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Threatened to Kill Obama and Clinton

By jimstaro - Posted on 08 September 2010

Add another in the growing list of extremely tragic, luckily no one was hurt in this potential deadly incident, and potentially leading to more that the Hate Rhetoric and Actions are bringing forth!

Ex-soldier arrrested at Fort Stewart threated to kill Obama


Sep 07, 2010 - SAVANNAH, Ga. - A former soldier accused of demanding mental treatment as he took hostages at gunpoint at a Georgia Army hospital later told investigators he planned to kill President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, federal prosecutors said in court documents filed Tuesday.

Federal charges filed in U.S. District Court in Savannah identified the accused gunman as 29-year-old Robert Anthony Quinones. The Army says he took three hospital workers hostage early Monday in a two-hour standoff at Winn Army Community Hospital at Fort Stewart, 40 miles southwest of Savannah. Army officials say the gunman surrendered. No one was injured.

Federal prosecutors charged Quinones with kidnapping and assault with deadly weapons in connection with the hospital hostage standoff. He was also charged with making threats to kill Obama and Clinton.

And the results of these Wars of Choice, a soldier lost in the lack of concern by the government, and people, during the previous years, as so many were, and making it harder to find them and catchup with giving the help they should have been already involved in as soon as they were discharged!


"The reason he was at the hospital the other night was to seek some treatment," Gladwell told The Associated Press. "He's been diagnosed as being ill and this was a desperate cry for help."

Quinones' mother said her son was diagnosed after serving a 15-month tour in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 with an Army Stryker brigade based at Fort Lewis, Wash. She said he moved to Hinesville, next to Fort Stewart, to live with her after his discharge.

Gladwell declined to discuss her son's history in detail. She said he did not yet have a lawyer.

But Gladwell sounded stunned to hear prosecutors had charged her son with threatening to kill Obama and Clinton.

"I know nothing about that," she said. "That's totally off the wall for him." {read more}

No need to add more many already know what was going on during the previous administration, that congress, the Pentagon and the VA. But this will be followed, if any reports are forth coming, as to exactly what discharge this soldier received as he was pushed out because he was already known to be suffering from PTSD according to his mother.

Thank You For Calling the Veterans Suicide Hotline

What it's like being on the other end of the phone with a Veteran in distress.

Responders at the National Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline help veterans in distress talk through their issues and lead them to the help they need. Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK.

“My very first phone call was one hour and 45 minutes and it was a gentleman who wanted to blow up the central [Veterans Affairs] office in Florida and take himself with it.” Answering this call from her desk at the Canandaigua, NY call center for the National Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline, Beth Olson is much more than the “good listener” she describes herself to be. Down the phone line, her first caller started talking about his kids and the explosives strapped to his body. “It’s a very strange situation to be on the other side of the phone when someone is in such turmoil. It’s not hectic, it’s calm. It’s almost like a dance; you have to keep up with them and make sure you make the right decisions. “He’d only been back a few months from Iraq. What I was thinking was to find out whether he was in an apartment building or in a residential neighborhood. If I can keep him talking and keep him distracted from doing anything, like getting in the car and driving to the Regional Office. {read more}

Quote: "No need to add more many already know what was going on during the previous administration, that congress, the Pentagon and the VA".

Complete senses better express what the writer or speaker intends to fully say, but it seems obvious enough that what's intended is that the Bush Jr admin., Congress, the Pentagon and the VA rather criminally disregarded the needs of US veterans suffering from PTSD and other injuries due to these wars. That, however, is nothing new; plenty of prior administrations also treated such soldiers as disposable once they had served their purpose in the wars.

Quote: "But this will be followed, if any reports are forth coming, as to exactly what discharge this soldier received as he was pushed out because he was already known to be suffering from PTSD according to his mother".

If he was really discharged due to suffering from PTSD, then I doubt that he would've been given a bad discharge, so I doubt the discharge would be the cause of him doing what the federal prosecutors claim that he did with taking three hostages and, especially, threatening to kill Obama and Bill Clinton, unless it's Hillary Clinton that's meant. If she's the Clinton he purportedly threatened to kill along with Obama, then this'd be odd, for then I would expect a threat to kill the Sec. of so-called Defense, instead of the Sec. of State. But it wouldn't make much sense to threaten to kill Bill Clinton even if his existence or criminality would make it understandable, for it was Bush Jr who was President when this soldier served in Iraq.

If anyone threatened to kill all three of those presidential criminals, then it'd be understandable and I certainly couldn't blame someone for having such thoughts or desires; because the three are all guilty of politically leading supreme international crimes, putting U.S. soldiers' lives in extreme danger and through extreme psychological stresses, and all three are guilty of leading, politically, mass murder, genocide and mass destruction while doing so based on lies and no significant truths, for the [few] instances of little truth that they did give.

But the allegations of the federal prosecutors against him strike me as suspect and we have more than enough reason to not believe the political leadership and federal prosecutors based only on their words.

Their words don't constitute proof as far as I'm concerned. The same was true with Bill Clinton's bogus claims of what he said justified war on Kosovo and Yugoslavia, and we got more such political fraud with the Bush Jr administration's lies about what supposedly justified war on Iraq; but prior administrations also committed similar high crimes. People who pay attention to reality and not only claims by political leadership, which is bogus leadership, but they get elected because of malicious and negligent voters, won't take the words of such so-called representatives as truth without real and plenty of proof that what they say is true. And people who critically pay attention to reality in this way can easily realize that we are never provided with proof. All we ever get, by far mostly get anyway, are claims never backed with real proof.

I won't believe these federal prosecutors without real proof that their allegations are true. They could be false while we have little or no way of really getting proof.

Re. the anology made to Tim McVeigh:

For anyone who's seriously taken time to learn about the full story of the OKC Bombing in 1995, these people can see that there's more than enough evidence that clearly shows that Timothy McVeigh and his alleged partner in the bombing definitely were not alone in committing this bombing. The federal government and the government of Oklahoma were clearly involved. But only people who are locals to where this bombing took place, people at the heavily bombed building, some news media people, and others who take time to get seriously informed about the whole bombing incident based on real, factual and eye-, mind-opening facts about it know that there's plenty of serious or strong proof of federal and state government complicity, to call it the least of what it evidently was. I believe it was an Oklahoma Congressman who, once he learned of the highly suspect claims of the federal government and possibly also the Okla. state government, undertook an investigation that he spent a year or more on and when he came up with strongly incriminating evidence of "inside job", he was opposed, obstructed by the state and federal governments in his efforts for an official investigation.

So it's hilarious to read that the federal prosecutors alleging that this soldier took three hostages and had an arms depot at his home or apt compare him to Tim. McVeigh, who evidently was more-or-less of a patsy. Either these prosecutors are idiots, because there is no real analogy to what Tim. McVeigh was evidently part of, or these prosecutors are deliberately using this sensationalist allegation to try to deceive the public about something they and the elites they work for want us to be ignorant of or naive about.

They have high academic education, so I'll guess that the use of that analogy is really an attempt to try to deceive us. But maybe they're just idiots with degrees from universities that hand out degrees to any students capable of passing academic exams. Plenty of universities have graduated [psychopaths].

And it's darkly farcical that citizens live as if we can really expect much serious truth from this extremely criminal government of state gangsterism, organized crime, et cetera. It takes very irresponsible citizenship to treat the government, political, military and bureaucratic leadership, as if we can entrust them with our security, because this government definitely merits extremely little trust from us.


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