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Support the Guantanamo Hunger Strikers & Closing Guantanamo. Donate to the Upcoming NYTimes Ad.

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 15 May 2013





Recent signers:

Eve Ensler, Tom Morello, Bianca Jagger, Ron Kovic, Medea Benjamin, Wallace Shawn, Col (Ret.) Ann Wright and Alfred McCoy,author of A Question of Torture.

“Let it not be forgotten that ten or more of the detainees were juveniles when they were imprisoned eleven years ago. The major portion of their lives has been lived under detention. The violations of the rights of all the Guantanamo prisoners apply doubly-harshly to these youngsters, whose minds have been irrevocably distorted. They have had no indicator - no indictment, no charge, no accusation, no explanation - as to why they are being held prisoner and cruelly punished. We owe them their lives!” 

—Rita Maran, Berkeley CA

by Debra Sweet                  We are pushing hard to publish the message Close Guantanamo NOW in The New York Times just as soon as we have $52,030.  With the 100th day of the hunger strike approaching, and the increasing danger to the prisoners, the timing is urgent.

ProgressWill you join in and sign the message

Will you make a donation and ask your friends and colleagues to match your donation?  We make it easy by accepting tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice, either online or via check

You can share by sending out 
a link to the ad, or forwarding my latest newsletter.  

Because we can only afford an "advocacy" rate atThe Times, which runs on a stand-by basis, it's very urgent that we submit the ad as soon as possible. The prisoners' hunger strike is the dynamic factor making any change possible in the administration's action to release them.  But the prisoners must be growing weaker as some approach 100 days without eating.

The government has put a literal, legal, and political brick wall around the prisoners held indefinitely. Lawyers representing them, activists, artists, and academics are joining together in this one message aimed at breaking down those walls in the name of justice.  Please help spread the message and get it printed in the "newspaper of record."

P.S. After you sign the statement and then donate to get it published, here are a couple ways you can reach out to others:

Tell your friends that you signed the statement, and invite them to join you.

Ask your friends to join you in donating to publish this ad: use our suggested text to send in an email.



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