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Syria News - Jan 15

By bartolo - Posted on 14 January 2013



State Department reports North Syria descending toward anarchy, Picture of disorganized rebels, greedy arms peddlers and profiteering warlords - Washington Post

Aleppo Dispatch: The Dark Side of the Syrian Opposition - The Atlantic

6 Months Of Combat, And No Victor In Aleppo, Syria's Biggest City (RADIO) : NPR

Syria: Rape is big problem, International Rescue Commission says - globalpost

Jihadists seeking Islamic state in post-Assad Syria | Kuwait Times

Syria using rockets to spread cluster bombs: HRW - Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

VIDEO: Man tortured and executed by the Syrian army, A soldier says: Would you let me fuck your wife? -

VIDEO: Assad forces brutally torture a young man in Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Deathsquad Abdullah Aljabail (Wafeiu) Kills Prisoners -

VIDEO: FSA Abdullah Aljabail Killing Civilians near Raqqa -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels training child soldiers in Syria -

VIDEO: Signing of the document by numerous brigades to establish Califate and refuse civil society in Syria - SyriaUpdate

VIDEO: Rare Video Shows A Surface-To-Air Missile Fired By The Syrian Opposition- Brown Moses Blog


UN Security Council to meet on Syria late January, looking at ways of sending a new observer mission to Syria - NOW

Arab League Decides to Send Team to Syria Neighbors as Lebanon Asks for $180mn in Aid for Refugees — Naharnet

Russia’s FM calls on Syrian opposition to propose 'own' peace plan, adds that Assad’s removal from power is ‘impossible to implement’ — RT

Saudi newspaper: Assad staying on Russian-guarded warship -

Did Assad Order Commanders to Target Israel, US Interests "If Assassinated"? - Real Syria Updates

Russia Sees Al-Qaeda Growth in Lebanon, plans to evacuate its nationals - Al-Monitor

IDF brass to PM: Syrian rebels on fence with Israel - JPost

Saudi Arabia Funds Al Nusra Fighters in Syria -

Turkish CHP Leader: Allowing Extremists to Use Land against Syria by Governemnt Would Increase Tension - SANA

Iran, Iraq, Syria sign agreement to boost transit cooperation - PressTV

Iran's Revolutionary Guards hold exercises in Strait of Hormuz - todayszaman

Energy security: the chokepoint risk factor, 5 of 7 critical oil transit corridors are in Islamic world - Money Jihad


Opposition Leader Says Syrian Kurds Should Not Demand Guarantees or Autonomy, Defends Al Nusra -

Kurdish Youth Forces in Syria Accuse KNC Parties of Squeezing Them Out -

Syrians facing hunger rush to Iraqi Kurdistan, risk death by walking in freezing weather - ekurd


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