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Syria News - Dec 12

By bartolo - Posted on 11 December 2013



U.S., Britain suspend aid to north Syria after Islamic Front seizes FSA weapons store, General Salim Idriss flees into Turkey -Reuters

VIDEO: U.S. suspends non-lethal assistance to northern Syria - YouTube

Turkey closes Syria border gate as US suspends non-lethal aid -

Islamic Front “complete coup” against the FSA’s Chiefs of Staff seizing ten warehouses with an arsenal of weaponry - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT


FSA Statement on the Islamic Front - Syrian National Coaltion


Syrian FSA struggles in shadow of Saudi-backed opposition front - Al-Monitor


Nusra Front executes members of FSA for raping, killing activists - THE DAILY STAR


Islamic Front brigade launches joint raid with al Qaeda's Syrian branches against Hezbollah and pro-Assad militias - The Long War Journal




Major news outlets urge Syria rebels to halt abductions - The Washington Post

Jihadist site urges Syria militants to free journalists - THE DAILY STAR

Aleppo: protest against Al Qaeda affiliate demanding detainees freedom - ZAMAN ALWSL

VIDEO: Spanish journalist’s wife pleads with rebels in Syria to free her husband -

Opposition coalition member Rima Flaihan: Islam Army leader kidnapped Razan Zaitouneh - ZAMAN ALWSL

ISIS militants attack university students in Al-Raqqa - Syria Newsdesk


Syrian Coalition: ISIS and Sister Groups are Desperate Gamble by a Dying Regime - Syrian National Coaltion


Syrian Salafi Militants: More United, than Divided on Future - Al Akhbar English


Al Qaeda affiliate expels Ahrar Al Sham from Maskenh near Aleppo - ZAMAN ALWSL


Syrian Electronic Army: All Vandyke's Leaked Facebook Messages Revealed - Syrian Electronic Army


The Three Versions of Al Qaeda: A Primer - Foreign Policy Research Institute


VIDEO: al Kindi Hospital still resits, Rebel shelling has turned much of the hospital into a burning, shattered ruin - - Syria - 


VIDEO: ISIS captures area of systems for power generation -


VIDEO: Jabhat al-Nusra PR Video About Capture of Al-Omar Oil Field, Largest in Syria - YouTube


VIDEO: Shari'a at work! 100 lashes for an adulterer! After his punishment he hugs his ISIL- torturer! -


VIDEO: Finnish National Fighting With Al-Qaeda In Syria: I Have Come To Establish The Caliphate In The Levant - Atlas Shrugs




ISIS forcibly displace Syrian Kurdish civilians from their homes in the town of Tal Abyad - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


Kurdish leader Salih Muslim‘s speech at the EU conference - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft


The Kurdish PUK’s Syria Policy - Carnegie Middle East Center


VIDEO: Interview YPG woman fighter Zozan Cudi, Syria Kurdistan -




The Gulf Cooperation Council wraps up a two-day annual summit in Kuwait City condeming Assad, Syria slams Gulf "inflammatory rhetoric" - Al Akhbar

Syria: Saudi Loses Battle for Damascus - Al Akhbar English

VIDEO: Syrian UN Perm Rep Dr. Jaafari confirms arrest of 300 Saudis and death of thousands (Full Speech) - YouTube

VIDEO: Newly-emerged letter revealed that Saudi Arabia has send many criminals for fighting in Syria -


Interview with military analyst Omar Lamrani of Stratfor to weigh in on the current state of the battle in Syria - Syria Deeply


IPT Exclusive: Jihad-Supporting Syrian Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour - The Investigative Project on Terrorism


Halutz: Israel Prefers Assad to Islamist Rebels - Israel National News


Archbishop Hindo: inciting Christians to take up arms is "insane" - Fides News Agency


Jarba: Moscow Visit Delayed - Syrian National Coaltion


VIDEO: Interview: Women Should Be Allowed At Syria Peace Negotiations -


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