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Syria News - Aug 3

By bartolo - Posted on 03 August 2012


UNRWA Statement: Shelling and deaths in Syria's Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, It does not indicate who may have been responsible - The Electronic Intifada

Video: Explosion in Yarmouk AS IT HAPPENS - YouTube

Syrian army storms last rebel stronghold in Damascus, prepares a massive assault in Aleppo - Reuters

UN Passes Controversial Resolution Condemning The Syria Regime - RIA Novosti


Agencies: Russia sends navy vessels to Syria base, Each ship would have up to 120 marines on board - Reuters

Syria says reaches deal with Russia for oil products - Yahoo! News


White House Dismisses Reports of Aid to Syrian Rebels, Policy of providing non-lethal assistance to the opposition has not changed - VOA

Growing need to conduct a covert campaign against Qaeda and other extremists groups in Syria - RAND

Video: Rebel Child Soldiers in Deir Ezzor, Syria - YouTube


When Western Fascism can insinuate itself, into fascist alliances, religious(Al Quaida) and secular to overthrow regimes through artificial civil wars, it is time for the Syrian people to condemn Western Fascism, and still create social classes, that ends all class hierarchies and class tyranny!

Turkish masses who once supported Erdogan's confrontation with Fascist Israel, Fascist Amerika, must now confront the Turkish, class nationalism directed against Syria.   Erdogan has been co opted, corrupted into a Western fascist, class tool through Nato, and must be exposed, like the Kurdish separatitsts, who allow themselves to be used by Western Fascists, to break up Syria, who allign themselves with the Western alliance to Fascist Al Quaida and the West, and only discredit themselves.     ONLY A GLOBAL SOCIAL REVOLT AGAINST ALL FORMS OF CLASS NATIONALISM, WILL END THIS CLASS TYRANNY, GLOBAL FASCISM.


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