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Syria News - Feb 18

By bartolo - Posted on 17 February 2013


At least two Hezbollah fighters, five Syrian rebels killed on border - Reuters

VIDEO: Hezbollah launch major assault on FSA in Syria -

Syria: Rebels say kill 12 Hezbollah operatives in Homs - Ynetnews

Rebels: 1,000 Hezbollah fighters invaded Syria - ynetnews

VIDEO: Hezbollah Buries Its Fighters Killed in Syria - YouTube


Syria: The Growing Power Of Jihadist Groups, Threatening to eclipse mainstream opposition groups as well as the Free Syrian Army (VIDEO) - Sky News

VIDEO: Al Nusra Executes Alawite Prisoners - Firstpost

Nusra inmates clash with FSA Lt. colonel inside Roumieh Prison - LBCI News

10 Anti-tank Missiles Supplied to Military Council for Aleppo Fight - Syria Comment

Eighteen ancient Odyssey mosaics stolen in Syria, minister says - The Globe and Mail

VIDEO: FSA Filmed Their Burning of Ancienct Souq in Aleppo -


Kerry talks with Lavrov on Syria stressing to prevent deterioration of the State institutions, protect the rights of all and help them to resist extremism - AFP

Brahimi tries to kick start talks between Syrian regime and opposition at the UN - The National

Barzani met with the delegation of the High Council of the Kurds in Syria -

Russian Company Ready to Provide Syria with Flour and Grains - SANA


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F.e., "VIDEO: Hezbollah launch major assault on FSA in Syria -" :

According to some YouTuber comments for the above video, since the above one is for an embedded copy of the YouTube one I'll provide the direct link for just below, it isn't Hezbollah fighters who were see in the foreground.

And the fighters in the foreground clearly weren't carrying out a "major assault", either. Not only are they too few in number, they're also too lightly armed, for this to merit being called a "major assault".  And they pulled out when one of them was shot, which is surely not something to expect to see happen in a real "major assault".

I'll cite a couple of the YouTuber comments.

thetruegrimghost 1 day ago

The free syrian army news line this came in on claims these guys are fighting against Hezbollah,and on the same day on twitter it was reported that Hezbollah had launched´╗┐ a large scale attack on the FSA from numerous sourses.Hebollah supports Assad,as does Iran.

1990abethebabe 2 hours ago

This is not Hezbollah attacking. The FSA tried to mount an attack on Qusayr where Hezbollah have a strong presensce. The attack failed as´╗┐ Hezbollah stood strong and injured many im which FSA had to withdraw. The title is a lie and misleading.

Re. "VIDEO: Hezbollah Buries Its Fighters Killed in Syria - YouTube" :

That video surely needs verification, both, for what is said, and for thorough authenticity. The mere fact that the head of some militia group says Hizbullah sent forces in to remove their wounded or killed members so that this militia group couldn't take pictures to provide proof is suspect.  And the subtitles aren't necessarily right.  Someone who knows the language(s) spoken in the video and who isn't anti-Syrian govt with Bashar al-Assad as leader, but who also isn't one-sided either way, would need to verify what's actually said and check that against what the subtitles say.


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