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Syria News - Dec 22

By bartolo - Posted on 21 December 2012



US and Russia back bid to create a transitional government made up of regime and opposition figures - Telegraph

Russia won't try to persuade Syria's Assad to quit: Lavrov - Reuters

NATO: Syria Fires More Scud Missiles - VOA

Syria rebels fire warning shots at airliner at Aleppo airport - Reuters

Jordanian authorities fear Brotherhood takeover of Syria, Warn against  arming of Jihadist Rebels -

Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped by Syrian rebels: The untold story — RT

Moscow prepares plan to evacuate Russians from Syria - Russia Beyond The Headlines

McCain presses White House nominee Kerry on Syrian no-fly zones - The Hill


U.N. anti-genocide envoy: Syria minorities face reprisal risk because they support the government - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: FSA leader of the Omari Battalion issuing a statement asking all Christian residents to leave town in the Hauran Region-

VIDEO: Terrorists Threaten to Poison Lattakia Drinking Water for an Alawi Genocide -

VIDEO: Turkish TV Interviews Syrian Refugees inside Turkey: Why is Erdogan Sending Terrorists to Kill Us? -

VIDEO: Syria mosques turned by Wahhabis into Jihad terrorism fests to establish Islamic Caliphate - YouTube

VIDEO: Free Syrian Army Salafis Implementing Sharia by Destroying Alcoholic Beverages - YouTube

VIDEO: Syria's Kurds Against Rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA meets resistance from local rebel commanders - YouTube

Turkish Website: Terrorists Steal Bread, Other Materials from Syria and Sell them in Turkey- SANA

A Profile of Syrian Jihadist Omar Bakri Muhammad - The Jamestown Foundation


Palestinian refugees reclaim Syrian camp, Yarmouk empty of gunmen with the rebel forces or from the pro-regime PFLP - NOW

Diplomat: Syrian troops will stay out of Palestinian camp in Damascus -


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