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US War Crimes in Fallujah

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 02 October 2010

US War Crimes in Fallujah - by Stephen Lendman

Numerous previous articles documented two decades of US war crimes in Iraq, the latest titled, "One of History's Greatest Crimes," accessed through the following link:

On August 31, declaring an "end to the combat mission in Iraq," Obama disgracefully said: "Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United Stated and Iraq, we have met our responsibility," infamously displaying his culpability as a war criminal, matching the worst America ever produced. Daily he proves it in Iraq, Afghanistan, and by reckless global marauding.

During its September Geneva session, the UN Human Rights Council's (HRC) 15th Session issued a report titled, "Testimonies of Crimes Against Humanity in Fallujah: Towards a Fair International Criminal Trial," citing the deteriorating conditions in the city and saying:

"From the (2003) outset and at the start of the indiscriminate and merciless campaign of collective punishment and willful destruction, undertaken by the occupational troops of the United States of America," innocent civilians endured an "inhumane siege and indiscriminate killing" during April and May 2004.

"The genocidal massacres" included "sustained and targeted bombing(s), aimed directly at the homes of defenseless civilians," killing and maiming dozens on the bogus pretext of "pursuing the leaders of the resistance."

A November/December massacre followed, killing, wounding, and maiming thousands more, many others still missing or displaced. At the time, peace proposals submitted to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan "were summarily dismissed and completely ignored" to let mass slaughter proceed.

It was willful, outrageous carnage, innocent civilians targeted in violation of fundamental international laws, ones America always flouts disdainfully.

Examples of Collective Punishment Killing

On April 1, 2003, US forces opened fire on civilians at a bakery.

On April 23, with Baghdad occupied, Fallujah students protested peacefully against their school taken over for a base. In response, US soldiers "fired indiscriminately," killing 13 and wounding 75. Medical workers trying to help were also shot. Among the dead were three children under age 11.

On April 30, US forces fired on a funeral, killing two civilians and wounding 14, including children.

On September 11, US and Blackwater forces "opened fire on the office of the mayor of Fallujah." An Iraqi Fallujah Protection Force (FPF) and two police patrols chased their vehicle until it entered a US camp 3 - 4 km away. They returned later, attacked the FPF, killing eight and wounding two. Ambulance services were also fired at to prevent them from providing aid.

Thereafter, US forces aggressively attacked Iraqi resistance elements, especially in Fallujah. Arbitrary arrests followed, their testimonies revealing acts of "systematic torture (and) humiliation." Assaults, arrests, killings, and abuse continued to target city residents, some accusing the Americans of systematic brutality.

Neighborhoods were attacked, a woman, trying to protect her baby, said a mad dog bit her. Soldiers also stole "money and jewels of families to prove that it's a mercenary army before it's an occupation" one.

On April 4, 2004, the Fallujah US Marine commander told City Council members that military action was coming against "insurgents who presumably killed four contractors," despite negotiations to resolve the matter peacefully. Fallujah residents were told not to leave the city, or if necessary for food or medicine to wave a white flag for US troops.

However, it was decided to besiege the city, prevent food, medicine and other supplies coming in, "thus violating the Geneva Conventions that explicitly prohibit" starving civilians and preventing them from leaving. The worst followed, including random bombing and rocket firing, (including cluster bombs, white phosphorous, and other illegal munitions), killing and wounding thousands and displacing thousands more. Widespread destruction of homes and property also occurred.

In addition, "collective punishment took the form of American snipers targeting any moving body, killing innocent civilians, young and old," including men, women, boys and girls. Moreover, sick and wounded civilians "were prevented from reaching the hospital by cutting off the bridge connecting the city to the general hospital. This is an egregious crime under international humanitarian law."

ICRC doctors and relief experts were prevented from entering the city to provide aid. A November 10 statement said thousands of elderly, women, and children had no food or water for days, besides no access to medical help. To prevent word getting out, US forces kept journalists out of the city during military operations.

Afterwards, the city's football stadium became a burial ground for thousands of dead, and those losing homes were sheltered in schools.

One of many other incidents was as follows: a US F-16 bombed 30 civilians displaying white flags while trying to escape. The pilot was ordered to kill them.

Between the two Fallujah battles, US forces kept bombing residential and industrial areas with 500 kg and cluster bombs. Negotiations to halt hostilities failed. Pentagon forces spurned peace, chose mass slaughter and destruction instead, innocent civilians their targets.

Thousands of others were arrested, kept in "cages," some "forced to clean up the city to wipe out any evidence of the American crimes." Hundreds of those arrested went to Abu Ghraib and Basra's Boukah Prison. Many died there from torture and ill treatment.

Witnesses "confirmed the wholesale killing of unarmed civilians inside their houses and in mosques. Some were shot after being handcuffed. Others (were) blown up inside their own homes."

Many children saw their parents shot. Adults also witnessed their spouses and children killed. Both Iraqi National Guards and US Marines participated in looting homes and stores. Thousands of others were destroyed. A government committee found 26,000 houses damaged, another 3,000 completely demolished, including 70 mosques, 50 schools, the city's power plant providing electricity, 50% of the drinking water distribution system, and 70% of the sewer system.

Overall, indiscriminate slaughter and destruction occurred, followed by looting, mass arrests, torture, and deaths from ill treatment, as well as vast environmental contamination, thereafter causing "a significant increase in the number of cancer cases and congenital malformations."

Official Fallujah health statistics showed the following:

-- in 2006, 5,928 documented cases of "previously unknown or rarely seen diseases;"

-- in the first half of 2007, 2,447 seriously ill patients (half of them children) had mostly little known symptoms;

-- research studies determined sharp increases of leukemia, other cancers, infant mortality, abnormal deliveries, and injuries similar injuries to Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors, clearly from DU radiation and other toxic chemical exposures;

-- a February 2010 field study found cancers had multiplied fourfold, ones similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors;

-- over a five year period, a 12-fold cancer rate in 14 year old children was found; infant mortality was 80 per thousand live births, compared to 19 in Egypt, 17 in Jordan, and 9.7 in Kuwait; the gender birth ratio was also affected, dropping from almost even to a three-to-one female weighting over males; and

-- in the last six years, birth defects rose over 25%, many hideous from radiation poisoning; congenital heart defects had the highest incidence, followed by neural tube defects, and skeletal abnormalities.

Some Final Comments

Over the past two decades, Washington committed wonton genocide, destruction, terror, occupation, and contamination, causing an epidemic of killer diseases, impoverishment and displacement - a horrendous ongoing criminal combination, causing devastation, deprivation, desperation and despair.

Culpable US officials are unaccountable. As long as enough Middle East oil remains, Iraq will be permanently occupied, its people ruthlessly oppressed. So are Afghgans, both countries victimized by American pillaging, what Fallujah survivors know best, their lives permanently impaired as are millions of others in both countries.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


The following copies of the above article and Stephen Lendman's earlier article that he provides a link for at the start of the above piece have pictures that certainly illustrate some or one of the extreme consequences of the war crimes of the ruling elites of the U.S. These are important pictures showing [extreme] deformities caused by these wars.

"US War Crimes in Fallujah"

Oct. 2nd, 2010

"One of History's Greatest Crimes"

Sept. 26th, 2010

They're evidently pictures that were added by Uruknet, but they're authentic and there are some Web sites that provide additional pictures like these. And some of those Web sites include pictures of extreme deformities among Afghans.

I will always remember horrific consequences of these wars due to the statistics, but also because of what's illustrated in pictures like these, as well as others that show the destruction committed by the U.S.-lead forces. However, while those for extreme deformities are all especially illustrative, there's one that still stands out for me. It was for pictures like those in the above pages for copies of Stephen Lendman's two articles, but it was for pictures of extreme deformities suffered by Afghans and one of them particularly stood out because of its uniqueness.

It's a photo of a very small and young child, a baby, on a bed in a hospital or medical clinic. There's striking red that looks like it's oozing out from the eyes, and the lips or mouth area looks swelled and oozing with the same red substance. That red substance is scary, but the skin over the whole body looks like rubber or fiberglass and this is the part that really "rocked" me. It looks, for people who come across the picture, like the little child is dressed in some sort of rubber or fiberglass suit that perfectly fits the child's body; such that this material looks like it's replacing the child's skin.

I wrote to the person whose e-mail address was included with the page of pictures of deformed Afghans and I think the person took my e-mail as somewhat offensive, but it wasn't meant to be offensive. It was only due to the fact that the photo was unbelievable, in a way. It looked real, sure, but also and very [surreal]; and it is surreal, except that it's also real. It's surrealistic [reality]. It looked like what could be expected in a sci-fi picture; not one of the real world, here.

How often do we see people with extreme deformities? I have rarely seen any, but have known of a few cases and people and other animals born with two heads, or as siamese twins, is heard of by almost everyone. Most or many of us have seen pictures of these two deformities. But how often do we see or even hear about a person who has skin that truly looks like rubber, fiberglass, or some other synthetic material? The photo of the little Afghan child is the sole case I've ever known of.

The person I e-mailed is a doctor, he took the pictures, and whereas I believe to have said to him that the child's skin looks sort of like fiberglass, he said the skin looked like rubber; unless he said plastic. I'm pretty sure he said rubber. So we basically agreed that the skin definitely does not look like anything we find for human skin; or any animal skin. Well, maybe some lizards, say, have skin that looks possibly rubber-like, but humans aren't lizards and don't have lizard skin; not normally, anyway.

Neither of us was exaggerating. The child's skin was definitely and clearly alien-like; very [strikingly] so.

The other extreme deformities caused by these hellbent wars are all and indeed extreme; plenty of them being very horrifying. We're not likely to ever find examples of such deformities when it's not due to radiological poisoning and/or very toxic chemical pollution, both of which Iraq now has plenty of, "thanks" to this war and the one of U.S.-leadership-manufacturing there in 1990 or 1991.

Escaping from the lynch mob:

The ruling elites of the U.S. can possibly count themselves lucky that Americans can't organize a massive, real, and effective lynch mob. Lynching them is the least of what they deserve, but it would be very merciful treatment for them, since they do deserve much worse. And pacifist activists for nonviolent ways would surely be happier if the elites were given the most merciful treatment that they deserve. But, and unfortunately, we have no means of doing this. Only in my dreams. And this fact leaves the ruling elites laughing, in their dark, wicked ways.

They know they haven't won, yet:

Well, at least we can realize that they realize that they haven't beaten us, yet. If they did think that they fully have beaten us and, therefore, brainwashed us, then they wouldn't strategically need to launch COINTELPRO-like police state actions against activists who are for peace and justice, for such actions would then be a waste of time and money; while money and power is all these degenerates are about They strategically order the state terrorism actions because they realize that they haven't won, yet.

It's also why school history books contain a lot of lies and cover-up; because the ruling elites know that they strategically need to try to brainwash us so that, for them, we'll ideally be a mass of dumb lemmings.

And they seem to continue to think that they can fully win, but they're on a losing path to begin with. No one can possibly win when doing what they do. Their idea of winning is delusional. There is never and can never be any real benefit from committing injustices and blatant destruction. The only kind of destruction that can be and is beneficial is when it's necessary and constructive. It happens to be constructive to demolish an old building that's become dangerous when it'd be too expensive to repair it; but this is hardly the kind of destruction that the ruling elites commit with their wars. It happens to be constructive to get rid of faulty software when it's for a needed or useful application and then completely rebuild or re-create the software application. It's not always necessary to do that. Sometimes, only some debugging and corrections are needed. But there are times when completely re-creating an application or system is by far the better choice. These examples, however, are not analogous at all for or to the present or any other wars, PNAC, "Rebuilding America", and so on. There's absolutely nothing good or benificial with these or other wars. They're about destruction, mass murder, plunder, racketeering at it's most violent extremes.

All these elites are are destructively destructive and self-defeating idiots. They're degenerates. They can never win, for even if they do someday achieve what they presently imagine to be a winning outcome, they, if they have any sanity, will nevertheless be able to realize that they just spent years or decades of their lives f*cking themselves and their families, in addition to killing and harming us. The only way possible for them to really win is by waking up to the reality or realities of what they've been doing and to then stop these crimes. Unfortunately, they're obstinately degenerate; they obstinately refuse to stop being of the worst kind of stupidity that exists, criminally stupid [and] stupidly criminal.

They f*ck us, and this is extremely bad, but they are also f*cking themselves and their families, which is especially stupid. I couldn't commit any real injustice against others, but I nevertheless imagine that if I was going to do that, then I surely wouldn't want to do it in a way in which I'd also be f*cking myself and/or my family. It's an awfully moronic way to be a criminal and if you're going to be a criminal, then at least try to be an intelligent one.

Any sane, sound, savvy business-person realizes this, but we unfortunately are direly lacking such people in western business.

They cannot possibly win: As stated, above, there is no real way for them to win, except by ceasing their imperialist ways.

On August 31, declaring an "end to the combat mission in Iraq," Obama disgracefully said: "Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United Stated and Iraq, we have met our responsibility," infamously displaying his culpability as a war criminal, matching the worst America ever produced. Daily he proves it in Iraq, Afghanistan, and by reckless global marauding.

Jesse Ventura and ilk:

Some people, like former Governor Jesse Ventura, f.e., like to claim that Obama's innocent and only manipulated, as if he'd be wholly clueless; but I've never liked this view because it's always struck me as being very superficial.

No President of the U.S. can be believably clueless about what the U.S.-lead wars there have caused to that country and population. Obama must surely know that he's blatantly and grotesquely lying and that he is, therefore, complicit in this mass murder and destruction.

Sure, the President can be and sometimes covertly is kept uninformed about some criminal covert operations of the U.S., like the CIA. The President can also be informed about the operations while kept officially ignorant so that there's no official connection between the President and the criminal covert operations when there is a real connection. Both forms evidently exist, based on credible people who were formerly in the CIA or military.

But while the war on Iraq includes covert black ops, it's a theater war, out in the open. Obama can't be treated as a President who doesn't really know what's been done to Iraq. Definitely not. All persons who are for real peace and justice know what's been done to Iraq, so he has to also know. How could he be ignorant of what most people know about this U.S.-lead theater war? Not possible; unless he deliberately keeps himself uninformed, which'd be another extreme war crime.

He is demonstrably guilty of being another hellbent criminal. I knew that because of some of his votes as a Senator, but also the second that he publicly opposed Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As I posted at that time, because of Obama's firmly stated opposition to Rev. Wright's absolutely correct statement, Obama definitely and clearly is not Christian, and is criminal. Only violent criminals could have responded to Rev. Wright's words the way Obama did.

He's a fraud, charlatan, and so on. He might not be informed about everything criminally done by the U.S., but he can not be treated as believably ignorant of all war crimes and other crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. No way!

Absolutely not! There is no believability in him being ignorant of what's been done to Iraq. It was broadly known before he ran for presidency in 2008.

And this is why I really do not appreciate people like Jesse Ventura pretending that Obama is wholly innocent. He can't be wholly innocent. I don't need, but nevertheless do appreciate Jesse Ventura's views on some important issues; however, I definitely reject his whitewashing of Obama and, therefore, the Dem. Party.

The least Obama is guilty of is dereliction of duty and that's a very serious offense when we're talking about the President of the superpower USA. But he is guilty of also worse crimes. He's a war-criminal President and should be treated as such even if he isn't aware of [all] of the war crimes committed by the U.S. and its allies. Like with Bush Jr, Obama or the President is not the greatest criminal in these crimes, but he nevertheless is war criminal. If it was only dereliction of duty, for not making sure to be well-informed, f.e., then this would still be a major war crime even if other people behind the wars are guilty of worse.

But he certainly knew that his campaign of "change" in 2008 was bs. He wasn't so ignorant that he really would've believed that he was truly offering good and necessary changes. He was a con and he knew it in 2008 and earlier. He went to church as a phony Christian and he knew it. He wasn't dumb enough to be ignorant of this. His electoral supporters bragged that he was an expert in Constitutional Law because he purportedly graduated in this study, which is something that there's evidently been no proof of being true, except for some crap piece of paper diploma or degree from Harvard or whatever hellbent elitist school in the U.S. that he [supposedly] got this degree from.

There's never been a single illustration, from him, that he even knows that the Constitution exists. If there's any evidence that he's aware of our foundational law of colonialism, imperialism, invasion, take-over, but which we can't wholly undo, then he certainly did not provide these illustrations during his years as a Senator or President. And that's probably true of all of his years in political offices.

In 2008, many of his supporters claimed that he opposed threat of war on Iraq in 2002, so since I had not known of that, I prompted or tried to prompt these yo-do Obama supporters to provide proof and none ever did. As numerous as these jerk voters were, none could or would provide any proof. They prefered to viciously and bullshitedly bash supporters of Ralph Nader. But I eventually came across quotations of what Obama said in 2002 and it was [not] anti-war. His words reminded me of jerk Senator John Kerry, who has always been for the [criminal] war on Iraq, while only bitching about the way the Bush Jr or Cheney cartel commanded the war. There was absolutely no way to justify the war, but Kerry didn't care about this. He only complained by saying that Bush Jr et alia were conducting the war incorrectly. According to that Skull & Bones'er, there was supposedly a better way to conduct this criminal war.

Obama spoke, in 2002, in very similar terms, even if not identical to Kerry. Obama really never has ever been truly pro-peace and justice; except, maybe, when he was an infant. His CIA parents perhaps educated him differently from real peace and justice starting at a very young age.

We'd have to be awfully naive to believe that he's innocent, today; but we also likely would be wrong to believe that he is aware of all crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. I won't fault him for all of the crimes and do believe that he's likely kept uninformed about some, if not many, crimes; but I will not accept the stupid notion that he's totally innocent. He isn't.

Obama's guilty of being a war-criminal President and should answer for his criminality. For the theater wars, he's definitely guilty and should be held to account. And he should be investigated regarding what knowledge he might have of covert, black ops crimes committed by the U.S., while we'd need to keep in mind that he possibly doesn't know anything about these crimes.

The President is very much a puppet, but not solely a dumb puppet. There are certainly things and crimes the President knows of, or certainly can't excusably be ignorant of. Obama didn't enter the presidential race with good intentions. We only have to consider his years as a Senator to be able to quickly see that he sided, multiple times, with blatant crimes against humanity.

Not an innocent person is he!

It was willful, outrageous carnage, innocent civilians targeted in violation of fundamental international laws, ones America always flouts disdainfully.

That's definitely true, but Iraqi Resistance has always had the right to fight for defense and the U.S., U.K., et cetera, killing and harming Iraqi fighters trying to defend their country, families, et cetera, has also been entirely criminal.

It never has been and never can be morally or legally legitimate for foreign forces of aggression to even harm a single hair on the head of a resistance fighter, who is human, whose rights must be respected, and whose rights include the universal one to or for [defense].

A lot of people place their focus on the innocent non-combattant population members, but the combatant population members are equally innocent. The only difference is that while one doesn't combattively oppose aggression, the other does; and the former often secretly and justifiably helps the latter, while the latter often helps or tries to help to provide protection for the former.

Et cetera.

Vive la Resistance!

The only problem with that slogan is that Resistance has historically been flawed, because of human stupidity; like with ideological differences. Stephen Lendman wrote an article some years ago about the Spanish Civil War that began because of lunatic fascist General Franco and his supporters; Hitler, Mussolini, the U.S., the Vatican, and so on. The U.S. made it illegal for Americans to go to Spain to help the resistance, but the Lincoln Brigrade did anyway and it seems that Franco and his forces could have possibly been defeated, except for the fact that the resistance forces were badly weakened because of ideological differences that existed even while all wanted to stop the Franco "works".

I'm not sure if it was called the Lincoln or Liberty Brigade, but think it was Lincoln.

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