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Syria News - Mar 2

By bartolo - Posted on 01 March 2013



Obama, Putin discuss Syria by telephone, seek new initiatives aimed at a political settlement of the crisis - Reuters

Chuck Hagel: U.S. should only provide 'non-lethal support' to Syria's opposition - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Lavrov : Extremists Dominate Syrian Opposition - SANA

Russia Plans to Keep 10 Warships in Mediterranean - RIA Novosti

US and allies are training Syrian rebels in Jordan to bolster moderate groups and to secure chemical weapons - The Times

VIDEO: Defected general sees close U.S., Russia ‘understanding’ on Syria -


Iraqi army helping Syrian government retake border checkpoint from jihadists - reports - RT News

Scud missile fired in Syria lands near Iraqi village: mayor -

Assad forces take Aleppo village, reopening supply line - Reuters

Lebanon erects string of watchtowers on Syrian border -

Syria's foreign jihadists legions facilitate the spread of al-Qaeda’s regional agenda -

Another Tunisian of al-Nusra Front is killed in Syria -

Conflicting Accounts of Motives Behind Tunisians Fighting in Syria - Tunisia Live

VIDEO: Kurdish YPG has freed the Kurdish town, Rimêlan (oil capital of Syria) - YouTube

VIDEO: Alleged Scud missile launched towards the Syrian North from 155 Brigade, Damascus Suburbs -


Disappointed FSA chief pleads for weapons rather than food supplies and bandages- Yahoo! News

Nestle burned by Syrian rebels cause owner is an Alawite - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Rebels Executes a Shiite Loyalist - YouTube

VIDEO: Video Shows Non-FSA Jihadists Ahrar al-Sham Using Croatian Weapons - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: FSA claims seizing regime Scud missile - NOW

VIDEO: Defected colonel Zakaria says we are all islamist and we will fight the dictator Assad -

VIDEO: Horror, Fear & Panic Among Al-Athir School Students After Damascus Bombing by Rebels -

VIDEO: Regime loyalists torture & humiliate a civilian - YouTube


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