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The State of the "Union" from the Outside

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 30 January 2014

by Debra Sweet          Observing tonight's messages from the President and several Republicans providing what we are told is the "other" side, we ought to step back, look at this as the outsiders we are, and ask questions:

? Why should Edward Snowden, who did humanity the service of exposing the vast surveillance of the NSA, be subject to threats of assasination by US intelligence officials, while the President asserts his intention to continue the programs?
Ray McGovern Discusses Threats to Edward Snowden 
Full interview with Snowden on German TV
The US Government: "Everyone's a Suspect"

? Why should the people of Afghanistan, and those refugees along the border of Pakistan, who form one of the poorest populations on the globe —after 12 years of U.S. occupation — be subjected to another twelve years of U.S. miltiary occupation?  Is the new agreement primarily to provide secure bases for U.S. secret black ops and targeted assassinations via drone?
More Than 2,400 Dead as Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks Five Years
Afghanistan Exit is Seen as Peril to C.I.A. Drone Mission 

? Why should the men held already for twelve years in the torture camp at Guantanamo be held any longer without knowing if they will ever see their loved ones again, as the U.S. extends its need for a place it can openly flaunt international law on the rights of prisoners?
DOJ: Feinstein’s Committee Controls Torture Report; Has Final Say Over Public Release

There are many more questions to ask by people who are concerned about humanity and the planet. The Obama administration has its social media apparatus highly geared up tonight; certainly the Fox News crew will do the same. Undoubtedly, they'll direct people to think only very narrowly about what is in their interests.

We should use our energies and experience to ask the right questions, loudly, and challenge the government as we find the answers.


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