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Syria News - Nov 26

By bartolo - Posted on 25 November 2012



Syrian Kurds Agree on Forming Joint Military Council, defected Kurdish soldiers from the Syrian army will join - Rudaw

Kurdish Fighters announce a temporary truce with the Syrian Islamist groups in Ras Al Ain - Rudaw

Syria rebels take loyalist Palestinian training camp, with casualties suffered on both sides - AFP

VIDEO: Salafis armed groups claiming control of Ras Al Ayn, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Aljazeera Coverage of Ras Al Ayn - YouTube

VIDEO: Demonstration in Syria Calls for Establishment of Islamic State & Extermination of Alawites, organized by Jabhat an-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)- YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel Crimes against the Christian population - YouTube

VIDEO: Extremist Groups bombed the main drinking water line for Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Gives Friday Sermon in Full Jihadi Regalia in Aleppo -


Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus, then withdraw fearing counterstrikes by regime aircraft - CBS News

Syria's opposition chief Khatib asks Turkey for anti-aircraft weaponry - todayszaman

VIDEO: Military Air Base Near Damascus Falls To The FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Group Threatens Parents of Syrian Army Troops with Death - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Burn Ancient Aleppo Umayyad Mosque - YouTube

VIDEO: Unification of FSA Batallions in and around Houla -

VIDEO: Alwaar Massacre - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel Fighter Shoots a Hostage in Cold Blood - YouTube

VIDEO: Terrorized Syria....What the BBC should but WONT report! - YouTube


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