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Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber:

By jimstaro - Posted on 18 October 2010

Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy

18 October 2010 - Nonprofits, now emboldened to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on with no disclosure this election cycle, are beginning to face complaints at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). While most of these complaints have come from campaign finance reform groups, a veterans organization is jumping into the fray.

On Monday, the Veterans' Alliance for Security and Democracy (VetPAC) filed an FEC complaint against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the FEC, alleging that the organization's potential use of foreign funds for political purposes represents a "clear and present danger to our democracy." From the letter to the FEC, obtained by The Huffington Post:

We understand that organizations may have "a reasonable accounting method" to separate funds into their general operations budget. However, the prohibition on foreign nationals indirectly contributing to U.S. elections should require additional scrutiny in the case of organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where even segregated funds within their general operating budget could be said to indirectly finance their campaign work, given the volume of such activity as a percentage of their overall expenditures. [...] {read rest}

Foreigners financially contributing to elections in other countries bothers me, say. There are possibly exceptions, such as for financially helping oppressed and repressed people to be able to organize, pay for facilities for holding meetings for voters and leaders of the organization(s), f.e. Yet, even then it's possibly not good to assist by providing financial contributions, because of complications that would arise. Malevolant foreigners supporting rotten candidates in another country would argue that they have an equal right to financial contribute, if other foreigners are allowed to financially contribute. So financial contributions from foreign sources is better if prohibited; unless I'm overlooking a consideration or two that would permit ethical foreign financial contributions.

Other ways of assisting in definitely ethical ways must surely exist, and one might be by trying to ensure that [all] foreign financial contributions are completely prohibited in order for an oppressed population to be able to hold free elections on their own. And international enforcement of fair and free elections can surely be provided in ethical terms; if only UN peacekeeping forces really were PK forces, which really is not how they are used. Anyway, this would only be to prevent a tyranical, oppressive regime that's in place from being able to prevent free and fair elections. But that sort of good contribution doesn't really exist in this world ruled by imperialist and economic elites who don't care whatsoever for the "little" people.

In any case, Americans don't need any help from foreigners for elections in the U.S., and I don't know of any country that does need foreign financial help for holding free and fair elections. Rwandans, Ugandans, Congolese people, and others, would need foreign help to be able to hold fair and free elections, but only because of the brutal dictatorship(s) the U.S., NATO I suppose, and the UN, but especially the U.S., put, kept and plan on keeping in place there. It's hopeless though, for no countries could help in the way or ways that are needed when none dare stand up to the U.S.

Anyway, Americans need no foreign help. Words of encouragement for good American candidates is fine, but no financial contributions from foreigners should be permitted. It's unfortunate, for such contributions for American candidates who are truly vettable or vetted shouldn't be a problem, but it would be because it'd mean that foreigners wanting to financially contribute to electoral campaigns in the U.S. would have to be allowed to contribute for whoever they choose to support; and there are many unvettable, roguish candidates.

Americans don't need any foreign help for elections in the U.S. Americans have enough problems with the elections as it is; foreigners aren't going to help anything and are very likely to be harmful for American citizens.

For me, it's not a matter of ego or national ego, pride; it's just a question principle, holding free, fair, honest elections and correcting the rogue government. It's why I despise it every time Canadians support unvettable American candidates, for not only is that sickening of or for anyone to do, many Canadians have relatives and friends who are U.S. citizens who vote and they probably do talk about American political candidates, as well as Canadian ones. They can influence each other or encourage each other's bad choices. All governments need to be such that all political candidates are truly vettable. Some incompetence can be expected, but only some and occasional, otherwise these candidates really are not vettable even if they're otherwise honest.

It's better to be honest and incompetent than it is to be dishonest and incompetent, but while the former makes for better political candidates than the latter, neither kind makes for a [good] candidate. Better does not mean good and good is clearly what is needed; urgently so. Great is better than good, but I'd accept good and it'd be a far cry better than most of what we've had for political office holders and candidates, so far.

There's a way. Americans just need to wake up in sufficient number(s).


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