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Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 15 July 2012

  Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre


by Stephen Lendman


Insurgents are enlisted, armed, funded, trained, and directed by Western and regional special forces.


They decide strategy, targets, and timing. Armies need leadership to operate effectively. So do killer gangs.


Special forces have tactical expertise. They're directing Washington's war on Syria. They plan and lead attacks and bombings.


Treimseh's massacre was strategically timed. Questions about it remained unanswered. More on that below. 


Coming when the Security Council considered harsher anti-Assad measures raises obvious red flags. 


Why then is clear. At issue is pressuring Russia and China to bend. So far both countries hold firm. They oppose further sanctions and outside intervention.


Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov was clear, saying.


"In case (Western countries) decided to submit the draft resolution for voting on Thursday although they already know that it is rejected, Russia will veto the draft resolution."


Washington won't quit trying. Hillary Clinton is an unabashed war criminal. She had direct involvement in America's war on Libya. She's at it again targeting Iran and Syria.


She's pushing for Security Council authorization for war without saying so. On July 13, a State Department Press Statement headlined "Assad Regime Massacre in Traymseh," saying:


She's "outraged (about) another massacre committed by the Syrian regime" she claims killed "over 200 men, women, and children...."


Official death toll numbers aren't known. Reports suggest insurgents comprised most of them. 


Despite no corroborating evidence, she claims "the regime deliberately murdered innocent civilians. Syria cannot be peaceful, stable, or democratic until Assad goes and a political transition begins."


"Those who committed these atrocities will be identified and held accountable."


(T)he international community must keep increasing the pressure on the regime...."


"The Security Council should put its full weight behind" regime change.


There must "be consequences for non-compliance."


"History will judge this Council. Its members must ask themselves whether continuing to allow the Assad regime to commit unspeakable violence against its own people is the legacy they want to leave."


Washington's bloodstained hands are all over the Treimseh massacre. Obama officials also bear direct responsibility for earlier Houla and Qubair ones. 


Expect much more ahead. Likely larger-scale false flags are planned. Assad will be wrongfully blamed. 


Washington will either get Security Council authorization for intervention or circumvent it. None approved war on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya.


International law is clear. The UN Charter prohibits attacking another nation except in self-defense - until the Security Council acts. It has final say. 


The right of self-defense is limited solely to deterring armed attacks, preventing future ones after initial assaults, or reversing the consequences of enemy aggression, such as heavily armed Western-backed Syrian insurgents.


International law supports Assad. He's obligated to defend his people under armed attack.


At the same time, he must conform to the principles of necessity, distinction, and proportionality.


Necessity permits only attacking military targets.


Distinction pertains to distinguishing between civilian and military ones.


Proportionality prohibits disproportionate force likely to damage nonmilitary sites and/or harm civilian lives.


A fourth consideration requires preventing unnecessary suffering, especially affecting noncombatant civilians.


If these objective aren't possible, attacks are prohibited, but not when civilian lives are threatened by hostile elements doing most of the killing.


Clearly that's the case in Syria. 


Just war, humanitarian intervention, and/or responsibility to protect (R2P) notions don't wash. International law is clear and unequivocal. So is constitutional law. Only Congress can declare war, not presidents. 


It hasn't deterred America's permanent war policy. Multiple direct and proxy ones rage illegally. Obama itches for more. So does Clinton. Media scoundrels support them.


On July 13, the Washington Post published an AP report headlined " 'Outraged' Clinton demands UN Security Council action after new Syria massacre," saying:


She demands Security Council action. Without naming either country, she effectively blamed Russia and China for blocking Washington's rage for war.


She wants Security Council language authorizing stiffer sanctions and clear steps for regime change. Noncompliance assures consequences, she warned.


Ban Ki-moon played his usual complicit role. On July 13, he said:


He's "outraged by reports of horrific (Treimseh) mass killings."


Despite no evidence whatever, he "condemn(ed), in the strongest possible terms, the indiscriminate use of heavy artillery and shelling....including by firing from helicopters."


Again he pointed fingers the wrong way. Assad was wrongfully blamed for Western-backed killings.


"The Syrian Government must halt this bloodshed," he said.


"I call upon all Member States to take collective and decisive action to immediately and fully stop the tragedy unfolding in Syria. Inaction becomes a license for further massacres."  


"Members of the Security Council must build on the Action Group communiqué and follow through on their promises to act accordingly."


He wants regime change. He suggested outside intervention. Initiating it means war. NATO or third party belligerence violates international law. He's sworn to uphold it.


Like Kofi Annan, his predecessor, his record reflects failure and betrayal. They're both imperial tools. They spurned their mandate to promote peace. They're complicit with Washington-led NATO's crimes of war and against humanity.


They're both at it again. They're advancing the ball for war. On Friday, the Security Council met in closed session. Talks got nowhere. Russia and China won't play Washington's game.


An unnamed Western diplomat blamed Moscow, saying:


"The problem is Russia. I'm not saying they are not working behind the scenes, but clearly it hasn't worked and they have to admit that either they haven't been pushing Assad hard enough or they have and they have failed to persuade him." 


"At the moment, the effect of what they are doing, maybe not the intention, but the effect, is just to give space for the massacres to continue."


French President Francois Hollande added:


"A regime has decided to use force to crush its own people." By blocking tougher action, Russia and China let "chaos and war take hold in Syria."


Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said:


"Without anticipating the results of the investigation of the crime, on which we insist, we would like to stress that we have no doubt that this atrocity benefits the forces that do not seek peace but obstinately keep trying to sow the seeds of sectarian strife and civil conflict in Syria, and those for whom the grief and suffering of the Syrian people mean nothing."


He added that reports suggest civilians were shot at point blank range "by unidentified monsters."


He emphasized that killings occurred while Security Council members met behind closed doors. Without saying so, he likely inferred its suspicious timing.


Russia's UN envoy Alexander Pankin said:


"We are prepared for various compromises, but there is the ‘red line’ that we cannot step over." 


Conflict resolution can't succeed "with the stick of sanctions directed against only one party to the Syrian process – the government."


Russia drafted a resolution extending UNSMIS observers another three months.


Washington, Britain, and France want it limited to 45 days. They also insist on a 10 day deadline imposed solely on Syria to end violence and withdraw all troops from cities and towns.


Otherwise they demand Security Council action under the UN Charter's Chapter VII. They range from economic sanctions to blockades or military intervention if other measures fail.


Pankin knows the risks. He warned about "harsher steps (including) the use of military force" Moscow opposes.


Events in Treimseh are still being sorted out. Insurgents attacked the village and nearby Syrian troops. They counterattacked. Killer gangs were routed. They suffered heavy casualties. 


SANA state media reported it. Many insurgents were captured.


SANA said terrorists "spread across the town before the army entered it, and that this was based on orders they received to attack law-enforcement forces and prevent civilians from going to work."


Four captured insurgents appeared on Syrian television. They participated with "around 250 gunmen."


They acted on direct orders. They were surprised when security forces confronted them. Many insurgents were killed. Scores were arrested. Clashes lasted around 90 minutes.


Gunmen had been gathering in and around the town for nearly three weeks. On Thursday, they heard that army forces encircled it. They got orders to attack.


Insurgent Mohammad Sattouf said "he was in charge of fabricating videos of protests and uploading them to YouTube."


On July 14, SANA said security forces acted "in response to" Treimseh residents calls for help. Death squads were attacking civilians and "exploding a number of houses."


Large weapons supplies were seized. They include:


"45 machine guns, 13 Nato sniper rifles, 9 RPG launchers, 7 BKC machineguns, 3 mortars, 3 hand-made rockets, 14 pump-action rifles, 10 military pistols, 24 mortar shells, 32 RPG shells, 53 machinegun chargers, 30 sniper rifle chargers, 8 explosive devices, 10 grenades, 150 detonators, 1500 sniper rifle bullets, 5000 BKC machinegun bullets, 4200 machinegun bullets, 500 pistol bullets, 7 gas masks, 5 prism binoculars, 25 satellite wireless devices, 30 shields, in addition to materials for making explosive devices, explosives and large amounts of gunpowder, TNT templates, highly explosive C4 material, a field hospital and an amount of military equipment, stolen cars and registration licenses."


Eyewitnesses said over 50 civilians were killed and many more injured before security forces arrived. Most deaths likely were insurgents.


Western accounts are entirely fabricated. They're bald-faced lies. Media scoundrels regurgitate them. They're complicit in Washington's rage for war. Attacking Syria could happen any time.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


Hey kidz!!!  Cui bono?  Who benefits?  "Greater Israel" . . . NOT  "WE THE PEOPLE"  . . .


. . . and definitely not "SYRIA" . . .


"The Likudization Of The World: 9/11’s Real Legacy Is

That Bush Has Adopted Sharon’s Rigid Views

Common wisdom has it that, after Sept. 11, a new era of geopolitics was ushered in,

defined by what is usually called the "Bush doctrine": pre-emptive wars, attacks on

"terrorist infrastructure" (read entire countries), and an insistence that all the enemy

understands is force. It would be more accurate to call this rigid world view the

"Likud doctrine." What happened on Sept. 11 is that the Likud doctrine, previously

used only against Palestinians, was picked up by the most powerful nation on Earth

and applied on a global scale. Call it the Likudization of the world, the real legacy of Sept. 11."

- Naomi Klein, author of "The Shock Doctrine", 14 September 2004


Here is an excellent one hour interview from this week's "What Really Happened" radio

show with guest host, Mr. Ryan Dawson, and Mr. Joshua Blakeney from PressTV.


"Joshua Blakeney & Ryan talk 911 on WRH

Instability in the Middle East favors an Israeli centric policy which is not beneficial to

American interests. Strong but stable states run by that can keep the flow of oil and gas

reliable are in US imperial interests, destabilized quagmires hurt the entire world in terms

of energy but are a benefit to Likudnik dreams of greater Israel weakening Hezbollah in

Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and their supporters, Syria, Iran and Iran."


You know the interview has to be good . . . Zionist controlled Google's YouTube censored

it IMMEDIATELY, kidz . . . ;-)


This interview does an outstanding job of connecting the dotz from the strategy papers

of Israeli Oden Yinon ("A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s"- 1982)  and Israeli dual national

Richard Perle ("A Clean Break:  A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" - 1996) as well as

current Israeli Prime Minister and hard core Likud World Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu's

1986 book, "Terrorism:  How The West Can Win".


Follow the trail from Theodor Herzl's 1896 book "The Jewish State", the 1926 Balfour Declaration,

the formation of Zionist Terrorist groups the Irgun in 1931 and The Stern Gang in 1940,

The King David Hotel bombing in 1946, Operation Susannah in 1954, The False Flag Attack on

the USS Liberty in 1967, Oded Yinon's 1982 paper "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s",

Benjamin Netanayahu's 1986 book, "Terrorism: How The West Can Win",

RIchard Perle's 1996 paper, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm",

Zionist Think Tank "The Project for the New American Century (PNAC)'s" 2000 paper,

"Rebuilding America's Defenses" which called for a "New Pearl Harbor" to launch the agenda,

the Zionist False Flag attacks of 9-11, and Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith's "7 Countries in 5 Years"

agenda  (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran) from the "Office of Special Plans" at the Pentagon. 


Then consider where the "black market" money goes from  occupied Afghanistan's heroin production

which has increased from 185 tons in 2001 to a staggering 5800 tons in 2011 according to the

UK's Daily Mail.    How many mercenaries, assassins, weapons, etc. can be bought on with 

a black budget of a couple of BILLION dollars per year.  Enough to topple a few governments . . .

with a little help from the Zionist Occupied USA,  the Zionist controlled UN, and ZATO, perhaps?


Cui bono?  Who benefits?


Who has the MOTIVE?

Who has the MEANS?

Who has the OPPORTUNITY  . . . to carry out this campaign of Global Terror?


Our  "Special Friends", their 5th Columns and their  "Shabat Goy" . . . with a little help from their

"Whack-A-Goyim" gatekeepers on the LEFT and the RIGHT . . . ;-)



"Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world"

- "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears for Fears




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