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Syria News - Jan 21

By bartolo - Posted on 20 January 2013


Syria opposition meets to name PM-in-exile - AFP

Syrian opposition seeks Qatar backing for transition government - Reuters

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt -

Syria Internal opposition statement regarding FSA attacks on Kurdish town Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ain - ekurd

Jihadists terrorize Christians in Eastern Syria - Fides Service

Syria: funding an Islamist rebellion through theft (VIDEO) - Money Jihad

VIDEO: Syria Kurdish YPG Forces Protects Oil Fields Against FSA -

VIDEO: Syria Kurdish Forces take control of FSA Checkpoint - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA and Nusra Terrorists Bickering Over Looting Kurdish Area in Syria -

VIDEO: Jihadists attack Kurds in Syria: international Islamist forces seek to create Sharia state - YouTube

VIDEO: Free Syria Army Robbed Over 1,000 Aleppo Factories - YouTube

VIDEO: Aleppo Residents Want Syrian Army to Intensify Operation Against Insurgents - Press TV - YouTube

VIDEO: What happened in Hasawiya, Homs? Locals say rebels killed civilians - CNN

VIDEO: Terrorist in Syria Confesses to Participating in Karm al-Zeitoun Massacre in Homs in March 2012 -

VIDEO: Revolutionaries in Homs unite their voice on demanding an Islamic State - SyriaUpdate

VIDEO: More Evidence of FSA Use of Child Soldiers in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO:  Audio Recording Between Syrian Rebels Reveals Request for Chemical Weapons -

VIDEO: Criminals torturing a kid somewhere in Syria -


Russia ‘Flexes Muscles’ in Mediterranean Amid Syrian Crisis, Largest naval exercise in post-Soviet era begins - RIA Novosti

Syria opposition and backers to meet in Paris: French minister —

Algeria Attack May End Syrian Rebels’ Hope for Arms Aid - Bloomberg

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya - Telegraph

Assad's overthrow 'red line' for Iran: supreme leader's aide -

Assad's mother leaves Syria -

Non-lethal chemical weapons used in Syria, Le Monde reports - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper


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