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Syria News - Dec 24

By bartolo - Posted on 23 December 2013


Syria opposition 'won't attend talks' unless Aleppo bombing ends - Yahoo News

Syrian opposition to decide on its participation in Geneva II on Jan 7 – chief - The Voice of Russia

Syrian Coalition: Brahimi's statements Appease Iran - Syrian National Coaltion

Syrian Coalition: Russia has to demonstrate impartiality ahead of Geneva II - Syrian National Coaltion

Syrian Coalition: Real Terrorists in Syria are Bashar al-Assad and the militias of Hezbollah - Syrian National Coaltion

Syrian Coalition Condemns Abductions And Forced Disappearances Practiced By The Assad Regime - Syrian National Coaltion


UN chief backs Iran going to Geneva II, says preparations for upcoming Syria peace conference ‘on track’ - United Nations News Centre


Jimmy Carter calls for Syria elections, peacekeepers - The Washington Post


Hezbollah ambush kills 32 Islamist fighters in e. Lebanon - THE DAILY STAR


Jabhat al-Nusra: Now in Lebanon? - NOW


Army officers among 17 dead as Syria fuels Iraq violence - AP


Iraq To Tighten Security On Syria Border - Eurasia Review


Al-Maliki: countries which lack freedoms stand behind crisis in Syria - SANA, Syria




Assad says Syria facing major extremist offensive - THE DAILY STAR

North Caucasian al-Shishani On Capture Of Kindi Hospital, "This is the will of Allah, in short. In short, a lot of infidels were killed here" - EA WorldView

Islamic Front joins al Qaeda suicide assault to take Kindi hospital - The Long War Journal

Islamist rebels invaded Adra town in Syria conducting Sharia trials and executions of residents - Tavern Keepers

Islamist rebels said to forcibly convert Syrian Druze, Residents of 14 villages ordered by al-Qaeda group to publicly embrace Islam - The Times of Israel

Al Qaeda affiliates gain loyalty and power east Syria: FSA commanders - ZAMAN ALWSL


The Rebel Offensives in East Ghouta: “The Battle of God is the Greatest and Most Honorable” (November 22nd-December 21st) - Brown Moses Blog


Idriss: We Are Working To Unite The Ranks Of Fighters Fighting Assad - Syrian National Coaltion


VIDEO (English): Latest speech from Brigadier General Salim Idriss - -




Muslim: We won't allow Geneva-II to become another Lausanne which divided "Kurdistan" into four parts -

Talks between Syrian Kurdish parties continuing - ekurd

Syrian Coalition: Kurdish delegation to Geneva II Will be Part of the Syrian Coalition - Syrian National Coaltion


PKK Agrees with KDP on Four Principal Points - ekurd


Jabhat Al-Nusra and Kurdish People’s Protection Units fight for control of Alouk - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Turkish police attack Kurdish protesters on Syrian border (VIDEO) - PressTV 




Qatar Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says - The Washington Post

Terrorists for human rights, working closely with the United Nations and human rights groups, most notably Human Rights Watch - The Daily Beast

Amnesty admits links to activist accused of funding Al Qaeda, Human Rights Watch declined to comment - The National


Qatar rights advocate hit by U.S. sanctions denies al Qaeda ties - Reuters


US State Department calls on regional leaders to stop funding ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra- SANA, Syria


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