Vermont Can Lead The Way image“The Vermont Workers’ Center is doing exactly the kind of grassroots organizing that needs to happen across America. At a time when the middle class is shrinking and poverty is growing and the very wealthy have never had it so good, we need a movement that demands economic justice for millions of working families. The Vermont Workers’ Center is in the forefront of building that movement and I congratulate them for their fine work.”

- U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Dear Friend,

We are seeking individual Endorsers of the Vermont Workers’ Center’s Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign. We hope you can lend your name and public support for our groundbreaking work.

Over the past four years, the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign and our growing grassroots people’s movement has led to Vermont becoming the first state to pass universal healthcare legislation. Act 48 declares that healthcare is a public good and should be grounded in human rights principles.

The importance of this victory cannot be understated. If Vermont can actually implement universal healthcare, they can lead the way for states across the country to do the same. As you are reading this letter, people in Maryland, California, Oregon, New York, and Maine are working together on using strategies from the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign in their states. It is already happening.

What we need now is your support to make sure universal healthcare actually becomes a reality in Vermont!

As we head down the road to implementation of this new system the next year will be critical. Giant healthcare profiteers and other big monied corporate interests have begun an all out fight to derail the effort. “Astroturf” front groups such as Vermonters for Health Care Freedom and Campaign For Vermont have already begun to take their message of fear to the airwaves as they easily buy up Vermont’s small media market. They want to confuse and scare people in Vermont so they back away from actual implementation of this ground-breaking healthcare plan.

We will never be able to outspend these groups in an air war. But, we can out-organize them on the ground! We can overcome their messages of fear with the hope and promise of a transformed healthcare system, based on human rights. A healthcare system that ensures that everyone will have the healthcare they need when they need it. All of us have the same right to healthcare. And we are fighting for that right.

As national insurance companies and lobby groups target Vermont, we need national support!

Our victories in Vermont can be a catalyst for change in the time of the 99% movement and help pave a path in this country away from profiteering and inequity and towards human rights and healthy communities. With your help we will win universal healthcare. And, we will keep winning bold action beyond that to eliminate poverty, reverse the climate crisis and make democracy a reality for everyone.

We want to show massive support from people all over the country! We have a goal of reaching 1,000 endorsers by September 3rd, Labor Day. Your endorsement is critical in this effort. Here are two things you can do:

1) Add your name to our Endorsers list. We will list on our website, present to our legislators, and use to show insurance companies that we are part of a national movement that won’t let them stamp out the spark of health care justice!

2) Make a donation to the Vermont Workers’ Center to ensure we can continue to organize people and make healthcare a reality in Vermont!

We will be following up with you. Thank you, again, for showing the nation that we care about each other!

In Solidarity,

James Haslam signature Peg Franzen signature

James Haslam
Director, Vermont Workers' Center

Peg Franzen
President, Coordinating Committee

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Endorse button I want to be an Endorser of the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign. My name is helping to show the nation that we care about each other and that universal healthcare is here to stay!

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