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Syria News - Dec 7

By bartolo - Posted on 06 December 2012


Syria says scare of chemical weapons is a cloak for intervention,  "Syria stresses again, for the tenth, the hundredth time.... they would not be used against its people - Reuters

U.S., Israel worry Syria rebels could get chemical weapons -

Warning to Syria on Chemical Weapons Stemmed From Airfield Intel - ABC News

Red Cross in touch with Syrian government on biological, chemical arms -

NATO moves toward Patriot missiles and troop deployment on Syria border -

FSA dispute U.S. chemical weapons claims, It says U.S. aims to "create a door to enter Syria to stop the violence"  -

Syrian opposition calls for protests against any UN peacekeepers - NOW Lebanon

Syria rebels threaten Golan peacekeepers: UN official - Voice of Russia

Exclusive: Iran shipping signals conceal Syria ship movements - Reuters

VIDEO: Syria Rebels testing Tekkim chemicals to use as chem weapons, 'Enemies of Allah will die like rabbits' - YouTube

VIDEO: Video purports to show use of white phosphorus by Syrian military - WP


Arms shipments traveled from Libya to anti-Assad fighters on a  weekly basis, sources say - Fox News

U.S.-Approved Weapons Transfer Ended Up With Libyan Jihadis -

Britain to press EU partners to amend Syria arms embargo - AFP

Car Bomb Rocks Damascus as Fighting Rages -

VIDEO: Thousands gather at mass funeral for Syria car bombing victims in Homs - YouTube

VIDEOS: Compilation of several videos on Syrian rebels calling for an Islamic State - SyriaUpdate


Wider Chaos Feared as Syrian Rebels and Kurds Clash -

Syrian Kurds Suspicious Of Islamic Militants, Turkey -


Five killed in sectarian clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli - Reuters

Lebanese killed in Syria not fighters, families say - The Salt Lake Tribune

The Rise of the Salafis in Lebanon: A New Sunni-Shiite Battlefield - The Cutting Edge News


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