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Syria News - Nov 1

By bartolo - Posted on 01 November 2012


Obama administration works to launch new Syrian opposition council - Foreign Policy

Clinton: SNC No Longer Leads Syrian Opposition, Urges to "strongly resist the efforts by the extremists to hijack the Syrian revolution" - VOA 

Syrian opposition reacts to US attempt to form an alternative opposition - todayszaman

SNC, FSA and other groups to form government in exile - Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

Russia warns of more bloodshed if West insists on Assad ouster - NOW Lebanon

Why Romney Is the War Candidate (Cont'd) - The Atlantic


Bomb attack near Shiite shrine kills 8 south of Damascus - NOW Lebanon

VIDEO: Terrorists Bomb Shiite Damascus Suburb of Sayyeda Zaynab Killing 8, Injuring 13 - 

Syria rebels form brigade to battle pro-Assad Palestinians -

Libyan leads brigade of Syrian and foreign fighters - The Long War Journal

Syrian rebels release abducted Lebanese journalist - Al Akhbar English

VIDEO: Syrian rebels destroy an Armenian church and burn the Holy Bible in Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: Terror in the Making as Reported by al-Jadeed TV -

VIDEO: Afghan Refugee kidnapped by rebels in Syria - YouTube


VIDEO (article): Meet the YPG, the Kurdish Militia That Fought the FSA in Aleppo - VICE

FSA chief: Clashes between FSA and PYD the work of Assad regime - todayszaman

VIDEO: Insurgents Clash with Kurds North of Aleppo, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO (article): Turkey police crack down on Kurds - CNN

Turkish PM says issue of Syria no-fly zone, civilian safe areas is up to Security Council - The Washington Post

Syria rebels commute in Turkish ambulances, report says - PressTV

Turkey denies its ambulances targeted by Syrian army - todayszaman

VIDEO: Rebels say Iran supplies the Syrian government with drones - YouTube

Iran and Syria swap fuels as both aim to dodge sanctions - Reuters


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