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U.S. Military Says No to War

By Victor Madej, USMA ‘70+

As a member of Service Academy Graduates Against The War, I oppose the Obama government’s plan to bomb Syria. Its use of chemical weapons remains highly speculative. Aside from proof that chemical weapons were indeed used, which no one disputes, there is little evidence that indicates the Syrian government did so. Logic alone would indicate that it did not. We fear that self-serving evidence combined with expedient reasoning will lead to yet another immoral campaign of death and destruction. And the majority of victims will again be innocent civilians, this time Syrians.

The president tries to sugarcoat its effects. He assures Americans that there will be no “boots on the ground.” But how many feet-on-the-ground were destroyed in Iraq? We remember well the picture (below) of the Iraqi girl in Basra whose feet were obliterated along with her life. There were millions sent from their world., maimed, murdered, displaced from their homes, Millions! The risk of committing war crimes again s high. We remember well the dissembling Colin Powell’s performance. We oppose all efforts to launch an attack on Syria based on flimsy evidence and political bombast.

It is widely known that the United States, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have been sponsoring the insurgents in Syria. These opposition forces are composed of Jihadists, Islamist militias and elements of Al-Qaeda such as Jabhat al-Nusra. Specializing in sectarian beheadings, rapes and murder, is this an army to inspire democracy American style? Will they win (instead of eat) the hearts of the Syrian people? Doubtful.

Some say the United States must act against the dictatorial brutality of using poison gas, yet unproven. Others say that the president’s credibility is on the line. In our view, no matter what course is taken, to bomb or not to bomb, the United States loses. And the “moral high ground?” We know what chemical warfare is but we also well remember who helped Saddam Hussein launch his poison gas attacks against Iran and we also remember Agent Orange.

There is no strategic, tactical, humanitarian, or moral benefit for bombing Syria. Instead there is an enormous risk of blowback that will fuel a vastly wider conflict. We refuse to accept another political adventure into the same carnage of war under the same tired misrepresentations. We spoke out for the innocent victims of the Iraq war and today we speak for all the innocent Syrians. In all aspects, bombing Syria is exactly the wrong thing to do.

It is time for dialogue not dynamite. On a personal note. I spent yesterday at the United Nations as a delegate to the “Culture of Peace” conference. If It is time for war, this time let it be a war on war. The peace battalions are forming!



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