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Story Washington {R}'s Did Not Want Us To Know

By jimstaro - Posted on 24 October 2010

What that administration did was known by the leadership in the Congress as they rubber stamped all the administrations wants, the emptying of the treasury for their war of choice, they had to as they never sought Congressional Hearings and blocked those sought by the minority party!

Biggest Document Leak in History Exposes Real War

21 October 2010 - Twelve weeks ago the Bureau of Investigative Journalism was given access to the biggest leak of military documents in history.

These documents formed a database of nearly 400,000 military logs recorded over six years of the Iraq war and covering the years 2004 to 2009.

There are over 37 million words used to recount military significant actions that took place across the entire country. This material provides an unrivalled portrait of one of the most controversial wars of the modern age.

For the first time the files reveal just how much the American military detailed the escalating violence in Iraq, and how this contrasts markedly to what the politicians said in public. This is the story behind the pronouncements – the uncensored detail Washington did not want us to know.

Key findings: {read rest}

This material provides an unrivalled portrait of one of the most controversial wars of the modern age.

She's definitely right to say "one of the most controversial wars ...", for it definitely isn't the only one.

Quoting from the full copy of the article:

Key findings

The data reveals how hundreds of civilians were killed by coalition forces in unreported events.

There are numerous claims of prison abuse by coalition forces even after the Abu Ghraib scandal. The files also paint a disturbing portrait of widespread torture in Iraqi detention facilities.

As the war progresses the documents record a descent into chaos and horror as the occupation sparked civil war. In case after case, the logs record thousands of bodies, many brutally tortured, dumped on the streets of Iraq.

Through these reports we see, in military snapshots, the full impact the war had on Iraqis – men, women and children. The sheer scale of the deaths, detentions and violence is laid bare for the first time.


Official response

We offered the United States Department of Defense the right to reply to our findings. They issued a statement which can be read here.

I will not be referring to the official response part of the above-excerpted text, which is include in the excerpt only to bring it forward, here.

She's mistaken about it being "the first time". Most of what she refers to was considerably reported starting years ago and enough continues to be reported today, though far from as much reporting as there was earlier. We knew or certainly could've learned about all of what she says in the first part of the above-excerpted text; or certainly most of what she says, anyway.

The media is getting away with hyping the logs released by or through Wikileaks because too many people have read far too little over the years, as well as lacking common sense. And for those people who think they've read a lot, if they did, then they definitely were not reading from the best sources.

Maybe some journalists will finally report something truly new and significant from or in these war logs, but I haven't read of anything of this kind, yet; and I mean both the Afghanistan and the Iraq War logs.

And these war logs are likely not going to provide covert black ops sort of information, while such ops definitely occurred to a very considerable extent during these wars.

Also, whether or not actual civil war broke out in Iraq is arguable and the best arguments are from the people who understand that it really was not actual civil war. No serious sectarian war of civil war kind broke out, either. There was sectarian violence and extreme violence, but this was primarly committed by the so-called "security" forces of the USA's puppet Iraqi regime; and the U.S. knew about it, for this information was reported years ago. This violence consisted of cold-bloodedly murdering Iraqi Sunnis, and it probably happened to some Iraqi Shi'ites opposed to the criminal and murderous occupation of their country. And the violence also included brutal and extremely brutal torture, including by using electric drills against Iraqi detainees; like drilling through their skulls, f.e. It was again committed by the so-called "security" forces.

These crimes were reported years ago.

The bombings of Iraqi mosques, some of these cases anyway, were not about sectarian warfare between Iraqis of resistance groups. Take the bombing committed in the Golden Mosque in Samarra and which I think happened in 2006, f.e. This was not committed by Sunni Iraqi resistance fighters and both Muqtada al-Sadr and Ayatollah al-Sistani both publicly called out to all Iraqis to warn them to not treat this bombing as if it had been committed by Sunni Iraqi resistance fighters. They spoke in words very similar to mine in a number of posts made before this incident occurred, though my posts were mostly about the so-called suicide car bombings. What they said is that it was far more likely an act of covert black ops by the U.S. and/or possibly Israel working with the U.S. I had not mentioned the possibility of Israeli involvement, but what the two Iraqi leaders said was otherwise highly similar to what I had posted a number of times. And that is what it much more probably was; covert black ops of occupation powers.

U.S. black ops are surely not included in the Iraq War logs of the military forces of the occupying powers. But people can learn about such ops through copies of articles in the "Salvador Option and Death Squads" index linked in the home page of Max Fuller is definitely one of the writers to read, but there are also articles by other people posted there. If Sarah Meyer, whose blog is, has articles in the BRussels Tribunal index, then these should be informative, for her blog normally was informative about war matters not covered in western media; by far most western media, including "alternative" media, anyway.

Most U.S. troops who served in Iraq probably are unaware of the black ops.

There's surely very important information that the war logs don't inform readers about, and evidently much that is found in the war logs is not real news; except for people who read too little or didn't read from good or enough good sources.


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