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Syria News - Mar 6

By bartolo - Posted on 05 March 2013


Syrian jets bomb northern city Raqqa overrun by rebels, Governor and Baath party head detained by Jabhat al-Nusra -

VIDEO: Al Nusra Captures Raqqa Governor and Raqqa Baath Party Boss - YouTube

VIDEO: Islamist Rebels in Raqaa Use Heavy Weapons - YouTube

VIDEO: Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham in Al-Raqqa -

VIDEO: Rebels destroy bottles of alcohol in Al Raqqa -

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Film Burning of Shia Muslim Books & Artwork in Supposed Damascus Office - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebels execute Alawite -

VIDEO: Rebel beheads a civilian - Friends of Syria

VIDEO: Rebels Execute SAA Militia -


Gulf arms to Syria rebels reaching "right people," Kerry says - NOW

VIDEO: Secretary of State John Kerry Blasts Russia for Aiding Syrian Government in War Against Rebels - ABC News

General says Syria too complex to give lethal aid to rebels -

Iraqis call for U.S. military aid after Nusra-linked assault on ‘innocent Syrians’ -

Hezbollah takes a greater role in Syrian conflict - USAToday

FSA: Hizbullah Preparing to Send 5,000 Fighters to Homs — Naharnet

Al-Qaeda gunmen study IDF patrols on Israeli-Syrian border - The Times of Israel

Turkey denies Syria's looting accusations, calls claims baseless - todayszaman


Assad says Syria has "emerged victorious" - NOW

Children lack schooling in Syria crisis, At least 2,400 schools have been damaged or destroyed, UNICEF says -

Syria petrol price jumps 18%, state media says - NOW

German Journalist Who  Entered Syria Illegally Handed Over to Russian Ambassador - SANA

Uneasy Calm Reigns in Assad Stronghold of Tartus - SPIEGEL ONLINE


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