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Stopping the F-35 in Vermont: Progress Report

October 6,  2013     StoptheF35Header


Update: October 7th Rally and City Council Public Hearing

Important: There is a change of plans for Monday, October 7th.
The City Council has removed the resolution to bar the F-35 basing from the agenda. The Council President Joan Shannon cited the need for the City to have public officials liability insurance before taking up the issue. Given the immense harm the F-35 basing will cause, the City's legal and moral liability is very large. President Shannon promised to take up the F-35 resolution as soon as possible.

The October 7th Rally at City Hall is still on!

New Time: 6:30 - 7:00 - Rally for People Over Planes
City Council  Public Hearing: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Burlington City Hall


We need to tell the Burlington City Council that it must Act to Bar the Basing this Month. The Air Force 30-day review period of the preliminary basing decision began Oct. 4.

The Resolution Must Be Put Back on the City Council Agenda this Month!

Many members of the City Council have been seriously considering the many harms the basing presents and have favorably responded to our call to bar the basing. The public's response has been similar. Let's keep things moving in this positive direction!
The resolution to bar the basing is the
best chance for us to stop this disastrous plan.
Bring friends, neighbors, and anyone else you can to stand up for people over planes. Contact Burlington City Councilors
now to ask them to do the right thing and take a stand against sacrificing over 8,000 residents in airport neighborhoods to this plane and to stand against the backwards priorities the F-35 basing supports.






 Cohen: The Myth of Mitigation


The Free Press' September 28 editorial on the F-35 - which essentially said, learn to live with it- plays into the disinformation campaign that has been waged by politicians and the GBIC.

They consistently talk about "mitigating" the dangers to our area from basing this fighter-bomber in a densely populated neighborhood.

But the whole problem is that the dangers cannot be mitigated. That's not an opinion. That's a fact.

The reason why the Air Force states that 8,000 people will end up living in a zone that is "incompatible for residential use" is because mitigation is impossible. That's why they conclude, "land acquisition and relocation is the only alternative."

The fact that intense noise blasts from existing F-16s cannot be mitigated is the reason why many homes near the airport are now vacant. The noise blast from F-35's will be 3 to 4 times louder.

Not one of the politicians or the GBIC has offered any facts to dispute the harm to residents that is detailed in both the Air Force and World Health Organization reports. They have chosen to stonewall and refuse to meet with residents in the area.

But extreme noise blasts are not the only problem. Newly designed fighter jets have a very high crash rate during the first years after they become operational. The Air Force has confirmed this.

That's why a newly designed fighter-bomber has never before been based at a residential airport such as Burlington's. They have always been based at military bases in remote areas until the bugs have been worked out....

Read rest of article here


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