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The Unbaptism of Romney's Father in Law


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Hey kidz!!!  Now, what was it that Ambrose Bierce said, again??? . . . :-)


"Impiety, noun.  Your irreverence toward my deity."

- Ambrose Bierce from "The Devil's Dictionary"


Ah, yes . .. Mr. Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher is just the penacle of rationalism and open mindedness

of the Neo-Libs (The Left hand of World Zionism versus the Right hand of the Neo-Cons).  A man dedicated

to "science" and "logical reasoning." . . . ;-)

First, one can see where Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher stands on Palestine and Israel:


(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)

"Bill Maher on Israel"


Yup, no bias there, huh, kidz? . ..  ;-)


Now, why has Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher been consistently against the 9-11 TRUTH Movement?


(link to video - approx. 1 minute)

"Bill Maher brushes off 9/11 Truth"


(link to video - approx. 1 minute)

"Bill Maher on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories"


Just look how Zionist media gatekeeper Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher behaves when confronted on his

"science", kidz . . . ;-)


(link to video - approx. 5 minutes)

"Bill Maher Throws Out 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists On Live TV"


(link to video - approx. 2 minutes)

"9/11 Truther Interrupts Bill Maher (2/19/2011)"


It would seem that Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher, judging by his own hubris of being so "open minded",

"logical", and "scientific" would have been first in line to have one of the over 1,663 REAL  and LICENSED

architects and engineers from Architects and Engineers for 9-11 TRUTH on his show to have an

real discussion . . .  you know, folks that have actually studied science and physics beyond the leveled required

for most talk show host positions by the Zionist Main Stream Media. . ..  ;-)


(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)

"Blueprint for Truth - Trailer -"


What is  "The Sacred Cow" . ..  more perhaps more accurately, "The Sacred BULL" . . . that Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher

is holding onto so reverently with all the zeal of the most fanatical of true believers???


Or is Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher's absolute devotion to the "BIG LIE of 9-11" a loyalty of "FEAR"?  The same loyalty

to the "BIG LIE of 9-11" that we see time and time again from the Zionist gate-keepers on the LEFT and the RIGHT

of the politcal spectrum . . .


. . . because of the FEAR that when it comes to 9-11 TRUTH . . . all roads lead to ISRAEL and World Zionism???


And we all saw, as did Mr. Maher,  what "The Zionist Media Powers That Be" did to media celebrities like

Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen and even Helen Thomas when they dared touch the "third rail" . . . or rather

blaspheme against "The Sacred Bull" of the Official 9-11 Legend and World Zionism.


(link to video - approx. 10 minutes)

"The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On"


I guess when one has a job like Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher that is contigent on a Zio-contract that can be broken

at whim by the pay-masters (as this ol' fool discovered when I blew the whistle on the illegal NSA/Telco

warrantless wiretapping) . . . one must remain "rational" in order to keep those pay checks coming in. . .. ;-)


"Rational, adjective.  Devoid of all delusions . . . save those of observation, experience and reflection."

- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"


Oh, well  . . . despite all the zealotry and devotion of High Priests like Bill "Mr. Rational" Maher . . . TRUTH always

has a way of coming out eventually .. . ALWAYS!!! . .  ;-)



"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

- The Buddha,  563 - 483 B.C.


"Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
You better get yourself together darling
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughing at fools like me
Who on earth do you think you are?
A superstar? . . . Well,  right,  you are!"

- "Instant Karma" by John Lennon



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