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Swapping a Dictator for a Torturer in Egypt

By dlindorff - Posted on 03 February 2011

By James Ridgeway

As things now stand, the United States appears ready to have Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak tossed out in exchange for his newly-named Vice President, Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian spy master. That is, maintain the status quo by swapping one dictator for another.

Of course, Israel must sign off on this deal aimed at assuring that Egypt can remain as America’s main base in the region, straddling as it does North Africa and the Middle East. Without that status quo, the U.S. would have to rethink its entire neo-colonial policies in the region.

But Suleiman looks like a nasty piece of work.

You don’t get much about him in the US corporate media, but Agence France Press has pulled together the basics:

“For US intelligence officials, he has been a trusted partner willing to go after Islamist militants without hesitation, targeting homegrown radical groups Gamaa Islamiya and Jihad after they carried out a string of attacks on foreigners. A product of the US-Egyptian relationship, Suleiman underwent training in the 1980s at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center at Fort Bragg in North Carolina….

“After taking over as spy director, Suleiman oversaw an agreement with the United States in 1995 that allowed for suspected militants to be secretly transferred to Egypt for questioning, according to the book “Ghost Plane” by journalist Stephen Grey. ..

“In the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the CIA relied on Suleiman to accept the transfer of a detainee known as Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, who US officials hoped could prove a link between Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda. The suspect was bound and blindfolded and flown to Cairo, where the CIA believed their longtime ally Suleiman would ensure a successful interrogation, according to “The One Percent Doctrine” by author Ron Suskind. A US Senate report in 2006 describes how the detainee was locked in a cage for hours and beaten, with Egyptian authorities pushing him to confirm alleged connections between Al-Qaeda and Saddam. Libi eventually told his interrogators that the then Iraqi regime was moving to provide Al-Qaeda with biological and chemical weapons. When the then US secretary of state Colin Powell made the case for war before the United Nations, he referred to details of Libi’s confession. The detainee eventually recanted his account."

Thus our loyal ally Egypt provided the fake information used by the United States to justify go to war in Iraq...

For the rest of this article by JAMES RIDGEWAY in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent alternative online newspaper, please go to: ThisCantBeHappening!

Thus our loyal ally Egypt provided the fake information used by the United States to justify go to war in Iraq...

Sure, but not like Washington actually believed the false information; not Cheney and Rumsfeld, Rove, and so on, anyway. They might've gotten Bush Jr to believe the false information, but they knew that there was no provable link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden. US intell. knew it. They also knew that the US had no real proof of Iraq having WMD and told the White House as much, but the White House didn't want the truth, which is why Rumsfeld replaced the intell. analysts initially working for or with him with yes-men, because the initial ones stood their ground, refusing to make up stories that they knew to be unproven and unprovable.

They knew that Sheikh al-Libi's words were not reliable. They just wanted to have something they could deviously use to try to fool Americans and other westerners with. They knew he'd be horrifically tortured and that this can not and will not produce reliable information. They don't want reliable information. They want to lie and that's about all they and the Obama successor administration have done. The Bush (Jr) administration certainly wasn't the first one to start to lie to us in order to try to fool us and, thereby, secretly war against us, but that is not a path to salvation, either.

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