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Syria News Apr 20

By bartolo - Posted on 19 April 2013



Jordanian source: Jordan asked Washington to deploy "Patriot" on the border with Syria -

U.S. defense official: No Patriot missiles to Jordan-Syria border - Foreign Policy

Jordan Considers Creating Buffer Zone in Daraa - Al-Monitor

More than 100 US Soldiers Deploying To Jordan From Fort Bliss Amid Conflict In Syria -

10 Jordanian police injured in a riot at Syrian refugee camp- The Seattle Times

Northern Storm Brigade: Positive Breakthrough in Lebanese Abductees Case within 10 Days - Naharnet

Hezbollah Wary of Deeper Intervention in Syria - The Majalla Magazine

Encroaching Syrian Conflict Pits Hezbollah Against Jabhat al-Nusra - Al-Monitor

Israel 'set to hit Syria rebels over arms' - Big News Network

Belgium vs. Islamic Jihadists - Gatestone Institute

Russia, Egypt call for quick Syria ceasefire, the launch of negotiations between the regime and rebels - Yahoo! News Maktoob


Boston Marathon suspects Chechen Islamic terrorists, their videos feature Bin Laden, call to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and establish a world-wide caliphate Fox News

VIDEO: Chechen Boston Bomber believed in "Islamic Prophecy" saying an army of Black Flags will "defeat USA and Israel" -

North Caucasus or Chechen jihadists’ money traces back to Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden - Money Jihad

Jabhat al-Nusra's rise in Syria: testimonies from inside - Al-Shorfa

A divorce with al-Nusra will not be easy since the battle against al-Assad is now organized and led by the Islamist fighters -

Free Syrian Army denies connection with al-Nusra Front -

Assailants Gun Down Official of Syria’s Relief Agency -

Damascus Maintains Military Advantage, Inner Circle Cohesive: US official -

Report: 4000 Militants Killed in Three Weeks in Syria -

Clashes for control over major military base flare in Raqqa, northern Syria - Xinhua |

Syria shoots down balloon carrying US-made spying devices near Idlib - Siasat

VIDEO (and transcript): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Full Interview with Ikhbariya News Channel - SyriaNews


Top UN Official Amos: Syrian cities reduced to rubble, Children raped and murdered, House burned with families inside - United Nations

VIDEO: UN Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict: 'FSA raped, killed young woman in Syria' - YouTube

VIDEO: Syria UN Rep: Syrian Women Raped by Terrorists; Jordanian Cleric's Fatwa for FSA to Enslave Girls - YouTube

Syria: Old Franciscan church destroyed - Independent Catholic News

Syria: Qamishli’s Kurds Fight Two Enemies at Once - Al Akhbar English

Domestic opposition leader Manna: Syrians can be reconciled – through negotiation, not violence - The Guardian

VIDEO: Armenians face few options in Syria - YouTube


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