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Syria News - Dec 14

By bartolo - Posted on 13 December 2013


Activists: Islamists kill 15 Alawite and Druze civilians in Adra, Witnesses accuse the Islamic Front and Nusra Front of carrying out the attacks - NBC News

VIDEO: Syria rebels attack Adra homes, make piles of bodies -

PHOTO: Child Bashar Hassan was murdered with his parents and two siblings by the rebels in Adra - Syrian Perspective

Islam Army denies kidnap accusations of prominent activist near Damascus - ZAMAN ALWSL 


Shuhada'a Douma Brigade to retaliate against kidnappers of VDC activists - Syria Newsdesk


VIDEO (English): Human rights lawyer Razan Zeitouneh describe siege & life in Syria, recorded just before abduction - YouTube


Negotiations intensify for release of Syrian nuns - Al-Monitor


Al-Qaeda affiliate's execution of disabled man in Syria sparks outrage - Al-Shorfa


Syria's Rebel Press Is Fighting Back Against Jihadists - VICE




Qaeda rebels seize 120 Syrian Kurds near Turkish border: watchdog - Yahoo News

PYD leader Salih Muslim: No solution for Syria without the Kurds, we won’t accept any decision made at Geneva if we are not involved in it - ekurd

US former Ambassador Robert Ford says Kurdish issue should not be discussed in Geneva - Kurdpress News Aganecy

PKK Supports Initiative to Reconcile Syrian Kurds Ahead of Geneva Conference - Rudaw

Syrian Kurdish PYD leader Salih Muslim says talks in Erbil positive for the revival of the Kurdish Supreme Council - ekurd


Barzani, Baydemir and Zana are to unite Syrian Kurdish parties: official - Kurdpress News Aganecy


Turkey's top Kurdish politicians in Iraqi Kurdistan for mediation between KDP and PYD - ekurd


ʿAyn al‑ʿArab: PYD closes private schools -


Education "politicalized" in Syria's Kurdish region: Students protest -


State of the Battle between Kurds and Islamist Rebels - Syria Deeply


How do Kurds join Al Nusrah in Syria - and who are they? - The Kurdistan Tribune




Syrian National Coalition: Islamic Front Militants Nabbed Our Weapons - ABC News

FSA - Islamic Front showdown at Bab al-Hawa - Carnegie Middle East Center

VIDEO (Arabic): FSA Officer at warehouse in Bab al-Hawa explains how the Islamic Front surrounded camp, robbed it, even taking underwear - YouTube

VIDEO (Arabic): An insurgent from the Islamic Front describes the seizing of FSA warehouses - YouTube

Ankara mediates between FSA and Islamic Front, However the two sides were ultimately unable to reach a solution  - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

FSA top commander denies fleeing Syria to Qatar -ZAMAN ALWSL

FSA commander, Ammar al-Wawi, missed near Turkish border -ZAMAN ALWSL 


Opposition memo proposes to establish FSA-Islamic Front “Joint Distribution Center Command" -


Syrian coalition say Islamic Front fighters are 'welcome' to participate in Geneva peace talks - Fox News


The FSA creates a new military alliance: Syria Revolutionaries’ Front - Carnegie Middle East Center


US switches military aid from rebels in the north to new pro-US security zone against Al Qaeda - DEBKAfile


White House willing to support a Syrian rebel coalition that would include Islamist groups provided they back upcoming peace talks in Geneva and return seized military material  - The Washington Post


Hagel: U.S. vows support for Syrian opposition despite troubles - Reuters


CIA focuses on al-Qaeda's use of Turkish smuggling routes - Al-Monitor


Does the Islamic Front 'battle al Qaeda'? - Threat Matrix


Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra Front battling it out for leadership over the “the refugee republic” in Ersal - Al Akhbar English


Muhajireen Battalions in Syria - JIHADOLOGY




Iran, Saudi among 30 countries invited to Syria talks - THE DAILY STAR

Brahimi sets deadline for naming Syrian delegations to peace talks - The Star Online

Interview with the prime minister of the Syrian opposition’s interim government on the Geneva II peace conference - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Obama Advisor: 'Extremism' Could Be Key to Ending Syrian Civil War -

Why Is Saudi Arabia Buying 15,000 U.S. Anti-Tank Missiles? The deal may be related to Riyadh's support for the Syrian rebels - 


Saudi religious leader condemns suicide attacks - Yahoo News Maktoob


Film taking aim at Saudi monarchy opens in Syria -


Syrian girls advertised for selling in Saudi Arabia -


Russia: Is Damascus' Claim Of "1,700 Chechens" Fighting in Syria Correct? - EA WorldView


Syria: Abu Umar al-Shishani - "Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar Joined ISIS After Al-Baghdadi Oath" - EA WorldView


Jihadists from Spain in Syria: facts and figures - Elcano


Syrian War Profiteers Gun for Frozen Funds - Al Akhbar English


Syria tender for food calls for payment from Iran - Yahoo News


Syria frees 366 prisoners from Aleppo jail: SANA - THE DAILY STAR


VIDEO (English Subtitles): Interview With The Syrian Electronic Army - YouTube




U.N. confirms chemical arms were used repeatedly in Syria - Reuters

UN final report on chemical weapons attacks in Syria (full text) - unoda

Syria: Summary of Conclusions of the UN Mission on the Use of Chemical Weapons - EA WorldView


Responses To The Final UN Report Into The Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria - Part 1 - Brown Moses Blog


Fast Proof of Nerve Gas in Syria -


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