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Syria News - Dec 23

By bartolo - Posted on 22 December 2013


Suicide bombing near Shiite school in Syria’s Homs kills 7, incl 5 children - RT News

8 killed in rebel attacks against church in southern Syria - Xinhua -

5 killed by rebel mortar attack in in Aleppo province - Xinhua -

Syrian government airstrikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo kill at least 32, activists say - AP

Mujahideen of Islamic Front and Al-Nusra Front capture strategic Al-Kendi hospital in Aleppo -

VIDEO: Suicide bombers destroy Al-Kendi cancer hospital in Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel statement outside the Al-Kendi hospital - YALLA SOURIYA

Syria Minister: damages of the terrorist attack on al-Kindi hospital estimated at 1.5 billion SYP - SANA, Syria

Syria State media: Terrorists attacked a number of families who last Wed were fleeing Eastern Ghouta to Beit Sahm and turning themselves in to the authorities, Three civilians killed and others injured -


Activists: Pro Assad Shiite militant group opened fire on civilians who were fleeing Eastern Ghouta to Beit Sahm killing at least 30 people - The Syrian Observer


VIDEO: Families fleeing Eastern Ghouta to Beit Sahm under attack - YouTube


TRANSCRIPT: Terrorist confesses to carrying out the crime of assassinating cleric and erudite scholar Muhammad Sa'eed Ramadhaan Al-Bouti - Syrian Perspective


Photographer turned down by Al-Qaeda linked group dies shooting for Reuters in Syria - duckrabbit blog


ISIS Recruiting Ex-Iraqi Intelligence Officers - islamicinvitationturkey


VIDEO: Execution of alleged "Shabiha" by members of ISIS - YouTube


VIDEO: Al Nusra /ISIS terrorists in Syria burning cartons of cigarettes - YouTube


VIDEO (English subtitles): Confession of a Jordanian Terrorist in Syria -


Syria's Barrel Bomb Technology Relative To Aleppo Syria Attacks - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (VIDEO) - Brown Moses Blog




Leader of Ahrar al-Sham and Islamic Front political chief Hassan Aboud rejects Geneva peace talks - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO (Full Interview, English Subtitles): Leader of Ahrar al-Sham and Islamic Front political chief Hassan Aboud speaks to Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera‎

Interim PM Tomah: Syrian Coalition Desires to Build Bridges with the Islamic Front - Syrian National Coaltion

Syrian Coalition official dismisses chances of Geneva II going ahead - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


Former Assad official Makdissi backs ‘third way’ for Syria’s silent majority- The National


Interview with the Syrian Prime Minister on Geneva II - Al Akhbar English


“Dubious Sources”: Tracing the Rumors About EU Intelligence Reconnecting With Assad - Syria in Crisis - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Hizbullah Clashes with Syrian Rebels Overnight in Bekaa's Nahle — Naharnet


Hizballah Cavalcade: Liwa’a al-Hamad: Harakat al-Nujaba’s Latest Shia Militia in Syria - JIHADOLOGY




Two Syria Kurdish cities are besieged by ISIS: PYD spokesman - Kurdpress News Aganecy

ISIS kidnap no less than 50 Syrian Kurdish civilians - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Kurdish leaders announce two delegations for Geneva – one in conjunction with the Syrian opposition, the other with President Assad’s regime - ekurd

Pro-PYD media: Syrian opposition trying to prevent Kurdish unity - Transnational Middle-East Observer


Syrian Opposition Head Jarba: Barzani is Great Supporter of Syrian People, Revolution - Rudaw


Draft of project of the Constitution of Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd


Kurdish Strategy Towards Ethnically-Mixed Areas in the Syrian Conflict - The Jamestown Foundation


New Kurdish media find their voices in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd




Russia: Battle near Syrian chemical facility endangers disarmament process — RT News

Who Attacked Ghouta With Chemical Weapons?: Review of UN Press Conference (VIDEO) -


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