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Syria News - Dec 21

By bartolo - Posted on 20 December 2013


Brahimi: US Blocks Iran From Syria Peace Talks, Saudi Invited -

VIDEO: Brahimi: US Blocks Iran From Syria Peace Talks - BBC News 

Difficult to have Iran at Syria peace talks: U.S. official -

Syria crisis can’t be solved without Iran: Russian official - PressTV

No preconditions for joining Syria conference: Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif - PressTV

Ban-ki Moon Stresses Necessity for Iran’s Participation in Geneva II Conference on Syria -

VIDEO (Dec 3) : Ban Ki moon Iran must be invited to Syria talks - YouTube


Reports of Secret Negotiations Between Syria Regime, Opposition in Oman - The Syrian Observer


West Understands That Assad Is Lesser Evil Than Terrorists – Lavrov - RIA Novosti


Russia Signals to Syria's Assad to Stay Silent on Re-election -


Damascus defiant on Assad re-election - THE DAILY STAR


U.S. caution over Assad future prompts opposition doubts - Reuters


"Bashar al-Assad Is Not As Bad As These People!" - A Libyan On Joining Jabhat al-Nusra - Brown Moses Blog


Russia blocks U.N. statement condemning Syrian attacks: diplomats - Reuters


Russia did not ‘block’ Syria draft statement at UN – diplomatic source - RT News


The Gulf Goes Global: the evolving role of Gulf countries in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond - FRIDE 


The Political Science of Syria's War -


NYT Replays Its Iraq Fiasco on Syria Chemical Attack - Consortiumnews




Amnesty International accuses ISIS of kidnapping, torture and executions -

FULL REPORT: Rule of Fear: abuses committed in detention facilities run by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) -  Amnesty International

VIDEO: Amnesty Int'l: Al-Qaeda in Syria kidnaps, tortures, executes prisoners in secret jails - RT News

Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded (PHOTO) -

Exclusive: Survivors of Adra carnage speak about 'black Wednesday' (VIDEO) -

Islamic Extremists Assault Syria's Alawite Villages: ‘Scenes of Beauty As Well As Unspeakable Horrors’ - WSJ

Syria Islamic Militants Go After Opposition Activists - ABC News

Rebel Leader: Nuns Were Led To Safety, Not Seized, In Syria - Public Radio Tulsa


Brahimi Urges Rebels to Release Syrian Human Rights Activist Razan Zeitouneh — Naharnet


Syria: Insurgents capture Kindi hospital converted into regime military barracks in Aleppo (VIDEO) - EA WorldView


Syria’s Eastern Ghouta: A Chaotic Conflict of Brigades - Al Akhbar English


The Factions of Abu Kamal - Brown Moses Blog


Video raises worries of Britons fighting with Syria militants - Reuters


VIDEO: Brigade of exclusively British jihadists fighting in Syria - Sky News


Foreign Jihadists in Syria: Tracking Recruitment Networks - The Washington Institute for Near East Policy


Transnational Islamist Networks: Western Fighters in Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria - The International Spectator - Volume 48, Issue 4


The German Jihadists’ Colony in Syria - Foundation for Defense of Democracies


U.S. Court Revives 9/11 Victims' Case Against Saudi Arabia -


VIDEO (English): Interview with Al-Nusra leader in Syria - Al Jazeera


VIDEO (Arabic): Full 50-minute interview with the head of al-Nusra - Al Jazeera Arabic




Abbas Khan's death in Syria: why his family don't believe the official story - The Guardian

The BBC's Contradicting Reports On Abbas Khan, the doctor's family feared that the he was likely to commit suicide five days before his death - M of A




Syrian Kurds fail to agree on Geneva II - ekurd

PYD demands Kurdish delegation at Geneva talks separate from both the government and opposition - Reuters

Jarba says Syria Kurds 'to send two delegations to peace talks', one with the opposition coalition and the other with the government - THE DAILY STAR


Kurdish Geneva Particpants Announced by KNC - The Syrian Observer


Night Raids on Kurdistan Mosques to Catch Islamist Recruits for Syria - Rudaw


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