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Syria News - Mar 9

By bartolo - Posted on 08 March 2013



Lavrov: Assad has made it clear he has no intention of resigning, Russia won't pressure him - BBC News

VIDEO: Russia won't pressure Assad, says Lavrov - BBC News

Russia could consider arms embargo on Syria if steps taken to suppress weapons supplies to the Syrian opposition: Lavrov - Voice of Russia

West training Syrian rebels in Jordan, There had so far been no "green light" for the forces being trained to be sent into Syria -

Croatian newspaper: In the last 4 months 75 planes transferred 3000 tons of weapons for Syrian rebels -

VIDEOS: Croatian Weapons Given to the Rebels in Syria - Real Syria Updates

Damascus briefs UN on transfer of Libyan, Saudi arms, militants to Syria - Strategic Culture Foundation

Turkish Main Opposition Party Chief Kilicdaroglo: Erdogan Government's Policies against Syria are Dangerous and a Failure- SANA

VIDEO: Turkish Government and Opposition Go Head To Head over the Syrian Crisis in Parliament - PressTV

Syria PM and Maliki Discuss Bilateral Relations on the Phone - SANA

Syria thanks BRICS for support against West - NOW

A Divided Society: The Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Lebanon - The Jamestown Foundation

Jabhat al-Nusra and Hezbollah In First Confrontation - Al-Monitor

Rebels: Hizbullah training thousands in Bekaa Valley to turn tide in Syrian war - World Tribune


U.N.: Efforts to free peacekeepers to resume Saturday - CBS News

Free Syrian Army offers Golan kidnapping "clarification" - NOW

Richard Engel Reveals a Diary of His Syrian Kidnapping—and How His Captors Terrorized Their Victims - Vanity Fair

75 percent of the Syria-Turkey border is controlled by al-Qaeda, while the rest is controlled by the PKK : Al-Assad -

Al Nusrah Front  executes two more suicide attacks in Homs - The Long War Journal

Nusra Front to provide assistance to Homs battalions: source - YALLA SOURIYA

Al-Manar Website Uncovers Internal Document for Al-Nusra Front -

Syria: Concern over lack of Christian representation on Aleppo council - Christian Today

VIDEO [ENG Subs]: Syrian Rebels Beat And Humiliate the Eccentric 'Yellow Man' in Aleppo -


Syrian women refugees have ‘little to celebrate’ on March 8 - The Jordan Times

Syrian crisis forces young women into early marriages - Wausau Daily Herald 

Desperate, Some Fleeing Syria Turn to Prostitution - ABC News


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