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US Terror Campaign in Pakistan? What was Raymond Davis Shooting for in Lahore?

By dlindorff - Posted on 09 February 2011

By Dave Lindorff

The mystery surrounding Raymond A. Davis, the American former Special Forces operative jailed in Lahore, Pakistan for the murder of two young motorcyclists, and his funky “security” company, Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, in the US continues to grow.

When Davis was arrested in the immediate aftermath of the double slaying in a busy business section of Lahore, after he had fatally shot two men in the back, claiming that he feared they might be threatening to rob him, police found business cards on him for a security company called Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, which listed as its address 5100 North Lane, Orlando, Florida.

A website for the company gave the same address, and listed the manager as a Gerald Richardson.

An investigation into the company done for Counterpunch Magazine that was published on Tuesday, disclosed that the address was actually for a vacant storefront in a run-down and almost completely empty strip mall in Orlando called North Lane Plaza. The 5100 shop was completely empty and barren, save for an empty Coke glass on a vacant counter.

Now Tom Johnson, executive of a property company called IB Green, owner of the strip mall property, says that the 5100 address was rented by a man named Gerald Richardson, who used it to sell clothing. “We made him move out in December 2009 for nonpayment of rent,” he says. Johnson recalls that at one point when Richardson was leasing the space for his clothing store, he told him, “Oh, I have another company called Hyperion which might get mail there.”

Hyperion-Protective Consultants LLC, as reported in the Counterpunch article, is not registered with the Florida Secretary of State’s office, although it still lists the vacant 5100 North Lane, Orlando address as its headquarters on the company website, which also provides an email address for Richardson, who is described as the company’s “manager and chief researcher.” (Efforts to reach Richardson via his email and by leaving a message on the one functioning number listed on the website have gone unanswered.)

But there are other mysteries here, too, regarding Davis (whose name does not appear on the Hyperion-Protective website), and regarding Hyperion.

As reported today in the New York Times in an article by Jane Perlez, there is also a company in Las Vegas Nevada called Hyperion Protective Services. That firm’s 2006 registration information lists as its owners Raymond A Davis and his wife Rebecca J. Davis of 9811 W. Charleston St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117. It lists the company’s address as 9345 boulder Opal Av., Las Vegas. A registration in Nevada of that name says that Gerald Richardson “founded the firm” in 1999...

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent online alternative newspaper, please go to: ThisCantBeHappening!

I'm about half way through the following copy, which is about twice as long as the above one, and definitely recommend this longer one.

The copy here clearly is a short excerpt and the longer one also provides a link for the related investigation that Dave Lindorff performed and/or reported on this story for Counterpunch. That article is of Feb. 8th and doesn't say much that's different, but it's worth also reading.

The ICH article, however, seems to end with an odd paragraph.


His record --10 years in US Special Forces, supposedly ending in 2003--and his shell “security” company in the US, with its faked addresses, suggest strongly that he is working for the US, either in some intelligence branch, or more likely as an employee of some mercenary-for-hire company like Xe (Blackwater).

What he was actually doing on his ill-fated drive into the commercial heart of Lahore is up for grabs.

There have been several reports in the Pakistani press, unmentioned by Perlez, that the two men he killed were not, as initially reported by the US, petty thieves, but were actually agents working for Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI. Today, ABC’s Nick Schifrin, who has been the best reporter on this story in the US corporate media, reports that while the State Department “adamantly denies” the claim (big surprise, that!), four Pakistani officials, off the record, have told ABC that the two men Davis killed were ISI agents assigned to tail Davis because he was a spy who had “crossed a red line.”

What “red line?” Again there is speculation in Pakistan’s media that Davis may have been involved in some kind of covert US program to actually finance or orchestrate some of the bombings that have been rocking, and destabilizing Pakistan. (Certainly that could explanation for all of those cell phones recovered from Davis’s car, which could serve nicely as bomb detonators--a popular method adopted by terrorists everywhere. That theory might also explain his stop at an ATM to withdraw a bundle of cash.)

The suicide by rat poison of the 18-year-old bride of one of the two slain men would seem to point to the victim’s being more than just a petty street thief, too. The young woman, from her hospital bed, before dying, said that she was killing herself because she despaired of seeing justice done for the murder of her husband.

All of the article is well written and makes sense, but the last paragraph is weird, stunning. The bride of one of the two ISI agents murdered by the American criminal poisoned herself out of despairing over justice being done about the murder of her husband. So she didn't want justice to be done. Is that what she really said or meant to say? If it is, then who is she aligned with, the US?

I would think that she would be happy to see justice, rather than cover up or additional injustice, being done. She would have reason to be depressed over the loss of her husband, but should be happy about justice being done. So I wonder if this part of the story was properly verified, though without holding Dave Lindorff responsible, since he's surely not the source of this information about what the young bride or widow gave for reason for poisoning herself. He's surely reporting what he learned from other sources.

"The young woman, from her hospital bed, before dying, said that she was killing herself because she despaired of seeing justice done for the murder of her husband."

Did she really say that, or did she reportedly say that without the report being verified? Saying she stated the above for reason is to infer that it's verified information, fact, while saying that she reportedly stated the reason infers that it either isn't or possibly isn't verified. In the latter case, the writer is saying that it's what he or she read or learned, but while not being sure if it's truly verified and accurate information.

Dave Lindorff wrote in the first sense, as if it's proven fact that the woman said she was killing herself out of despair over justice being done, which is a weird reason that apparently has been left unquestioned. The question of, "Why would you despair over justice being done about the murder or assassination of your husband?", f.e., should immediately come to mind to anyone who would've heard the woman state the reported reason for killing herself.

She might have stated that reason, but if she did, then some explanation for why she'd have this weird reason for committing suicide should be added. Maybe it's not a weird reason in Pakistan, but it definitely seems weird to me.


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