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Syria News - Sep 30

By bartolo - Posted on 29 September 2012



Fire Sweeps Through Aleppo’s Ancient Market, Some Assad opponents incensed at insurgents they said had operated conspicuously near the old city -

VIDEO: FSA invading the Aleppo ancient market with RPG's and assault rifles - YouTube

VIDEO: Ancient market burns as fighting rages in Aleppo - YouTube

Aleppo residents angry and disillusioned, grumbling about the high cost of the Syrian revolution and accuse rebels of excesses - theSundaily

Syrian rebels take the fight to a Kurdish area of Aleppo -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels recruiting children in Aleppo -

VIDEO: Britons Among Foreign Fighters in Syria -

VIDEO: The Rise of the Salafis - TIME


FSA chiefs back, forth to Turkey’s soil -

VIDEO: Turks unhappy with FSA insurgents in Syrian refugee camps - YouTube

Free Syrian Army fighters aren't extremists or 'al-Qaeda types,' group's DC fundraiser insists - The Times of Israel

U.S., France boost Syria humanitarian and non-lethal support, less than rebels hoped - Chicago Tribune

Saudi group to set up Syrian refugee camp in Turkey - afp


Kurds to Pursue More Autonomy in a Fallen Syria -

Damascus to Ankara: We’ll Arm Every Kurdish Man with A Rocket -


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"Battle For Syria: View from the Frontline! (English subtitles)" (26 min)

uploaded Sept. 24, 2012

VGTRK 2012,

War has been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between government forces and an armed opposition that takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen.

Even seemingly unimportant local battles are being discussed far abroad because the result of this war will impact not only the future of Syria. The situation here is splitting the world in half. This undoubtedly is another internal conflict with global consequences.

Our film crew has spent 2 months on the frontline with the soldiers of Syrian army and civilians trying to answer these hard questions:

Who is the Syrian army fighting?
What is the armed opposition fighting for?
And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

This film was made in field conditions to better tell the story of what's happening here.


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