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July 26-27, Asheville, NC, USA

July 28, 100 Years Since Launch of War to End All Wars That Created More Wars

August 1-3 Konstanz, Germany

August 9 Washington DC: An Evening for a World Beyond War

August 1-10 Portugal

August 15-16, New York State, USA

August 27, 86 Years Since Signing of the Kellogg Briand Pact
    related book, essay contest

August 30 - September 5, Protest NATO in South Wales.

September 21, International Day of Peace
Let us know about any event.
Work with Campaign Nonviolence and Global Movement for the Culture of Peace and Peace One Day and A Year Without War.
Participate in People's Climate March in New York City, September 20-21.
Let people know how war destroys the climate. (Flyer coming soon.)
Begin marking 100 years since the Christmas Truce.
Find great information on World War I at 100 on
Joyeux Noel: a film about the 1914 Christmas truce.
Script for reenactment of Christmas Truce: PDF.
Christmas Truce information and videos.

September 22, International Peace Day Celebration in Washington, D.C.

October 4, Global Day of Action Against Drones

December 25, 100 Years Since the Christmas Truce


April, Global Day of Action Against Military Spending


Support WarIsACrime


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