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Syria News - Mar 19

By bartolo - Posted on 18 March 2013



Kerry says US won't stand in way of France, Britain or anyone else arming Syria's rebels - Fox News

Congress to weigh legislation to arm Syrian rebel fighters, Top House Dem To Move On Bill - The Hill's Global Affairs

Top US general urges caution on Syria options, says that US has very opaque understanding of the opposition - Reuters

An internal rift at the NSC on Syria? - Foreign Policy

UK Pulling out Special Forces from Afghanistan to Help Rebels in Syria - Daily Star Sunday

French minister to visit Turkey for talks on defense ties, Syria - todayszaman

Fundamental rift growing inside Syria opposition: German spy chief - PressTV

Russia strengthens its presence in Mediterranean Sea - Voice of Russia

Syria crisis is tipping Iraq into civil war, says minister - The Times

VIDEO: Croatian Weapons Arrive In Homs - Brown Moses Blog


Syrian opposition elects interim prime minister - Boston Herald

Assad: We Negotiate under Our Conditions, Battle in our Favor -

Assad sends letter to Zuma, asks BRICS ‘to intervene’ in Syria crisis - Yahoo! News South Africa

President of South Africa: We, Along with BRICS, will Spare No Effort to Implement Geneva Statement - Real Syria Updates

Pro-Assad group hacks HRW website, Twitter page -

Asma Assad has NOT fled Syria: rare public appearance dispels rumours she was abroad and several months pregnant - Mail Online

VIDEO: Asma Assad Makes Rare Appearance - Yahoo! News


Syrian warplanes strike Lebanese territory, a smuggling zone for weapons and personnel destined for opposition forces -

Israel to ask Obama to use air strikes in case of Syrian missile transfer to  Hezbollah -

Key Lebanese export route through Syria to remain shut: Rebels- THE DAILY STAR

Tensions High in Lebanon After Assault on Sunni Clerics - ABC News


Muslim Brotherhood Chief: Kurds Should Join Fight Against Assad Regime - Rudaw

Syria Kurds will seize control of Qamishlo: website - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft


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