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Video: David Swanson and Carne Ross on GRIT tv

By davidswanson - Posted on 05 January 2011

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Re. the April Glaspie diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks:

I already posted the following about this topic in another page here, a page spefically about this cable, but will just copy and paste to make this quicker. It's not for spamming; only wanting to do this in a quicker way at this hour and needing a few hours of sleep fairly soon before hitting the sack to get up for work later this morning.

What the following article, below, tells about James Baker's related role is that the GHW Bush administration quite deliberately caused Saddam Hussein to use his army to invade Kuwait. It's clear enough that the US Administration deliberately acted to provoke or even force, coerce the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and this was by using somewhat subtle, disguisable anyway, but also strong means. The US acted to provoke Iraq to invade Kuwait in order to have "justification" for launching the in-place, prepared and more powerful US military machine against Iraq.

"America's "Justice" in Occupied Iraq: Why Tariq Aziz Should Be Released"

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, Sept. 16, 2010

Re. Tariq Aziz:

A "good" reason to silence Tariq, aka Tareq, Aziz is because of what he personally knows of the US having really coerced Iraq into invading Kuwait, but the article also specifically describes what James Baker did and said, and readers will appreciate this information.

Tariq/Tareq Aziz was put on death row this past year, which caused plenty of alarm articles to appear at a [few] Web sites, extremely few in the US. But I haven't seen any updates since, so I don't know whether he's been executed or not by the criminal regime in Baghdad. Up to that point, he had been disallowed visits from family and I believe also lawyers, and this might've been decided based on him having served as an official in Saddam Hussein's government, but possibly to keep any sensitive information he hadn't yet revealed secret, also?

He was not a war criminal and never was responsible for crimes against anyone. According to the above article, which is by a very good author, he had and has (if still alive) real conscience, as well as Iraqi loyalty, and he didn't always agree with Saddam Hussein, but was a subordinate and not above President. He was a Foreign Minister; not President, PM, Defense/War Minister, General, et cetera. He evidently did the best that he could in the position that he held, and did much better than [most] US politicians and Secretaries have done and do, today.

If the US was to support putting him to death, then the US would need to execute most members of the Congress and Senate, as well as executive branch's top officials, plenty of DoJ officials, aka "justices", military commanders, and so on. But US elites love double standards.

Re. the GRIT TV Q&A with Carne Ross about the April Glaspie cable:

I appreciate what the whole in this part of the interview with him says and the above article by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach describes the or some of the good position that the Iraqi government had taken; its words.

He's definitely right, but had me starting to laugh a little a few times, for some of what he says describes a reality that should be fiction, like only found in a cartoon animation, f.e. The problem is that it's not about fiction.

And I knew that the Taliban/Taleban had offered to hand over Osama bin Laden either two or three times following 9/11 and before afternoon on Oct. 7, 2001, as long as sufficient preliminary proof that he was responsible for the 9/11 attacks was provided, which the Bush Jr administration completely and roguishly, double-standardly, et cetera, rejected to comply with when any true law-abiding and ethical/moral party would have complied. Some writers referred to these offers as having been given two times, but one article I read said three times.

But, I had not known that they had also offered to hand him over before 9/11; until hearing David Swanson say this in the GRIT TV interview. It's complete news to me. And what's the source of that information? Where was it found that they offered to hand him over pre-9/11? When did it happen; during the Bush Jr administration, or Clinton's? And was it because of Clinton's war on Al Qaeda?

Those are rhetorical questions; not expecting a reply. If one is provided, then great, but the questions are only to express thought. "War is a Lie" probably provides the answers.

Anyway, the two interviews are good and interesting.


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