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Syria News - June 18

By bartolo - Posted on 18 June 2012

Obama: U.S. can work with Russia to 'prevent civil war' in Syria -

Report: Russia to send marines to Syria - Air Force Times

McCain calls for U.S. military leadership on Syria -

Romney to urge Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give arms to Syrian opposition - todayszaman

Possible Deal Between Turkey and Qatar on Military Operation Against Syria - Press TV

Arab League chief: UN armed peacekeepers needed in Syria - BusinessWeek



Video: Nun says Syrian rebels have been cleansing Christian neighborhoods and carrying out massacres which they blame on the regime - YouTube

Video: Syrian rebel groups from Homs asked Salafist clerics for a Fatwa permitting the slaughter of Alawite women and children - YouTube

Video: Blogger killed after posting material online which was critical of the 'Free Syrian Army.' The note with the 'FSA' insignia claims credit for the killing - YouTube

Video: Prisoner slaughtered and dismembered by 'Free Syrian Army' - YouTube

Video: Headless Man Dragged Through Street After Getting Beheaded By Protesters In Deraa

Families of Lebanese Kidnapped Pilgrims Agree to Reopen Airport Road - Naharnet

Influx of foreign fighters add to Syria's carnage, They are responding to fatwas issued by religious authorities in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere - The Sunday Times


It is clear that the West, Hillary, Obama blame all the crimes, all atrocities, falsely on Assad to do regime change, to promote Western Fascist foreign policies.   THESE LIARS, THUGS, DUPLICITOUS ARSES are going to set up Syria, like Libya and Iraq, WITH FASCIST LIES, PROPAGANDA, EXCUSES FOR GLOBAL WAR, TO TAKE DOWN IRAN AS WELL.......NAZIS ALL OF THEM, the BI PARTISAN FASCIST CLASS/EMPIRE PARTIES THAT INCLUDES THE REPUBLICAN FASCISTS WHO ADORE OBAMA THE FASCIST, EMPIRE PARTNER.


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