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Talk Nation Radio: Hidden History of the War on Iraq and Its Oil

By davidswanson - Posted on 07 August 2012

Greg Muttitt, visiting from the U.K., is the author of a new book on Iraq that is making a lot of news.  It's called Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq. Noami Klein calls Muttitt's book "nothing short of a secret history of the war." Muttitt uncovers new and authoritative evidence that the war was, from initial conception through to the current day, driven by interest in oil.  And he tells a story of successful nonviolent resistance in Iraq, led by the oil workers, that has prevented the enactment of an oil law aimed at benefitting foreign corporations at the expense of the Iraqi people.

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It's welcome to hear about Iraqi civil society was able to at least achieve some good things.  It's also saddening to learn that they still don't have a representative government and electricity.   And if they don't have electricity, or have very little of it, how  is water sanitation done? There's also the cancer and/or deformities problems in at least some places in Iraq. I would guess that that problem, which is due to this war, surely continues in Fallujah, f.e.  The rate of children born there being born with extremely bad deformities, apparently due to the US using a lot of depleted uranium, had sort of skyrocketed and women began to cease to want to conceived and give birth due to this problem. If they don't give birth, then fewer children will be born with extreme deformities. And what do we call that? Genocide.

Nevertheless, it's good to learn of good things that happened due to Iraqi activism.


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