class positions.    These class centers, false centrisms would degenerate over time through endless class compromises until the degeneration has morphed, shifted Congress into a fascist instiutition, with fascist democrats and republicans promoting Fascist Capitalism, Fascist Emire.  The common ideological denominator of all class parties around the world is their deformed starting point, class centers, which over time morph into totalitarianism, Empire and today's Global Fascism.  European Enlightenment intellectuals, like Beethoven knew that the Enlightenment was lost, unlike the class Liberals thereafter, when Napoleon became the first class tyrant under early industrial, colonial Capitalism.  He fumed against Napoleon and said:

" So he is no more than a common mortal. Now too, he will tread underfoot all the rights of man, indulge only in ambitions, now he will think himself superior to all men, become a tyrant."



Did the NYPD Break International Law in Suppressing Protest?

A new report just out documents how the NYPD used excessive force, arrested reporters, and concludes that police broke international law in their handling of Occupy.






Protester arrested by NYPD. Via @NYCRevMedia on Twitter.

Photo Credit: @nycrevmedia on Twitter


"A report by a group of civil and human rights attorneys released Wednesday morning paints the clearest picture yet of the New York City police department’s aggressive tactics and over-policing, all of which resulted in the systemic suppression of the basic rights of Occupy protesters.

The report, which chronicles events from late September 2011 up to July of 2012, extensively documents numerous ways in which the NYPD acted with excessive force, attempted to intimidate and harass members of the press, expelled activists from public space due to the content of their speech, and ultimately concludes that authorities broke international law in their handling of Occupy Wall Street.

The executive summary states, in plain language:

“The abusive practices documented in this report violate international law and suppress and chill protest rights, not only by undermining individual liberty, but also by causing both minor and serious physical injuries, inhibiting collective debate and the capacity to effectively press for social and economic change, and making people afraid to attend otherwise peaceful assemblies.”....."


Class systems cannot reproduce social control over civil society, hence any vote for class parties is a THROW AWAY VOTE, WASTED VOTE, because social demands, social reforms are not independent, indivisible, hence always degenerating, either dismantled by the DEMOCRATIC free market whores under Clinto and Reagan, who have become today's BI PARTISAN FASCISTS.  Class systems with class hierarchies and their class whores/thugs, represent parasitical, rigged class systems, Zero Sum power for social classes, and not the SOCIAL, OPTIMAL outcome which produces, MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS, namely independent, indivisible, universal , global social classes, that becomes automatic, by reclaiming the social historical mechanism, thereby making social control possible within civil society, over wealth, labor and human rights, unlike CLASS SYSTEMS which use False Social rhetoric, class deformed language, class myths, both religious and secular, and false claims to social principles.  ONLY SOCIAL SYSTEMS CAN PRODUCE SOCIAL JUSTICE, SOCIAL LAWS, and all attempts by class ideologues to falsely claim that social outcomes come from Class systems are like saying Elephants birth kittens.  The world needs to reject ALL CLASS POLITICIANS, ALL CLASS PARTIES, and take on the fascist austerity, Fascist Capitalism and Fascist, totalitarian Empire, military alliance of Western Fascism.   Western Enlightenment failed, creating the same failed class states degenerating into militarism, totalitarianism, as in the milleniums of class history, ancient Greece,  and has now become GLOBAL FASCISM:

Famed Spanish Lawyer Baltasar Garzón to Lead Assange Legal Team

Garzon expresses grave concern for actions being taken against Wikileaks founder



"Wikileaks went on to say that despite been imprisoned, fiscally blockaded, and placed under house arrest for over 650 days, Mr. Assange has not been charged with an offense in any country.

Garzón, the statement added, will strive to "show how the secret US processes against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have compromised and contaminated other legal processes, including the extradition process against Mr. Assange."

Assange, who has been in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for over a month, enraged Washington and other world leaders in 2010 when his website published secret US diplomatic cables that exposed the inner thinking of some of the world's most corrupt governments. Previously, Wikileaks had released a trove of US military files, including video footage of US soldiers gunning down innocent civilians in Iraq, among them a Reuters photographer and others who rushed to the scene to help the wounded.

Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden in cases of sexual assault. He denies any wrongdoing, but contends that Sweden has not provided any assurances that if he submits to questioning he would not subsequently be re-extradited to the United States to stand trial for dubious "espionage" charges.

Garzón, according to Wikileaks, has expressed serious concerns regarding the lack of safeguards and transparency whith which actions are being taken against Julian Assange, and the harassment he is being subjected to which has irreparable effects on his physical and mental wellbeing.

"The threats against his person are further aggravated by the complicit behaviour of the Swedish and U.K. governments, who are wrongfully abrogating his rights," the group said..."




The Value of Tom Friedman and America's Imperial Decline

His status among American elites is the single most potent fact for understanding the nation's imperial decline

In The New York Times today, Tom Friedman argues that the only thing that could save Syria is if that country is lucky enough to have the U.S. do to it what the U.S. did to Iraq, and in the process, says this:Journalist Thomas Friedman moderates a plenary session on strengthening market-based solutions during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York (Credit: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

And, for me, the lesson of Iraq is quite simple: You can’t go from Saddam to Switzerland without getting stuck in Hobbes — a war of all against all — unless you have a well-armed external midwife, whom everyone on the ground both fears and trusts to manage the transition. In Iraq, that was America. 

Just on the level of basic cogency, this makes absolutely no sense. Friedman says that a country will be “stuck in Hobbes — a war of all against all — unless” it has America there. But Iraq did have America there, and — as Friedman himself points out just a few paragraphs later — it got “stuck in Hobbes,” precisely because America was there (“Because of both U.S. incompetence and the nature of Iraq, this U.S. intervention triggered a civil war in which all the parties in Iraq — Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds — tested the new balance of power, inflicting enormous casualties on each other and leading, tragically, to ethnic cleansing that rearranged the country into more homogeneous blocks of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds”). He literally negates his own principal claim —  a country that overthrows its dictator can only avoid Hobbes if it has a U.S.-like force occupying and controlling it — in the very same column in which he advances it.

But incoherence is the least notable aspect of this column. Did you know that “everyone on the ground” in Iraq “trusted” America to manage the transition from Saddam to Switzerland? This would probably came as a great surprise to the actual Iraqis on the ground, as reflected by U.S. government and independent polls in 2006, as reported by The Washington Post:

A strong majority of Iraqis want U.S.-led military forces to immediately withdraw from the country, saying their swift departure would make Iraq more secure and decrease sectarian violence, according to new polls by the State Department and independent researchers....."



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